Friday, April 30, 2010

Change Frequency.

Lostprophets new (relatively) album: approved.
They look really homosexual in this video but oh well.

Changed their core style and still kept it the same.
Unlike some bands.

Coheed and Cambria.
(I liked Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, but then they just lost that catchy upbeat stuff in No World For Tomorrow. Barely regained in Black Rainbow.)

Linkin Park. 
(Didn't actually mind that much, but I'd still like some of their old 'nu-metal' stuff)

The Bravery. 
(I preferred The Sun And The Moon's style as opposed to Stir the Blood's.)

(Need more songs like Clint Eastwood and Dare, but they're still pretty solid.)

Because I'm some sort of music expert.

Sex Asunder.

So I'm browsing through some good ol' furry porn, and I come across an image which isn't actually furry (it's hentai), but rather, something Stephen might enjoy. It's an extension of what we talked about one time.

Oh by the way, your favourite sex position is actually called "Stand and Carry" or "Reverse Piggy-back" or "Tree".

Soft Squares.

Hoh, shit.
I think I actually read the book.
...For some reason...
I didn't even get it, like, something to do with life force, crystals, and crazy jellyfish monsters.


One Per Customer.

Just paid the guy at ThinkTees to send me the sample hoodie. Should arrive in about a week. Then we'll bust down Norris's door and be like "What up bitch face?"

Other stuff:
  • Pretty sure design 2 won - some people said that they won't buy if this happened, but fuck them in the ass hole region.
  • Probably going to change the 'Hurlstone Agricultural' font, as requested by some people.
  • About 80+ people. If we sheerly wanted to get more numbers, we could buy novelty ones using the profit money for say, ex-HAHS, Norris, siblings etc.
  • Alternatively, we could get a bunch of alternate coloured ones for ourselves if we wanted to buy two for some reason. (I still have to ask him whether we can order differing coloured hoodies.)

Adroid Messiah.

I'm ordering a print sample from this comic book printer place and they also happen to offer 11" x 17" mini-posters for $15 for 10 (min order) which I think is actually pretty cheap.
So I was thinking if you lot want to pick any one artwork that I've done (or anyone else for that matter, provided it isn't full copyright or some shit), I can get 10 printed to save on shipping cost and give them to you guys for shits and giggles.

Next shipping day is May 10th, so you could choose any old one, or you might be able to wait until I finish either Genvins/Stephens "Raw Chaotic Beautiful" or alternatively, the Katie's furry commission. [If I manage to get them finished in 10 days.

Order received.




Candy Cain.

I want to go to the nearest supermarket and scoop out all the chocolate from all the Neopolitan ice cream tubs.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

Shoe Horn.

Epic tales from Vietnam:
If you want to get your dick wet in Vietnam, you go to this mountain place, and if you're a guy, you get this horn/wind instrument and you start playing it and shit, and you want for a chick with an umbrella to approach you and you dance around for a bit, then you take her home and you fuck her brains out.

My parents took pictures of kids doing this. Like, 13 year olds and shit. Then there's one picture where this creepy 40 year old doing the same thing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marking Marker.

I got all my exams back so here they are:
  • English, Speech : 8/20, 40%, Second last in Standard.
  • English, Exam : 17/30, 57%
  • Business : 38/70, 54%
  • Senior Science : 30/50, 60%
  • Art : 34/50, 68%
  • Maths : 78/80, 98%, FIRST LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER, YEAAAH.

Not Quite As Angry Bovine.

Jameseseese'sses suggestion to make the cow less agnry-eyed.

Nah seriously, it just looks wrong, even if I didn't over do it with the watery eyes.
It looks like as if it were just standing there awkwardly, discarding the whole 'oomph' factor of the image.

But that's just what I think.
Draft 2. 
I have to do a fucking business essay (And watch LOST), so I'll finish it tomorrow.

Also, Genvin, when you say "Draw PMA" do you literally mean "Draw something in the vague concepts of Positive Mental Attitude"? or specifically, the song by Cancer Bats.


Point B is where the hoodie printing guy should be.
(Enmore. They don't state the actual address)
It's about 30-40 minutes by car.
Apparently there's a train station in Newtown.

This is the company providing the hoodies.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hoodies On The Prowl.

So the hoodie thing is ACTUALLY going ahead, since I appointed Sudeep and Katie the head leadery people people. It's so legit, there's even a Facebook group for it.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Haven't had maccas regularly lately for some reason. AND as a consequence I lost a kilo and probably grew some.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

See Shells.

"Raw. Chaotic. Beautiful." draft 1.

I Against God.

I think the composition is a bit overdone.

Things I didn't blog because I was rushing artwork above:

Neighbours actually hired a jumping castle for their 3 year old daughter's birthday. I was going to take a picture of it from my window, but then I thought that they might think I'm sort of sexual predator.

Beat Hazard:

EDIT: Changed video. This video is awesome.
It is awesome.
But don't play it if you get seizures.
Because it's THAT awesome.

My brother tried to cook porridge.
Ended in 10 cups of failure.
I don't get it, every meal he eats/cooks he manages to use to use half of the cutlery/dishes. Combined with his inability to wash dishes, you're got your self a concoction of cocks.
He managed to waste about 2 litres, or ALL of the milk just as I was thinking "Mmm, I could really go for some Milo cereal right now!". I ended up just eating spoonfuls of Milo powder.
I wash his dishes when he takes a shower. He decided to get back at me by doing the same, but he was washing his dishes, so I'm not sure who lost here.

I blogged about an uncle that lived in someone else's garage sometime early last year (I can't find the actual post), y'know, the one that went to Vietnam and married a girl in her teens about 20 years younger than him and as result got herself into a money problem involving gambling with gangs in Cabramatta because in reality all she wanted out of the marriage was to get out of Vietnam, but even so bore a child for this man who actually has the inability to take care of himself. He's a taxi driver. That guy.
Well he called me to see how I was going. I was tempted to tell him to fuck off and it should me asking him how HE was doing. Seriously, he repeatedly asked me the same questions which I answered, not to mention I had to say "Alan" 5 times for him to understand whether it was me or my brother on the phone. He asked me if I had eaten dinner and whether I bought it or heated it up. I answered with "I cooked it" and he was wildly bewildered that I had more life skills than he did.
This is the first time he's called since my parents left, trying to be all in, and making people think he gives a shit. Fucking wanker. Go back to your garage-- oh wait, I mean, someone else's garage.

Starting on Genvins request on Stephens short story.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


After I finish 'I Against God', 
I'll start to take request if anyone wants me to draw anything for them.

If you actually want an image for something specific, ie, printing, mention it and add specifics if you want, like colour, size, pose, angle, background, etc.

If not, just say something like "Dicks", and I'll draw some "Dicks" for you.

Request by commenting on this blog post.


Ultimate job: Concept artist.
Seriously, draw fantasy shit all day and get paid for it?
The only huge con is that you have to be one of the best and fastest artist ever.
I'm getting there. I estimate I'll max out skill points by the time I'm 22.

Get On My Horse.

"The people behind World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment, struck gold this week - literally. In the past, they have occasionally offered limited-edition virtual pets for sale in their online store. Pay Blizz some real money, and you can have yourself a seriously cool pet on the toon of your choosing. This week, the geniuses introduced a new Celestial Steed, which allows you to "travel in style astride wings of pure elemental stardust." I'll admit that the steed is pretty cool looking. But I can't see paying twenty-five real dollars for it if I was already paying fifteen every month just for the privilege of playing the game. Apparently, one heck of a lot of people disagree with me, though. Blizz is reporting that in the first four hours that the mount was available they made an astonishing two MILLION dollars just off of that pet alone. That is over eight-thousand smackers per minute."

It does look pretty though.

Art and Mischief.


And yes, there is Hello Kitty porn - but not as much as I wanted thought there was.(Very weak NSFW)

Nevermind, I found heaps.

Cattle To The Slaughter.

So remember that competition I won, he said he'd include a bonus prize, and it turned out to be a huge poster (not plasticy) size of the individuals entry.
My foot, for size reference.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Oh god oh god oh god.

Sometimes On A Crowded Street.

Red lines indicate that I don't have enough space for what I'm planning. Might extend to 120+ pages with miscellaneous filler at the end of 'rejected art work' and a 'about the artist' to make it look thicker.

Turbo Leopard.

My mum called. Said she bought me a large Asian poster/painting of tigers fighting. Yeah, one of those Asian ones. With tigers.

I'm taking Buxtons MSN and Facebook.
Jokes about Buxtons ability to communicate being diminished.
Shenanigans are to be had. With his accounts.

Dragon Tiger Gate. Asian movie on about a month ago. I was going to blog about how ... it was.
The entire movie can basically summed up in these series of events:
  1. Dragon constantly sitting precariously on high up places. Ie: On the rooftop, At the park in the flashback, Off the balcony.
  2. _Insert awkward emotional scene_ 
  3. When Turbo Tiger explains how he got the scars on his face, his story differentiates upon each telling. Why so serious?
  4. _Insert awkward emotional scene_
  5. Luocha (A girl) getting epically punched in the face with those stylised Asian special effects. Twice. I'm not even joking.
  6. The three main characters dying.
  7. _Insert awkward emotional scene_
  8. The three main characters getting resurrected.
  9. The two major main characters getting a 5 minute montage of how they instantly learnt new abilities and fighting techniques upon being resurrected.
  10. The two major main characters fighting the villain for a solid 10 minutes and then being defeated WHEN they use their super abilities.
  11. _Insert awkward emotional scene_
  12. The third main character who could even be considered a supporting character coming in after the two have been defeated and raping the shit out of the villain meaning that the two other guys didn't even need to be anywhere in the storyline. AT ALL.
A patient lost a testicle during an operation because the surgeon cut it off by mistake, a General Medical Council (GMC) hearing has been told.

    Monday, April 19, 2010



    Chainsaw Battle.

    I don't know what's funnier, the fact that they are indeed fighting with chainsaws, or the musical cut to a sound effect at the end usually used in comedy movies - And yes, it did make it funny.


     The internet.

    Oh wait what.
    When I posted the link, someone had posted an image of longcat and it was basically raping everyone by a solid 700 votes.

    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Red Mist.

    Mark Millar mentioned that he wants your sidekick in the next comic to be called The Cunts?

    He wants something to be The Cunts, he wants the name The Cunts somewhere in the comic. And he wants to change my name to The Motherfucker. So I become very evil, which I'm game for. But who knows, because Mark talks, and we won't know until he puts it on paper, what he's going to do. He could come up with a totally genius new idea that we've never heard of.


    I know I'm actually really really late with this in terms of internet recognition, but I ignored it until Ishraq reminded me about rainbow unicorns.

    Mythos Diemos.

    QUICK, I NEED SOME MORE MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES THAT WOULD BE IN GODS ARMY. I was gonna put unicorns in but I was thinking that they would basically be Pegasuses with horns.

    The original idea was having all ghouls and snakes and chimeras going at him, but that would... actually be a lot more awesome, butt FUCK.

    Whatever tickles my fancy

    Fuck this shit, I'm outta here.

    Worse 30 day challenge ever.

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    About 10 Seconds.

    I was watching porn and for some reason in the middle of it just remembered that I forgot to take the clothes in and now I can't tell if they're wet or just really cold.

    My brother was basically in the room where you could see the hill hoist straight out the window for 4 hours, but because he was busy making dick biscuits, he didn't notice. Then when I came in with all the clothes, he's like "Oh".

    Fucking. Wanker.
    I've actually concluded that he actually does nothing that affects people. Like if you were to take him out of the equation, not much would be different. He just gets up, looks for something stupid to do on the internet, and goes back to sleep. No real interpersonal actions, and thus no reactions - he is completely useless in the chain of events; Maybe I wouldn't be blogging as much if he weren't around because I'd have no material.

    And none of that "he's family" shit, because if your brother was Hitler, I don't think you would like him all that much.

    Doesn't earn his keep, literally does absolutely nothing in the terms of house keeping, cooks only for himself, doesn't clean his own shit, has no sense of house keeping in general. Seriously for the last couple of weeks, I felt like I was growing a vagina from all the cleaning and cooking I've been doing. (This is not supposed to be sexist)

    Said this before, but he chucked a bitch fit when my parents asked him for $10 a week to prepare him for real life shit. Funnier because he literally said he doesn't understand what the point of having job is.

    Absolutely useless.

    Pegasus Chariot.

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

    - Good ATAR
    - University
    - My P's
    - iPhone
    - Hopefully have a life after HSC
    - Get a job
    - Get my own car
    - Wow shit, I'll be 18 by then. fuck.

    A Magical Wizard Appears!

    And he proposes to you a question!:
    If he were to transform your consciousness into another body the opposite gender of your original self, would you have sex with yourself?

    I totally would.

    My year, NOT in great detail

    - HSC year
    - Thats all thats worth mentioning, I mean that pretty much what half of my year has been like.
    - I've just realised my life is really boring and lifeless.

    Nuke Sydney.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010


    I finally wasted away my tablet's first pen nib (the lead thing in the pen) because I raged when my comp froze in the middle of drawing and scribbled violently homosexual circles into my tablet.


    My month, NOT in great detail.

    I'm going to cheat and say it was my week not in detail multiplied by two. Like I'm not even exaggerating much.

    In fact the first week was less exciting with whatever I did out of the ordinary within the latter week but replaced with sleep or facebook.

    My week, NOT in detail

    Thursday: - Watched kick-ass
    - L4D2- well half a game
    - Tutor from 2-4pm
    Friday: - Pretty much did nothing but some tutor hw
    - Then ran on the treadmill
    - Had some dicks up my ass
    Saturday: - Tutor from 9am-12noon
    - Tutor from 1:15-2:45pm
    - Dead for the rest of the day
    Sunday: - Tutor from 9:30-11:45am
    - Saw an iPad for the first time. EVAR. And pondered about getting one.
    - Went through the usual holiday night routine
    Monday: - Woke up at 1:30pm I think.
    - Ran on the treadmill again
    - Dicks rammed up my ass again
    Tuesday: - Downloaded HIMYM
    - Crammed homework then had tutor from 4-6pm
    - Had KFC, which was a first in a long time. ie 2 weeks
    Wednesday: - Tutor from 4-6pm
    - Shoddybattled against Dannis and Jana but only won when I had mewtwo.
    - Had my second Allstars box in 2 days.
    Thursday: - Its 2:04am right now.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Lake Of RAGE.

    So far I've lost about 3 hours of game play due to the Soul Silver rom's anti piracy protection of crashing every 20 minutes and even crashing in the middle of the 'Saving..., do not turn off' which leads to save file corruption. Funnily enough, because I backed up my files yesterday because of the virus, I didn't lose as much as I would have if I didn't get a virus.

    Whoopty doo.

    Meanwhile, I was attempting to buy a Penicorn (or multiple, because it would be amusing to pile them on top of each other) from the NG store, but then I remembered that they only accept credit cards.
     Maybe if I had the money (and the 'give a shit'ness), I'd fill a room full of Penicorns. Would that not be the best thing ever? Like, literally speaking. You'd walk in and it'd be like, BAM Penicorns in your face.

    Ariel image is almost done, just need to add the frilly stuff between the human and fish part, then the background of a bunch of sailors drowning.

    I still need to read that book for English. I wouldn't say I had the time seeing as how I'm drawing in the day, along side cooking and cleaning for my living-inept brother, and watching the magical hilarities that are Letterman at night. Do people still make audio book cassettes?

    Overused Subbed Anime word of the day : "Bothersome".
    Seriously, first couple of seasons of Naruto, Shikamaru always going on about every little thing smaller than his dick being 'bothersome'. HARDEN THE FUCK UP AND GET A BETTER VOCAB.
    Adjectives: annoying, troublesome, tiresome, irksome, pesky, vexatious, tedious, plaguy.

    Your day, in great detail

    Let's see:

    At 12 am I was in bed watching How I Met Your Mother until about 1:30 to which I fell asleep.
    I woke up at 11:50 am.
    From then til 1:30pm I was checking Facebook and cricket scores from last night and the usual surfing the internet.
    At 1:30 pm my dad picked me up to drive me to eat to which we drove by a bushfire *gasp* OMG WE'RE GONNA DIE AND OUR HOUSE IS GONNA BURN DOWN. But then I realised there was a river between the fire and my house.
    2:30pm - this is when i was bothered to get to KFC and had an Allstars box for the second day in a row.
    4:00pm-6:00pm- Tutor
    The rest of the day I'm planning to watch tv or sleep or study.


    1 Thing About Me.

    Because I don't have enough dicks to do 100.
    1. I treat god like my enemy, planting shit around in order to hinder my progress, so I aim to fuck him up, bustin' in the joint all like "Fuck you faggot, I can take your shit, BRING IT!!".
    ALSO, continuity of my last post, Pendulum's Watercolour, give me 200cc's of awesome. I don't see why there's so many haters, hipsters and purist all like "PENDULUMS OLD STUFF WAS BETTER", to them I say "Fuck up faggot, cause you're a fucking cunt."
    Yeah but seriously, song is epic shit. Real 'uprising' feel to it, y'know?

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Whatever tickles my fancy

    100 things about me

    1. My birthday is on the 22nd of March.
    2. I am not a fan of piercings, apart from the ears.
    3. You are probably gonna read trivial facts about me rather than deep pretentious shit.
    4. I am scared of hobos.
    5. I used to be 15kg when I was 7 years old but then I tripled my weight once I was 10.
    6. I wouldn't mind living in New York once I'm older, apart from being mugged.
    7. I am a warrior from the keyboard clan.
    8. 'My favourite sport is cricket.' This is a line that I always use when a teacher asks me for a fact about myself.
    9. I enjoy reading biographies, but mostly of sportpeople.
    10. Go to 45.
    11. Holy shit this is harder than I thought.
    12. My favourite youtuber ISN'T mychonny, it is in fact kevjumba.
    13. I think the 'Don't judge a book by its cover' metaphor is never true. Heck, its not even true for a real book. If a book cover said 'This story is shit, don't waste your money on me', I doubt many people would buy it.
    14. I watch 1-2 episodes of HIMYM every night til i fall asleep.
    15. I drink about one can of coke a day or some other sort of soft drink.
    16. I do 8.5 hours of tutor a week on a school week but up to 12.5 hours a week during the holidays.
    17. I support the Deccan Chargers in the IPL. I doubt anyone who reads this will know who they are.
    18. I tend to judge the worse out of the people rather than assume they mean good.
    19. I love statistics. I like to analyse patterns and what not in real life as well.
    20. On weekends, I'm usually sweating over fantasy football and devote 50% of my time on it.
    21. I once tried to give up McDonald's, I failed after 2 weeks.
    22. Dressing up in girl clothing is fun. Nah, I'm kidding. It's not as much fun as you think it is.
    23. The best way to eat a Mighty Angus burger is to eat half of it, wait until its cold then reheat it and eat it again.
    24. I don't eat breakfast or recess and don't have dinner until 9. That means I usually don't eat anything for about 15 hours every day.
    25. I have a generic music taste and usually like mainstream songs once they're old.
    26. Reality TV is a pissoff.
    27. I rarely nap in the afternoon, but if I do then I get really grumpy when I wake up.
    28. I am usually never serious unless its a serious occasion or when i promise that I'll do something.
    29. I hate people who are two-faced. But who doesn't.
    30. Chicken wings are the best.
    31. I am allergic to seafood.
    32. I used to be a fan of mushrooms but then I hated it now I'm getting back into it. I am also starting to like chili.
    33. Coca-Cola > alcohol, any day of the week.
    34. I hate smokers with my dad being the only exception.
    35. My name used to be Benjamin Do Nguyen. What kind of name would Budon be.
    36. I used to think I had some kind of fashion sense, but if I had a chance to revisit year 8 me, I'd tell him to grow up.
    37. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 7.
    38. I daydream. A lot.
    39. I love all American sitcoms not matter how bad they are.
    40. I have no problems with homosexuals.
    41. I only have one facial expression according to Mr. Geerling
    42. Cartoons have been shat on by 3D animation
    43. I used to wake up at 7 every Sunday morning to watch cartoons, now I wake up at 7 every Sunday to get ready for tutor.
    44. I am Christian, but not a very good one. Although I try.
    45. Go to Number 64.
    46. Due to school, I tend to watch movies based on their cinematography more often and also notice Newton's Laws of Gravity at every motion.
    47. Did you know theres porn for blind people? Where the sex stories are written in braille and pictures are propped up so they can feel the images. Although this is a fact about me.
    48. I feel liberated when I drive.
    49. Number 4 and 22 are my favourite numbers.
    50. I am running out of things to say apart from personal 'deep' shit. haha dipshit.
    51. Swearing at unecessary times are my pet peeve.
    52. I tend to feel attached to inanimate objects, or I'm just stingy.
    53. Green is my favourite colour, orange is a close second.
    54. I am poor.
    55. Unharmful racism is funny to me.
    56. I like to poke fun at myself with exaggerations and untruths but when its true I run to the corner and cry til I sleep. haha see what I did there?
    57. I would like to sponsor someone from World Vision when I grow up.
    58. We live in a world where the word 'Google' and 'research' are interchangable.
    59. I wish I was more artistic.
    60. A lot of my facts start of with 'I'
    61. I love to sleep because when I sleep I don't have to worry.
    62. I fear that automatic doors won't open when I walk closer toward them.
    63. iPod or iPad? Comment.
    64. Go to 87.
    65. I waited for my letter to Hogwarts when I was 11.
    66. My nails are receding the more I cut them.
    67. I don't hate Justin Bieber and think his songs are quite catchy.
    68. I trust people too easily.
    69. Yes.
    71. I used to be able to do the rubik's cube in 10 minutes...
    72. I like quick showers.
    73. When something important looms closer I try to avoid it by concentrating on the minor events.
    74. I get sad when Australia loses in cricket.
    75. I used to play chess for my school in primary.
    76. I have a radio alarm clock.
    77. I don't like people who are obsessed with self-image.
    78. I tend to not hear people properly and have to repeatedly ask them to repeat what they say.
    79. I love slapstick humour unless its badly done like BADLY.
    80. I give up easily if there was an opportunity to give up.
    81. Boredom is common in my life.
    82. I love being alone and don't mind being lonely.
    83. My student number is 20410116.
    84. When I was a kid I used to think that I was a robot.
    85. I need to exercise.
    86. I am a laugh-slut.
    87. Go to 45.
    88. I wish I had self-control.
    89. I can't stand not being able to understand something completely and will try to comprehend it.
    90. Barney Stinson is my idol.
    91. It's only 11 and I'm sleepy already. blehs.
    92. I don't like dicks going up my ass. I'm just saying.
    93. I'm not addicted to COD or WoW. wow.
    94. Immaturity keeps me young.
    95. I want to be able to cook something decent one day. Not just migoreng.
    96. I love maths.
    97. The people at shittyrail and bus drivers are faeces.
    98. I tend to wear my thongs a lot outside of school.
    99. 2 is better than 1.
    100. Wow, I am surprised I have finished this 100 things about me.

    Play's End.

    So on this wonderful morning, I actually and literally thought to myself "Wow, it sure has been a while since I got a virus.", and just like any sitcom, I got a fucking virus 2 minutes ago.



    Also, what the fuck is up with this Google Auto Correct shit especially when it deliberately alters my search from 'colour' to 'color'.

    Because American is a language.
    Fucking ass hats.
    Not sarcasm.

    A Youtube Video


    Unnecessary Observations #403.

    Food. Water.

    Wouldn't it be weird if you shat from your dick and pissed from your arse.

    And for girls that don't have dicks, as opposed to ones that do, a good analogy for a dick is a tube of tooth paste. So imagine that attached to the front of you. You'd have to squeeze it out.

    Vibrating cosmetics - you might as well give men power tools with fleshlights on them.
    (Namely, "Neutrogena Wave DUO Power Cleanser" and "Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara")

    Now a completely unnecessary image:

    A website

    I also used a random website generator for this.

    And this is what I got.

    don't even know what its about but yeah. bleh.

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    A recipe

    Sugar Mini Roasties
    Serves 2
    You will need:

    * 120ml mint sauce
    * 80g sugar
    * 10ml brandy
    * 30ml soy sauce


    1. pre-heat the oven to 220 C
    2. whisk the mint sauce
    3. stir-fry the sugar
    4. eat the soy sauce
    5. stir-fry the brandy
    6. bake for 20 minutes and serve hot


    I googled random recipe and clicked on the random recipe generator. pretty sweet.


    Movie Magic.

    Buxton was all like, his taste in movies was good, and I was saying it wasn't, so here's a list of my honourable mentions:

    1st Tier:
    • District 9.
    • Cloverfield.
    • Back to the Future trilogy. (Possibly just a nostalgia trip, but regardless)
    • Weather Man.
    • Match Stick Men. (In conjunction with Weather Man.)
    • Punch Drunk Love.
    • Terminator 2.
    • Forrest Gump.
    • Cast Away. (In conjunction with Forrest Gump.)
    • Die Hard series.
    • Indiana Jones Trilogy. (I don't hate Crystal Skull, but it was not at all near as good as the first 3)
    • Kick-Ass.
    • Ghost Busters.
    2nd Tier:
    • Donnie Darko.
    • Watchmen. (I still need to see Sin City.)
    • League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
    • Little Miss Sunshine.
    • Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind.
    • The Majestic.
    • Spiderman 1 and 2.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy.
    • Hot Fuzz.
    • Kung Fu Hustle.
    • Shaolin Soccer.
    • Zombieland.
    • Shaun of the Dead.
    • "Adam Sandler Movies".
    • "Jim Carrey Movies".
    • "Arnie Movies".
    • Lord of the Rings. (Their seriousness makes it funny.)
    • Star Wars. (I've tried to watch 3 three times but failed.)

    I'm probably missing a lot, but this took me about an hour to compile.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    A hobby of mine

    Now that I come to realise it I don't have much hobbies at all right now. Unless you count playing NRL Fantasy as a hobby, then I guess I have nothing to offer.

    Times New Roman.

    Guess Who.

    I originally had a more leafy sea dragon type idea for a redux of Ariel, where the leaves would serve as a dress type deal, but I changed it as I was drawing it. 

    Basic idea was to do a more realistic 'fishlike, sea adapted' mermaid and a 'what if Ariel stayed under the ocean, like she should have?' - I assume she would have became some sort of heir to Triton (despite her being the youngest of the 7), hence her wielding Tritons crown and trident.

    Additions to the background will include ships and shit getting blown up because it would be what Ariel would do after being rejected by a land dweller.

    I might do a future of Beauty and the Beast - 'what if the beast stayed that way upon resurrection and everybody still wanted to kill him? - Because that would have an awesome ending. You could throw in some Romeo and Juliet shit right there.'

    A talent of mine

    Maybe cwalking. Apart from that there's nothing remotely talented that I do. Except maybe a KFC-Mcdonald's-Pizza Hut eating competition.

    Whatever tickles my fancy

    some of you might have already seen this.

    the guy is Eugene.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    An art piece

    If any then look at posts below.

    If it has to be mine then:


    I'm literally 10 years late, but I didn't realise this:

    Friday, April 9, 2010


    If you avidly read my lengthy emo blogs, you'll understand.

    Fanfic / A song that makes you cry

    None for both because I'm not a girl or gay.

    Broadsword Broadcast.

    Did anyone else notice that that guy who host Behind The News on ABC3 (Or any ABC channel) has quite possibly the most annoying voice ever? Like, if you're the host of a television show, you're more than likely going to be speaking for about 70% of the show, and if you sound like Justin Bieber IN THE MIDDLE of puberty, then you should not even have that job, maybe consider having your voice box surgically removed.

    I haven't been able to watch channel 9 or GO! for the last month or two, until I fiddled with the wires at the back, and for some reason, as opposed to the antenna being the problem (as I thought it was) it was for some reason the fault of the angle of the wires that only affected the signals of a single station which technically make any sense because if only one station was affected, then the main problem should have been the receiving of the signals, not the rerouting of, as all the signals inevitably routed into the same wire. Just saying.

    A Non-Fictional Book

    current book im reading.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    That's Electric-tric-tric-tric-tric-tric-tric.

    Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes.

    And by this post I mean, I got a headache from one and half hours of L4D2 because I'm a pussy shit, and I can't be bothered posting anything of value, NOR can I think of anything of value to post about posting about.
    Old joke Get.

    A Fictional Book

    Last Fictional book I read.

    Whatever tickles your fancy

    Well not this question, what a dumb question. It's just a pathetic excuse by whoever made this up to fill the missing spots on the 30 day challenge.

    p.s. I could be completely wrong and it somehow has a sentimental value in the question posed.

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    Have A Ragga Break.

    I just got mail from the School saying that I have to redo the art exam because they were stupid enough to give us the year 11 one ... as opposed the year 12 one. Because we're in Year 12, it would be incorrect for us to do the year 11 one. On that note, I think the year 11 art class are faggots. And by think, I don't mean, "It's in my head that...", I mean, "I'm assuming they're all a bunch of homosexuals".

    Art exam is rescheduled for week 1, and I would very much rather them just mark the year 11 one and give us some sort of reduced average, because, Art is easy as shit, but when you're doing the exam, it's like doing a 10 unit maths exam with TWO studded dildos (sized 20 inches in length, 7 in girth) attached to jack hammers going through your chair into your arse - So yeah, it's not hard, it's just fucking annoying, like it would be with jack hammers going into your arse.

    On a related note, the confirmed worlds largest dick is 9 inches flacid, 13.5 erect. 
    (No real images of the actual cock in question, but there's a link to one if you want to go that far.)

    Have A Ragga Break.

    A photo of you taken recently

    Guess Who's Back Mother Fuckers.

    I was downloading a file at the breakneck speeds of <10kb/s and when I accidentally closed the download window (Firefox) it didn't seem to warn me like it should have, I have to wait another 15 minutes and then another 75 minutes to get the file.

    A serious case of dicks in face.

    On a title related note:
    That's right bitches, I've concluded that my inablity to draw shit was due to me actually hating myself, as opposed to hating everything around me, which to my surprise was the first time that ever happened.
    Yep. Now that that's over, back to being awesome.

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    A photo taken over ten years ago

    Photobucket Of Shit.




    Everything Is Going Extremely Well.

    Yeah I can't draw.
    Something's wrong.
    Maybe, but until then, I'm going to try and stab my hands repeatedly to see if that does anything.

    Title reference:
    High Energy Protons - Juno Reactor.
    (Or 2001 Space Odyssey)

    A photo you took

    Knocking At My Chamber Door.

    I woke at about 730 because my neighbours in a collaborative effort were banging at the door, trying to get my attention. Let me rephrase that. They were trying to wake me up at 730 in the morning, IN THE HOLIDAYS, and they expected me to be awake.

    Now I'm a little pissed because I was dreaming that everyone was trying to kill me in a grim themed Hogwarts/HAHS setting. Everything was in a seeming state of despair, and everyone seemed to be against me because I was the protagonist and there was even a little room where I could upgrade my spell set. I chose fire warlock build.
    Anyway, there was a point where there was a large door and some bitch in my party goes up to it and is all like "It's not opening", and I'm like, "Move the fuck out of the way bitch", and I touch it and the door swings open. The old woman which for some reason I think was Mrs McGonagall said I was the chosen one, and I said "No, it's just this bitch is STUPID".
    So I make my way into a room where the gravity's changed onto its side and the perspective has skewed into nothing, so you couldn't tell if something was right in front of you or in the distance. I make a turn around a corner and see Genvin, Stephen and Robert crouched over a small circle doing some black magic ritual or some shit, and they all turn at me at exactly the same time like in one of those horror movies. Then, all of a sudden, Brendan Byron lunges at my face trying to stab my eyes out because "You're not short enough to be here!", to which I was like, verbatim, "What the fuck, get the fuck off me faggot", then after about 2 seconds, Kevin Bob Prescilla comes in and tries to do the same.

    I managed to get out of there but then I woke up.

    I was actually quite enjoying that.

    Intermolecular Dispersionist.

    I was watching Letterman just now, and he's interviewing Nathan Lane and to set up a joke, they say that he's in the next Twilight movie, which he introduces with:

    "Yeah, it's the third in the Twilight series, entitled 'Eclipse'...
    Because you can't look at it directly."

    I now want to build a space time machine so I can high five this man in person as he said it, because That, was a fucking good call.

    A photo that makes me angry/sad

    aww so sad.

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    THING I HATE #1.



    A photo that makes me happy

    It made me laugh because his ass is in the air, where its not suppose to be.

    Paraplegic With One Really Strong Arm Man.

    I fucked it up.

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    What ever tickles my fancy?!

    Well this is coming out in America in April 12th.

    Can't wait for it to come to Aus.

    It doesn't look too bad.

    Favourite Quote

    'My parents live in Ohio, I live in the moment'

    No prizes for guessing who said that.

    You're A Winner.

    People who get offended, go fuck yourselves.

    If someone gets offended anything, it's the offendees fault, not the offender. It's like saying, if I ran into the village in... "The Village" wearing all red cause I'm a cunt like that, they can all go ram their dicks up their eye sockets.
    The fact that they think the colour red to be bad is a complete fabrication of their own desires to be picky faggots. That is alone, is their problem because what they have in their heads shouldn't be and technically can't be enforced on anyone else unless that person had the same way of thought.

     So before my parents left, they bought me a Lindt chocolate bunny for Easter but now I don't want to eat it because it has a bell collar, like so:

    I don't know why, but I'd feel like a dick if I ate it. PSYCHOLOGY.

    Title Reference: Sweepstakes - Gorillaz.

    This song is awesome. (Gets trippy at 2:20)
    There's a bunch of people who say this song is 'poorly composed'. I'm willing to say that they're ill-informed anti musical dipshits.

    Favourite Book

    Leh, comes down to three more possibilities. Harry Potter, the Dan Brown-Robert Langdon series, and cricket biographies.

    But considering I've read Harry Potter 1-5 like 6-8 times each and Harry Potter 6 and 7 about 2-3 times, I think it wins.

    Every Burning Tree.

    Reworked the pose.

     Edit, Cleaned up.

    Hills Hoist.

    Fuck off clouds. I'm trying to dry my shit. I think you and the sun have paired up to conspire against me. There is literally a 1-2-1-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-1-2-1 patter going on outside. One side of my house is cloudy and the other sunny. When I look into the horizon of the cloudy side, there's a blue sky at the end of it. Even when I waited for it to be sunny on the lawn side, it'd be cloudy on the other side meaning it'd eventually come over to the lawn side in about 5 minuets ANYWAY.

    3 means that time I went outside thinking that it was a full blaring sunny day, and turns out it was raining at the same time. CURSE YOU DECEITFUL SUN SHOWERS.

    Macabre Thrill.

    We don't sleep to dream - 
    We sleep to build stamina,
    Energy to do our thing.

    I don't know whether it was the crisp of the Autumn air, the soul settling jazz, or just plain me thinking about how incredibly inept I am at 'belonging', but I got those chills again, the ones I use to reconstruct myself into something better. I question whether I'm gaining more knowledge by going into this state of mind, or I'm discarding what I've known in order to become more hollow.

    After 2 hours, I concluded that nothing matters. Further.
    So I'm going to try and de-construct. Again. Because I believe my greatest trait is reconstruction after being put down, becoming stronger from being defeated. Yep.

    So here you go, have some things I wouldn't really, but you might regard as 'secrets':
    • My frequency of seeing things has increased in the psychological sense. I can only assume that my paranoia is picking up again causing my mind to perceive random glimpses of shadows to be more than that.
    • For reasons I don't understand, most of my daydreams include scenarios of "What if your life continued to be as lonely as it is now and you never found anyone of the some kin? ...AND died alone." Funnily enough these scenarios usually play out pretty well in my head, hence, dayDream.
      For some sort of entertainment reference, I'd consider a likeness to Bitey as depicted in 'The Last of the Dashkin'.
    • And to negate the whole emo feel I got goin' here; I fap furiously to gay furry porn as well as straight. Yep. I accidentally ctrl+z'ed this like, a minute ago, and back when I was a pussy, I would've been "Oh, that must have been fate telling me to not tell people I have a thing for furry cock", but fuck that. Just for future reference, completely excludes humans in every regard, cause real life dicks look gross.
    So as opposed to an angsty emo ridden post, I'll leave you with something slightly more disturbing.

    Also, I didn't realise until today that 'a useless' doesn't use 'an' despite 'useless' having a 'u'.

    HAL 9000.

    You know when you think of something, and then it occurs a couple of days later coincidentally? Well I remembered how incredibly awesome the movie "The Last Action Hero" was, and lo' and behold, it was on today following "Space Jam" which is of the same calibre.

    But because Rudd is sucking Obamas 20" black dick in following him by forcing digital television on everyone, I couldn't watch it because half my channels are more distorted than Japanese genitalia.

    So I ended up listening to ABC Radio Jazz for about 2 hours. And it was awesome.
    I'm suggesting he uses his one really really really strong arm to get around.

    Edit: Cleaned slightly.

    Also, title reference: Robot Pirates.

    Saturday, April 3, 2010


    There are some things I would've added like arm bands and leg bracelet things, but yeah.
    I think I deviated from the original power, explained in the Art Portal link.

    Favourite TV Show

    How easy is this? How I Met Your Mother, of course. Well I tend to like all sitcoms no matter how cheesy it is, mainly because its easily digestable. But How I Met Your Mother is just a stand out sitcom that doesn't re-use jokes over and over and is unique in its set up.

    Also, while most sitcoms attempt to use one liners to pass as a joke, HIMYM uses those one liners on purpose and clearly shows that they suck, hence it is funny.

    But I also like other shows such as Scrubs, Two and a Half Men, Simpsons, Family Guy, Rove (before they quit), Futurama, Myth Busters, Top Gear, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Cougar Town, Naturally Sadie, The Latest Buzz, Bluewater High, Dilbert, Hannah Montana.

    Just from the top of my head.

    You Hang Up.

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Favourite Movie

    Shiet guys this is a hard one. It's a toss up between Harry Potter Series, Waterboy and The Truman Show.

    Harry Potter is in there for obvious reasons and Waterboy is in because Adam Sandler is the most stupid and best comedic actor around. But The Truman Show is probably the best out of the three because it managed to get me paranoid about cameras in my house and everywhere and shit, up until this very day.


    Mock Colour.

    Back Burner.

    EDIT : 
    If for some magical reason you need it bigger or colour changed, just ask.

    Katie's Rabbits.
    So yeah, let me know if you want colour specifics, file, format, size, etc.
    [Fixed some things]

    Currently on the back burner:
    • Stephen's Paraplegic-Superhero-with-one-Really-really-really-strong-arm. I got the image in my mind, I just need to get it down on digital paper.
    • SummerBoy. Line work's almost done. I expect less than 2 days.
    • Animal representation thing maybe? If I'm still doing that.
    • HSC BoW. It was in my schedule. But FUCK.

    While I'm here, I'm gonna say that I'm possibly buying shoes from this place sometime soon. Shipping is a bitch, but less of one if it was split.

      Favourite Song

      What? I'm doing the 30 day challenge you say? Well I'm gonna do better than that by doing it in 15 days. This is my main excuse to blog. hahaha...

      Well my favourite songs are usually popular mainstream songs once they are out of date. So like, Fireflies- Owl City.

      But my favourite all time song is Remember the name- Fort Minor.

      That is all.

      Another blog tonight.

      Console Console.

      Thursday, April 1, 2010

      There is literally nothing to do...

      until 7:30pm tonight. Here's what's on the rocket docket:

      7:30 - The Matty John's Show
      8:30 - Cougar Town
      9:00 - How I Met Your Mother
      9:30 - Thank God You're Here
      10:30 - Family Guy

      And then everybody's in bed by 12 BOOYAH!

      ahahaha I got you, this was last week's shows, April Fools. They replaced it all with a movie, The Rock. Way to ruin my holidays.

      April's Fool.

      So I was talking to Buxton about doing something for April Fools. He suggested something mild like telling everyone we edited an image into a random blog and whoever finds it would win 50 dollars - but we didn't edit any post. Mild.

      I said we should just post an image of a giant cock. Very effective, but rude to those non-porn goers out there.

      So I was like, how about I just do that thing for Easter I was going to do, but with more dick in it.
      This is the result > .
      NSFW: It's not really, I censored out the dick. It's drawn, so it's not as bad as if I just linked to real gay porn. But yeah, it might be awkwaaaaaaard if someone looked at your screen with this image up.

      There Is No Escape.