Sunday, October 2, 2011


Instead of getting on with my uni work I decided to watch Game of Thrones and Dr Who. An explanation of GoT would be 'Lord of the Rings meets softcore porn and a budget to make deaths look realistic'. Its seriously a good TV series though. And Dr Who is just about a 900 year old alien who looks like a middle aged man running around through space and time with a 19 year old girl. And again, its another good TV series.

P.S. I just wasted your time by making you read this.

P.S.S. If you read this homosexuals are gay.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What time is it?

Yeah, I know it's only been 2 weeks into spring but far out the weather has been fucking mad so far. If it keeps up like this I might just cream my pants.

By the way, the answer was summertime.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sports fan

For anyone that knows me well that would know that I'm an avid sports fan. Heck, I'd even watch lawn bowls even if it was on the ABC. So this week theres finals rugby league, finals for the AFL, rugby union is starting, Australia is playing cricket in Sri Lanka and finally Formula One is happening over this weekend. Oh, the US Open is also happening. So this would all cool and everything except well, I have a shitty midsem for computing at 8:45am on Monday. Yep.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yes, at 1:22am I have decided to reboot this old blog. Whether or not Quoc decides to join, I'm going to continue blogging anyways. It might be sissy blogging or it might be something worth reading(probably not) but I'm just gonna blog it anyways. My blogs won't be filled with rants or art like Quoc's but I am to write the worse pieces of shit known to the internet on the sole intent to waste your time. But guess what? It's too late to quit reading this and to get with your life. This blog has already finished.

More to come.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something profound.

If you follow kuoke.tumblr, you may notice that my writing (/rants) has basically altogether stopped. Reason being that I stopped believing that there is anything in this world worth saving.

The world isn't crumbling, it's already broken. People attempting to stitch together a decapitation. People support a society that they are forced into from birth, regardless of whether it benefits them or not. If you do not act as society deems fit, you are appropriately neglected or punished. Is this not a form of slavery.

The government acts to compromise happiness, yet people don't seem to realise this - they complain. But is there a problem, is it wrong to fight for what you want. How do you expect to ration happiness if it will always be a limited resource. More so because happiness is subjective. But why is happiness the ultimate goal? Is happiness desired by nature, or does society hand it to you so you can apsire to achieve it through the system that has already been set up so you will best benefit society.

There is nothing that can be done. If the ultimate goal of society to achieve happiness for all, then they will all fail for that goal is impossible. People seem to realise this but they still insist on heading in the same direction for centuries. The only way happiness as a limited resource to be spread equally between everyone would be for everyone to be miserable. The alternative would be for everyone to be dead. The latter seems the most logical.

They want to move forward, but why. Are they not content with what they have? Do they believe that forward genuinely contains something or desire? Fact is, it doesn't. The world is static and has not changed for since the first conscious thought spurred into existence. People want more as if they believe they are entitled to it.

When you are born you entitled to two things and two things only - to exist, and to think. You are not entitled to knowledge, experience, or happiness because you exist, those are things to be earned should you desire to pursue them. Nor are you entitled to speak your opinion. The worlds conversations consist of people speaking their opinions. The general life cycle of people consists of people forming opinions and then pitching them against the opinions of others. They spend their entire life to find comfort in find like minded people or imposing their ideas onto other people to find accomplishment in their ideas being worthy of placement in anothers head. People are afraid of their opinions being different from the rest because an opinion is the only thing they genuinely own and control. Nothing else in this world is yours. The reality you perceive is seperate for every person.

If a person lies to you, it is only a lie to them. For you, unknowingly, it is the truth. Your reality is based on your knowledge, understanding, and experience of the world. The collective reality which houses the economy, the judicial system, the government, etc, is something people have constructed and relay their beliefs in as if the collective is a justified means of measure. The world is built upon numbers and opinions. The world is built upon opinions, ignorance, and ignorant opinions.When a person voices their opinion on a subject, what justification does one have to agree because they are hoisted on a societal successful pedastal? They agree because they want to move with the society.

If they want to be part of the society that is heading towards an impossible goal, an inevitable demise, then let them. There is nothing that can be done to this society that will save it because it doesn't even know where it wants to go. They focus their energy into science because they believe the unknown will behold for them an answer to their goal but it is still impossible. The only headway they have made is means to extend peoples life spans, but is this even remotely what people desire? Do they truly believe that in a longer life, they will be allowed more chances to achieve their happiness? They create medicines to reduce pain. They believe pain to be undesirable as if they have a say in the matter.

The world is not worth saving, nor is it worth caring for, nor is it even worth hating. Why do people insist in wanting more when the real solution would be to restrict wants and desires.

I stopped arguing and hating the world.
They say inside every cynic is a broken idealist.
I must be a broken cynic.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're gonna head down to the forest.

On a side note, I'm going to stop using this blog after the next post. Possibly after this post if I don't think of anything profound to type up. I imagine that this excerpt of Blizzard's quest designers sense of humour suffices plenty.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


In other news Anon fucked up some over religious folk. There's a video, but the spokeswoman for the Westboro church would just get you all riled up and shit so I don't think it'd be very productive to watch. (I was trying to draw while while listening to it. BLOOD AND THUNDER.)
Video - also, article from a gay UK online news post.