Monday, November 30, 2009

Conversational Continuum.

I do NOT pursue girls because:

1. Too time consuming. If my parents taught me ANYTHING, it's time management. Time is essentially the religion my family abides by [except my brother, that guys a ginormous cunt], as to the point where most things are decided as to whether time = worth the end result. This entails into how I would say that there would be better things to do than fulfil mine and their emotional needs. Like draw. That is QUITE dickhead-ed, but I can handle lonely, but I couldn't handle a week without exhausting all these ideas out of my head.

2. I cannot handle myself. I would not be able to understand other peoples problems when I can't even keep a track of all my own. I personally don't think I have that many, the voices inside my head and I regularly assure me that my life is pretty good in retrospect but even then, I still can't keep a leash on all those insignificant loose ends and that is what bothers me.

3. I am not a people person. I don't know if it was just my upbringing, or I was born without, but I just can't fully empathise with people on the level which the larger portion of the community would deem as 'normal'.
I just find 'empathy' to be illogical - or, 'emotion' for that matter. The internal workings of someone's mind should not have that much of an impact on their physical and spiritual being. I would honestly have to label these people as weak minded simply because they have no control over theirs.

3.5. I would not consider myself as part of 'society', thus not 'human' you could say. Constantly, I would pace in circles trying to find meaning in my existence [as I believe in the 'everything has a purpose' theory], only to conclude that I am just an empty machine designed to create and create in order to influence the masses from an ominous, 'behind the scenes' type viewpoint.
I would not want to associate myself with the idiocy I see dwelling off the media, slack jawed in their demise.

4. Money. This is debatable, but I would very much like to have 1 less thing to worry about. Just like Forrest Gump.

I do/have like/d girls [what, I'm not a faggot, nor am I asexual. I wouldn't believe it to be remotely possible in humans. What the fuck would the point of having a dick be? Pissing? What a waste.], but the main idea that Stephen and Black Bob tried to strain out of me is that:

5. I. Do. Not. Try.
For those above reasons, and also, I know statistically that I have a high tendency to fail in all my endeavours. I conclude this based on either my brain wiping my mind of all 'happy memories' or me not actually experiencing any at all. Everything I have tried thus far regardless of type of event has failed. Is it depressing to know that all my 'best memories' originate from my dreams? That I actually have to fill that empty void inside of me with figments of imagination to prevent myself from going fucking insane?

In summary:
Time, Money, Emotion = The fundamental requirements for any type of relationship. I do not have any, thus I would fail if I tried - so I don't try.


Too Late.

Dead by Sunrise released their album... quite a while ago actually - I didn't find out until yesterday, but yeah, it's Chester's [the singer/screamer from Linkin Park] side project [with help from members from Julien K].

Robert might like them.

I don't think anyone else will though.

Just a shout.


Roderick wanted me to mention how he used a leaky water balloon to subtly wet peoples dick areas without them realising it until it looked like they pissed themselves.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Come Fly With Me.

Tell me Quando, Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaando, Quaaaaando...


So theres a multiplayer sex game on facebook, I've only started building my character atm but it doesnt look all that promising.

Add me on it if you decide to play. My username is Buxton From NextDoor, someone already took buxton.

Remember kids...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Dynasty Strikes Back.

I downed a considerable amount [2 hrs worth] of Jap porn [because, I dunno, I was in the mood for pixels and really bad storylines] and found there to be piss scenes throughout the movie.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh, Japan You!


And with this article, I'm that much more happier than I'm not Japanese.

Ok, I actually skimmed like, the first half - and in a nutshell, it's just a bunch of literal faggots.
Thankfully, it's Japan, so either they'll die out from not reproducing, or it'll blow over in a week.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

His name is fucking John Connor.

Sam Worthington. Again.
Just saying.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Apparently, not having goals is a sign of depression.
I would call it aimlessness, BUT OH WELL.

I don't understand how people actually become 'poor'. People are able to live on minimum wage through lowering their spending. I constantly see 'reports' (and by that, I would never credit Today Tonight for anything) interviewing people who are apparently 'hit by the financial crisis' to be 'late on their mortgage payments', 'in debt', 'lacking in money to feed their family'.

BUT LO AND BEHOLD, those fuckers have a 50" television set set up in their living rooms.

Wow, when you had the choice between 'food' or 'something you really don't actually need at all most probably', you decided to be a short sighted cunt and and indulge in your ability to watch your most probably tasteless movies.
Fucking douchebags.

I don't understand what could possibly drive anyone to constantly consume and consume - there'd be people who'd state the human condition, where greed drives all -BUT FUCK THAT, how could everyone on the planet be so illogical as to obtain things that they only WANT, as opposed to NEED.

Maybe this is only coming from me because I tried to think of something I wanted to buy, but I couldn't think of anything after I got my tablet. So yeah, I'm pretty much set as long as I have a computer and something to draw with.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arm Fingers.

I changed the size of hsc artwork format.

So apparently, if you go over 30000 pixels in either direction, your .psd file turns into a .psb file - a 'large document format'.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I probably over did the colours here, BUT OH WELL.


Lazy Sundays. Hooray, for lazy Sundays.

To pass my time, oh well you betch'a I plan ahead!.

As opposed to say, finding a new hobby, or perhaps even continue my old hobby-which-I-should-really-continue-but-am-procrastinating-about, I decided to take a seamlessly easy task, and make it remarkably more difficult for myself.

It's like the rubber tyre balls filled with meat they use on tigers to keep them occupied for a while, where I freeze juice or Ribena (and I didn't know it was spelt like that) and spend superfluous amounts of time trying to get it out.

I started at 1230pm and finished an hour later today.

My life is fulfilling.


'End of the World' was supposed to be my thoughts on the movie '2012'.

In a nutshell:
A protagonist which is able to dodge EVERYTHING just in the nick of time. This happens about 20 times a minute - seriously, count it.

Minor characters which get introduced every so often, and while you think 'has that character been introduced yet?', they get killed for, I presume, dramatic effect.

A big Russian guy. With a big Russian accent. And yeah, they DO point it out on numerous occasions.

A guy you sort of want to, and expect to die within the first 10 minutes of him being introduced, but afterwards, they build his character to be a likeable guy - but then he dies anyway.

Oh yeah, an Indian guy warned everyone, but obviously, the Americans save the day - because, they're 'American'. Regardless of how the summit of world leaders was organised, the American president kicks down the door and is like 'Woah, Woah, hold up bitches, we're America, and we got this." - They didn't.


Sidenote, is anyone else's dashboards not updating as frequently as they should be? I have to manually check because it doesn't update for about 5 days.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Foxmas was cancelled.

Foxmas, aptly named (Fox + Xmas = Foxmas), was going to be a Christmas orientated gathering of fur-suiters somewhere in America.

The event was called off when the hotel they arranged the meet to be at discovered that it wasn't going to be a 'mascot convention' as they had told them, but rather, a 'gay grind fest'.


Friday, November 20, 2009

End of the World.

I was going to spontaneously write up, yet again another downward outlook about society.

I don't' know what to write.

I've said it all before, but a race 6 billion weak, where the unobtainable instantly becomes the desirable - kids wanting to be adults, unknowing that as children, they still have the ability to be ignorant of the worlds faults;
An age in which TEN year olds are talking about sex and 'dating'. Destroyed within their own loss of time, they lose touch of what they could/should be, and seem only to reach for trying to be someone else that they're not, trying to excel in things which their 'idols' convey to them on the likes of television, movies, novels even.

And the fallacy of 'everyone being unique' in a world where aspects like fashion and culture are governed by people who, 'supposedly' know exactly what they're talking about, leading a pack of blind followers into the morrows of a race of simple clones;
A blind cult where a persons opinion can so easily influence the masses at a whim. The masses which reach and reach for what they can, and when they are presented with the weakest of things, they grab hold and never let go. Falsely hoping that their object of choice is that of being accepted into a conformist society of weak minded individuals without individuality.

The LIES everyone lives by to just to get by. The fact that the mortality of humans catches onto them, and as opposed to facing the facts, they all turn away and cast their eyes upon their own shadow, wandering in aimless wander until the day they die;
A world where the truth tellers become the shunned - bearers of true light become alienated because their light will burn holes in the layers and layers of lies, built up over time to the extent where people are scared of the world, where the truth of dying because less of a priority than becoming of less being.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I think it would be badass to have a guitar like instrument with turntables - albeit, it would be insanely impractical to play.

I'll finish this later.



I finished Borderlands.

Do you want to know what the final boss was?
I know you do, so here is my description in the best of my articulate English ability:

It's a giant tentacle monster with a cunt for a face, like so.

I should've taken a screen, but I was expecting it to morph into its 'true form' since it seemed a tad, 'not-epic-final-boss-ish'.

Friday, November 13, 2009



We just hit 6k views

you know just saying.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two and a Half Men in a nutshell.

-Enter Alan-
Alan: Hey Charlie, Mom is calling, should I pick up?
Charlie: No, let it go to voicemail. Mom is a total bitch.
Alan: Wow, that wasn't even a joke. Will people laugh at that?
Charlie: It's ok. We'll just play an exaggerated laugh track and it'll work.
Alan: That's your solution to everything.
Charlie: And it works.
Alan: Don't you love how every sentence we say ends as a punch line?
Charlie: Yeah, but I think what really makes this show is that every scene ends and transitions with the same musical motif from our theme song.
Alan: Doesn't that just come off as tacky and poorly thought out?
Charlie: Maybe, but we've been doing it for 5 years now and for some reason people are still watching this show.
-Enter Jake-
Jake: AND I'M FAT.
Alan: I should really have just gotten a vasectomy.
Charlie: Isn't it ironic that your son is as much of a loser as you?
Alan: I don't see how that's ironic. It actually makes sense.
Charlie: Hey, did I mention yet that our mother is a bitch?
Alan: You did. Twice already. You used that joke in the last episode too.
Charlie: It's called a reoccurring theme.
-Enter Berta-
Berta: [Insert over-the-line joke about Alan being a bitch]
Alan: [Humorous banter]
Berta: [Insert over-the-line joke about Charlie womanizing a dim-witted bimbo]
Charlie: Berta, what the fuck? Every episode, all you do is come in here and bitch, if not about how much of a loser Alan is, then to call me a whore, and I'm supposed to sit here and honor your sassy bullshit with playful banter like everytime I see you I don't want to dickslap you in the face. What's your problem? Don't you own a dildo or something?
Berta: [Insert sassy retort]
(There is a knock at the door; it's Alan's ex-wife)
Judith: I'm here to pick up our son.
Alan: It's good to see you.
Judith: I still don't love you.
Alan: It was worth a shot.
Judith: You're worthless.
Alan: Wow, is there a single woman on this show who isn't a condescending bitch?
Berta: [More deprecating insults]
Alan: I guess not. By the way Judith, something needs to be done about Jake. I'm pretty sure he has diabetes, and there is a good chance he is semi-retarded.
Judith: I'm sure it's your fault. By the way, I used your alimony money to buy breast implants.
Alan: Wait, so I basically paid for breast implants for a woman who I can no longer sleep with?
(Alan stares at Judith in disbelief)
Charlie: Now that's irony!!
(The crowd erupts with laughter, until winding down gradually to an awkward silence. The only sounds that can be heard are the shifting of people in their seats, as the actors all look at each other with quizzical looks, trying to piece together what is happening. Finally, after this prolonged delay settles, the silence is broken)
Cue Theme Song.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


50s had good fashion, I'd have to say.

I don't know why the sky is blue
I don't know why I write these tunes
But with a vibe like this
I'mma climb these cliffs
So I’ll be there for you

Monday, November 9, 2009


Misc. Coke Can with cloth on Top.
(HSC colouring practice)

I was naming this file and subconsciously typed 'cock' instead of 'coke'.

On the topic of dicks, I just can't understand how the entier 'anti-anti-gay' fiasco could possibly hold grace in the terms of Freedom of speech and the fact that only close minded people get offended -

"Hey, let's completely disregard the historical panning out of things, and try to instantaneously remove the commonly used derogatory phrased word 'gay', seeing as how the only way to remove the implications of such a phenomena would be to build a time machine and prevent the word 'gay' ever being related to homosexuals - and thus inevitablty result in another word in the dictionary being used to condescending of respect towards homosexuals - BUT FEAR NOT, obviously, with the reigns of time machine at hand, I will go back in time multiple times until the words to the stretch of the imagination have been lost, and everyone will revert to using the word 'homo' ... OH WAIT."

In short, and non-fabricated mishaps -
You can't change what is. The fact that there was and most probably always will be some sort of distain against homosexuals (as long as religion exist - and by god, that will be around for a LONG time) has pertained the word 'gay' to 'homosexuals' - and the fact that people hated/hate homosexuals, obviously, the term would be derived into a being of its own of which can be broadened to the point of extensively using it as a plain insult.

Oh yeah, your posters are piss poor, I mean c'mon, when I saw the one where the word 'gay' was replaced with things like nationalities and races, I thought you were just insulting everyone - Hell, it doesn't even make sense:
For the most part, pretty much everything that was listed does get made fun of. Christians are douches, teachers are ... teachers, and every race has been enslaved or enslavers at one point (thus racism).

Game set and match, because this, if you don't know, is how the world works:
Hate = Conflict.
Conflict = Action.
Action = Progress.
Progress = A better society.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Big, hard and tasty.

I was deep-throating an icy pole thing - because, that's what you do.

But avast, my bottom lip became stuck to the the ice, and being the smart person I am, I decided to pull it out as fast as I can - naturally.

I didn't notice that I had ripped skin off my lip until I finished the icy pole because whilst eating it, it was keeping it numb.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey kids.

Remember the time when the skirts on dolls actually went past their knees?

Neither do I, but it had just begun as our generation came to.

This society is in ruins.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hoodies - Update.

HSC - Update.

So I actually measured out the frames and the largest is a sound 9000 x 9000 px file, which at first I thought would be above 15k. So, yeah.

Concept for main image, redone:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good shit.

One of the very few albums where I actually like every song on it.


I was thinking, as you do, and I knew I hated someone but I didn't remember why until about 2 seconds ago:

"Hey, I'm going to talk to you for about 2 seconds, hear one word you say and ask you LOOSELY and most probably UNRELATED TO ANYTHING based on that one word or phrase, a question - and while you're either actually answering my stupid stupid question, or questioning the purpose of my stupid stupid question, I'm going phase out - if you don't mind, I know you don't - and think about other things, like, say, how good it would feel to shove an ear of corn up my cunt, and a zucchini up my arse, AT THE SAME TIME.

Then, when I stop leaking from my pussy, I'll turn to you, and completely forget that I was talking to YOU TO BEGIN WITH. FUCK."