Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mr. Literal.

I was tempted to comment "Have you tried dying?", but I think people might have taken that the wrong way.

So I posted it here because I'm a giant pussy.

Yeah You Better Start Runnin'.

Drawn out of frustration.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gimme Som' O' Dat Hip Hop.

Upcoming Movies.

Got the list from here and got rid of the excess. Bolded and shit everything that seemed interesting.
Click for the full list.


Bioshock (2010)
Devil May Cry (2010)
Earthworm Jim (2010)
EverQuest (2010)
Gears of War (2010)
God of War (2010)
Goosebumps (2010)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (2010)
High School Musical 4: East Meets West (2010) NO.
Kung Fu Hustle 2 (2010)
Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury (2010) Really?
Lost Planet (2010)
Mortal Kombat (2010)
Onimusha (2010)
Predators (2010)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
Shrek Forever After (2010) Again.
Tekken (2010)
The A-Team (2010) No Mr. T though.
The Expendables (2010) This is the one that Saarthak and Aurnob keep talking about. It has Jason Statham, Arnie, Sly Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li + MORE.
The Karate Kid (2010) The kids black. Just putting that out there.
The King of Fighters (2010)
The Last Airbender (2010)

The Legend of Spyro (2010) ...
The Mummy 4: Rise of the Aztec (2010)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) NO.
Toy Story 3 (2010)
Tron Legacy (2010)
X-Men: First Class (2010)
Yogi Bear (2010)


Army of Two (2011)
Brothers in Arms (2011)
Castlevania (2011)
Conan (2011) 
Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010)
Dead Space (2011)
Deadpool (2011)

Deathlok (2011)
Dragonball 2: Reborn (2011) NO.
Gambit (2011)
Get Smart 2 (2011)
Ghost Rider 2 (2011)
Ghostbusters III (2011)
Godzilla 3-D (2011)
Green Lantern (2011)
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2011)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II (2011)
Infamous (2011)
Jumper 2 (2011)
Justice League: Mortal (2011)
Marvin the Martian (2011)
Men in Black 3 (2011)
Moby Dick (2011)
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
Puss in Boots (2011) Spinoff.
Rambo V: The Savage Hunt (2011)
Ripley's Believe It or Not! (2011)
RoboCop (2011)
Silent Hill 2 (2011)
Sin City 2 (2011)
Spawn 2 (2011)

Teen Titans (2011)
Terminator 5 (2011)
The First Avenger: Captain America (2011)
The Flash (2011)
The Smurfs (2011)
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2011) NO.
Thor (2011)
Transformers 3 (2011)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2011)
Untitled Alien Prequel (2011)
Untitled Batman Project (2011)
Untitled Sherlock Holmes Project (2011)
Untitled Superman Project (2011)

Warcraft (2011)
Winnie the Pooh (2011)
Wonder Woman (2011)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 (2011)
Xerxes (2011) 300 spinoff.


Anchorman 2 (2012)
Ant-Man (2012) I still don't get this superhero.
Doctor Strange (2012)
Halo (2012)
Indiana Jones 5 (2012)
Iron Man 3 (2012)
Lethal Weapon 5 (2012)
Mass Effect (2012)
Metal Gear Solid (2012)
Monsters Inc. 2 (2012)
Shadow of the Colossus (2012)
Silver Surfer (2012)
Sin City 3 (2012)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
The Avengers (2012)

The Sims (2012)
Untitled Chronicles of Riddick Sequel (2012)
Untitled Spider-Man Reboot (2012)
Untitled Star Trek Sequel (2012)
Venom (2012)
X-Men Origins: Magneto (2012)


Aquaman (2013)
Bizarro Superman (2013)
Fantastic Four (2013)
Spider-Man 6 (2013)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pray For Rain.

I used to believe in the 'traditional' [and by that I mean, the overly cliché societal PERCEPTION of] Karma. But the mountains fell and the seas drowned... And I was left with the mere sand they left behind.

I wouldn't say there was that 'infinite' amount that the traditional way has claimed - that "when you do and act of good, you will get good returned", and this will loop as long as you do good deeds. My view of it is, that there is a definite finite of karma.

As opposed to getting good received BECAUSE you did something good, you will receive good AT RANDOM. The main point here being, that because there's a finite amount of karma, if you're having a good day, then someone else would be having a bad day.

At least through this logic, I have some sort of lie to tell to myself when I have a shitty day; That someone else is having the time of their life because quite frankly, I'm pretty sure that if this karma thing is right, then I'm doing A LOT of people favours here.

Hate On My Arms.

Hey kiddies, as if this blog isn't controversial enough, what with its insatiable lack of penises flopping about like near-stale-fish.

I'm gonna keep this short, because I could go on FO'EVER on this topic.

Hate equals productivity. Hate gets shit done. Hate is what gets you by.
Hate is always there, you fall back on it like a comforting pillow of rejoice. It lets you be consumed in a burning rage, seething only thoughts to aspire to something new, something better than what you were to have been defeated the first time round. Hate allows you to reconstruct yourself off the basis of your mistakes and thus, Hate makes you better.

I'm not going to say one emotion is better than another, but I preach the word in defence of itself; Those mislead to believe hate to be of something of lacking, that hate is something to be untouched, unturned, left in its own self-destructive wake - are fools within themselves. A person who believes that all of life's problems can be solved with a single emotion, the one they call 'Love', are so very mistaken.

To the same extent, "What is a carpenter that only utilises 1 tool when he clearly has hammers?".

All these beings who claim to be "spiritual" and "in close tact with a world of peace", I can only say to them that they are living in a world of lies derived from the 'wants' of humans, rather than the 'needs'. That, if people wanted simply peace in the world without hate, then their world will only exist in fantasy. A world without hate would only result in an obscure, derelict planet of nothing but mindless slaves who've forgotten their purpose in hopes for a what doesn't exist in reality.


I had this idea before, but some guy on the NGBBS reminded me about this.

Remember that time I said I hated walls because they're stupid. Well tables and chairs are stupid. They're like floors, BUT HIGHER. Sure they're legitimately practical, but how many chairs and tables do you need? - Do you really need to put everything you own onto an elevated surface in case of flood waters?

My mind's pretty fucked up right now, so bear with me.

Do beds really need to be elevated? I'm sure at one time, people were all like "Fuck, I don't want like, fucking elephant tigers to be eating me when I'm dreaming about flying penises - The solution obviously would be to adjust our incremented levels from sea levels as to impose some sort of elevated stature above these foul beast; Those bitches' be all like 'Damn, I don't want to mess with a guy who's sleeping and entire METRE above the ground! It's like he's levitating or some shit!' ".
Or maybe they thought "Why is it that we've invented such magical things such as unicorns, religion and the cowgirl position but not a system to negate the in between time of getting into and out of BED!? - Why, let us construct an elevated surface so that we only have to go HALF THE DISTANCE!"

I disregard the 'practicalness' of tables when furniture cost thousands of dollars. TO THIS, WHY? They are literally pieces of wood and plastic designed to make your life 'easier' - you don't actually NEED furniture, just get some planks of wood and some milk crates and you're fucking set to fucking go.
I'm probably going to do this if I get some sort of healthy enough income, as to have something to fall back on if my anti-materialistic views become askew.


Remember when we were talking what animals we would be, I'd have to go with Crows or Aussie Magpies [which are basically crows with a paint job]. Cliché, yeah, but I can't think of anything else.

Virus news:
I've pretty much confirmed that the virus is on my iPod.
So fuck that, going to just leave it.
All it does is disable my MPC.

Red Sky.

Fun fact:
It was supposed to read "Red... Like some Velvet Sky." But that's also the the name of some TNA wrestler. Psh, TNA.

Time Bubbles.

The same person who made Winter Bells.

Ah, Fresh Meat!

I went to one of those authentic Italian butcher shops - you know, the ones where they hang meat pretty much everywhere. Anyway, as my mum was paying for shit, 30 or so tourist came waltzing in to see the fascination that is, a local butcher shop.

[I think they were Australian but] Why in the fuck would you go out of your way to go on a tour bus to see a butchery? Unless they were posh ignorant bastards that don't know where meat comes from, WHY?

Keyboard Warrior.

Natalie called Buxton a "Keyboard Warrior".

Folded And Yellowed.

The Ghost of You.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

But I'm Not A Leprechaun.

Discussion with Norris
- Permission to use the crest anywhere. - I think that he thought we were talking about jerseys and not hoodies.
- He told us the ways around, ie; we have to talk to the Jersey committee - of whom the P&C will whole heartedly listen to. - He took a period and a bit to explain how incredibly bad of an idea it is to get 2 separate leavers apparel.
- He totally digs the idea. -"No Hoodies".

Apparently he's like the boss you thought was the main bad guy, but then when you thought you killed him, it turns out that some other, more eviler force was controlling him the whole time and then he transforms into some super mega boss form - And that always fucking sucks.

I'm checking all the worst case scenarios as of right now - I've emailed the business again to ask for the comparative price differences if we ordered the minimum of 25 or 50 or 75 if we magically get that many people.

On a side note, I didn't want to sound repetitive so I also asked him for the cost of printing Pro Patria and Shove It shirts for Country Fair if we decide to go along with that.

I'll update on prices when I get them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The wings looked good on virtual paper, but they seem to clutter the entire design despite their border like essence bringing out the '10'.

I reworked Classical Retro and remade in a more Intimidation type proportion, thus resulting in New Age Retro - Of which, I'm leaning towards in preference.

Additional content:
On the topic of classical music, I don't listen to it, but the modernised versions on the other hand, are always good. And because I'm such a whore, I'm going to [again] advertise the awesomeness, that is E.S. Posthumus:

This is pretty much what I listen to when I draw.
Because it makes everything awesome.

Cord Cry.

I keep making cross breeds.
Banner thing is a bit messed up in this image, I'll fix it later if this is more favored than the original wings one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Armoured Butterfly.


Different from what I sort of didn't really have in my head.
Background was supposed to a moonlit ocean horizon - potentially with other armoured butterflies and missiles whizzing about. But that would've taken even longer.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Classical Retro.

Basically the old one with a less "scary" cow.
Yes? No? Yes? No? Yes? No?
(Compare it the main one [the original this])

Also, just got E.S. Posthumus's album, Makara.
Thank god they reverted to their Pompeii, Tikal roots - like, severe epic orchestral shit basically. The stuff you hear in movie epics.


Mystery and Intrigue.

Here is the most interesting thing I can think of that I did on the weekend.

I reformatted. And because I decided to be adventurous [this is as adventurous as I get], I downloaded Opera instead of Firefox because apparently it's better.

In short: the only good thing about it is that it has a Turbo mode which compresses pages to make them load faster. I uninstalled it 7 minutes later because the bookmarks drop down panel had its sponsors. Like, you couldn't even remove them from the main drop down - so as opposed to actually having your bookmarks ON THE ACTUAL BOOKMARK DROP DOWN PANEL, they in Bookmarks > Bookmarks.

Your designers sure are smart people, Opera.

Additionally I also ate 2 chicken sandwiches and also half a chicken, washing it down with 2 month old LA Ice, and an actual can of coke.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Sentai.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Here We Learn About The Land.

Alternatively I could get rid of the cow, but it'd look a bit empty, like so:

Yes? No? Yes? No? Yes? No?

And Sing With All Your Heart.

So yeah, I pretty much combined the elements of everything.

+ Made the animals more subtle:
- Silhouetted the side animals,
- Redid the cow so it's not so direct,
+ Shrunk the banner size.

I think that's pretty solid.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Come Gather 'Round.

Apparently the design on the hoodie page is too 'intimidating' or 'unapproachable' as said by some. Also " I wouldn't wear a hoodie with farm animals on it around Cab ".

Thursday, February 18, 2010

4th Century Hoodies.

I fixed up a page specifically for the hoodies,
for ever we attempt to make them again.


So Damn Hot.

I thought this mash up was pretty epic.

400th post up next.
Here's a wip.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Bomb jokes

I've told Quocass this already and he's probably going to be the only guy that is going to read this.

Whilst on the train heading to padstow station, these junior east hills boys high kids sat next to me since chris leung and chuck weren't there for some reason. So anyways, they were exhanging 'yo mama' jokes. And their best jokes were literally:

Yo mama so old she appears in my history textbook

Yo mama is so dumb she went to Dr Phil for treatment for her best cancer.

...and we thought HAHS humour was shit.



Accidentally reset my watch. And incase you don't think that's of any significance, TIME IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE THING I VALUE MOST, ASIDE FROM DICKS AND PENISES.

I actually reset it by leaning on it despite you having to press all 4 buttons on all 4 sides at the same time for it do so, which I thought was some sort of literal cosmic dick in the face. Then I was like "What the fuck is the time?", so I grabbed my old watch and it read 3:17, and I was like "Aight, Cool".

Side note, I drew "Dad" from "Dad n Me" from Newgrounds for that art contest I entered before with "Defending the flag".

Mega Dick.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Butterfly Flutter By.

Taking flight
in the night
with my armoured butterflies.
Bliss N Eso - Mad Tight.

I thought the concept of armour plated butterflies was interesting. I was going to do a literal butterfly, but the anatomy, I then realised, was really really bland, so I changed it to a human.

I'm trying my best to make this look less like some sort of fairy.

>>> There's a new page called 'Penis' on the side >>>



Monday, February 15, 2010


Yo peeps, any one else see Daria getting bitchy over the student organised formal?
I thought it was fucking hilarious, so much so, I laughed out loud.

I think it's funny that people actually WANT attention from helping people.
It fundamentally goes into 'doing it for the fame', but in reality, you end up getting people that act upon their desire to fulfill fabricated wants of others - they think they know what the helpees want, but they really really don't.

That's why you get masked superheroes, they know their shit.

Fuck being thanked, acknowledgement of self is the least of your worries.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kick It Complex.

Quite possibly the most complicated mother fuckers I've ever attempted. And it's not even near finished.

Then when I'm half way through drawing it the funny just disappears.

Format Floormat.

At some point of another I wanted to blog using comic type deals to convey my message more easily. I got bored so I tried it.

I like to think my life is pretty awesome because I don't confuddle myself with problems regarding ... well, not myself, hence, why would I need to know them? Even then, most problems in modern society can be avoided by not giving a shit because really, nothing really matters. If you wanted to get all philosoraptor about it, then my scenario would be:
"Someone goes into a room and shoots everybody within it."
Does this matter?
My answer is 'no'.
At the point where you get the same answer as me, then you'll understand what I think.

I thought of this while standing for 2 hours straight waiting to get photos over and done with at lunar new years at my grandpanrents.
It was funnier in my head.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In My City.

You know what I realised? We wouldn't need to print 2 x 2 colour images, I could just get rid of the black and have it transparent so the parts that were black would just be navy from the actual hoodie material - I'm pretty sure this could get it down to near 30-40$.

Lunar New Year.
Reluctantly went to grandparents house to take photos. Told me mum to bring me back home after that was done because the rest of it was unecessary. Yep.
My mum told me that it's going to be a shit year for monkey (zodiac) because it's a tiger year. Good luck with HSC bitches. She told me to pray in front of a shrine/buddhist thing, so I got on my knees and thought, verbatim:
"Wait, how do you pray?, ... Uh yeah, bro, you've been pretty much a giant dick to be for the last couple of years - I don't really give a shit if you do or don't do anything. Yeah. Ok, what do I do now? *pause for 10 seconds*".
So I didn't ask for anything, I just acted all passive aggressive.


Did I mention this program is literally orgasmic. Like, if I could, I'd stick my dick in it. I'll probably actually buy it, because the programs so obscure that I can't find a key for it, and it's just too good. 30 day trial is dwindling down, I'll see if the clock rewind works though - it's like time travelling on a virtual scale.

Though of the day.
A secret turns into a fantasy when kept by one.


Money money money money money money, money is the root of all evil.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I downed another art program, SAI. Some crazy 2mb Jap program that cost $60.

Warmth Of A Thousand Suns.
I recoloured Thorn using SAI, and it was fucking smooth.

I also did this.

I actually drew the eyes first and was going to put them on some novelty inanimate object like a can of tuna or an eraser, but then yeah, shit happens.

On a side note I'm going to attempt to stop saying faggot - instead I'll probably just use the word bitches, but Bob always uses that word and I'll feel all unoriginal.

Pokemon UnoriginalWhite.

Generation 5.

Mediocre, I choose you.

That other Avatar Movie.

This doesn't actually look THAT bad.
Just that Aang is still fat. I think the only reason they chose him was because he was like some crazy triple black belt or some shit - which totally matters when you have movie magic on your side.

If you've watched some of cartoon, you'd recognise some of the scenes, so I'm guessing he might pull a Zack Snyder on us or some shit.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Come Out and Play.

Hey Anon, lets play a game.


Using this post, I'm going to guess who you are, then present you with a question you will have to answer if I'm wrong in my guess - This ain't gonna be no pussy shit "Guess Who?", no, I'm gonna be all like Sherlock Holmes on this shit and ask you the most obscurest questions ever.

But what will you get out of this?
Just to make it even, every time I guess wrongly, you get to ask me ANYTHING you want and I will answer 100% truthfully.

1. I guess a name, and give you an incredibly obscure question.
2. You answer whether I was right or wrong -
2.1. If you answer 'No', you answer my obscure question and present me with a question I will answer truthfully.
2.2. If 'Yes', then game over.

Both of us have to answer truthfully.

I'm going to guess people in current Year 12, so you potentially have the chance to ask me 100+ questions - maybe because you're NOT EVEN ONE OF US.


FIRST GUESS (Potentially novelty guess):

What colour is your shirt?

The End Is Here.

Here Comes Death.


Hey remember that time when I was full fucked up in the head because for some reason or other everything seeems to idle at the same time and then bombard me at the same time as it seems there is some sort of cosmic disposition against me - or at least, that's what I've come to conclude - and because of that I ended up only being able to draw dark shit because it's so fucking theropuedically awesome?
You don't because I didn't put my images up at that time.

There was also that time when I came back to it because other cosmic forces decided to bend me over and shove a fire hydrant up my arse.
But that didn't work out because I AM A FAILURE EVEN AT FAILING.

Well currently everything is fucked up to the point I may or may not think that there is a giant black penis lodged in the cracks of my brain that is being eaten by even bigger rats who also have their dicks lodged in my brain.

All in all, guess whos' back mother fuckers.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Tennor.

I was at cab station and I saw a girl with a '10 hoodie.
I told buxton to go ask her what school she was from, but she was having sex with some guy.
Then I thought of taking a picture of her and showing Mulligan that it does not look gangster at all - but that would be stalker-ish and I didn't want to get bashed by that guy she was having sex with.

Just so you know.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I'd like to think I'm a good person, but the execution of 'kind deeds' on my part always falls short of even 'fair', and leaves itself only in the abyss of 'detrimental', laying perceptions to be wrought upon others as to my being, being of ill-will.

There are people, that are the opposite, and I assure myself, I would rather be unfortunate and good willed, than fortunate and ill-willed. There are people who are perceived and claim themselves as saviours within this world, yet the vile and disgusting interludes their brain concocts will seed their actions into the sins of greed and envy. Selfish.

I'd like to think of myself of selfless, but psychologist and philosophers of these times believe selflessness is a state of either depression or non-existence - that, the world is too cruel to even have people that don't care for themselves, but only others - and in that regard, that caring not for ones self is fundamentally 'wrong', that caring for others, and not yourself is 'WRONG AND UNCALLED FOR'.

It is all the same to me - my heart is filled with nothing, but dust, and sand.
- Death, Hellboy 2

Antistar - Massive Attack

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The 10 Halls of Hell.


So my mum gave me a movie about a Chinese guy who painted a series of artworks depicting the Buddhist beliefs of hell. So yes, it's basically a Buddhist propaganda film. And because it's a sin not to spread to word of religion (Yeah, what the fuck kind of sin is that) I'm put this entire movie into a nutshell for you lot:

Sexual Indulgence, Pornographic distribution, Adultery (Lust in general):

You get tied to a burning pillar and die from burns, "Hell of burning Pillars". When you die you get resurrected (in the terms of being alive in hell) and you get tied to it again. And again. And again. And again. Repeat until golden brown.

Slaughtering animals, Cheating people (specifically, the elderly):

You will get thrown into a pool of blood. I think it's your own, but they never clarify it - it's supposed to be ironic of you killing animals and them dying in a puddle of their own blood.

Eat animals intestines, Sinful behaviour when drunk, Betray parents, Bring harm to family/friends, Commit Adultery, use harsh language:

You will literally be thrown into a shit hole, "Hell of Urine and Faeces". On top of that, there are also worms that eat you, and burning copper balls in this hell. When this is over, you end up getting reincarnated into 'the lowest class of society'. And you thought blood bath was bad.

Pounding meat into paste, cheating the elderly/women/children:

"Hell of Pounding". Nothing fancy, I just thought it was a bit graphic in a funny way, so I wanted to include it.

Eating Tendons?, Drug trafficking, Coerce others into committing crime, 'Entertain lewd thoughts after seeing attractive people', Have sex a lot, Encourage others to have affairs:

You will have your tendons pulled out with this fancy contraption, "The hell of Tendon Taking". Then the tendons will be used to make ropes and tethers for carts which you will pull while the hell wardens will whip you endlessly. I'd think it'd be pretty hard to move without tendons, but I'm sure that's why they did it in the first place.

Harm places of sacred teaching, defame saints or sages, deceive others with fake products, deceive ignorant or uneducated women:

"Hell of Blade Mountain". You will be thrown onto a mountain covered with blades. That's some epic scenery.

Those not content with eating gourmet food, set up animal traps, eating animals, pregnant women who have abortions:

"The hell of Tiger Biting". Yes, if you abort your babies, you will spend a long, long time being eaten by tigers.

Those who like frying animals to eat, set fires in mountains, cooking living creatures on a fire, use explosives or fire on natural land (killing numerous animals):

"The hell of boiling oil". Pretty self explanitory really. This is a Chinese classic - fundamentally the basic Chinese interpretation of hell without the Buddhist interjection.

Those who cheat, steal money, disblieve the darma, have wrong views, dishonest people who confuse the public:

"Hell of Hacking". You will get a lumber saw through your dick. That's pretty much it.

Those who treat parents and teachers arrogantly, show others to do things illegally, impose hardships on other living creatures:

"Hell of Brain Removal". I thought this was pretty awesome.

Hawaiian shirt demon - just to let you know at least someone is having fun in hell.

Fundamentally, all of these things literally last hundreds, to thousands to "infinite years" depending on how much of an arsehole you were, and when you've finally endured your thousands - "infinite years of hell" thus expelling your self from bad karma, they'll give you a sip from the "soup of forgetfulness", eradicating your memory, and ready you for reincarnation. If you're lucky, you get to be human again, but apparently, that's rare as shit, and more than likely, you'll be turned into a lowly frog or a stupid looking fish... which doesn't technically make sense if you account all the creatures in the world and their ratio with human life.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Every Thorn Has Its Rose.

Style I'm going to be using for HSC BOW.
Fused my fav styles together,
heavy black hatching/block shading vs classic air brushing.

Friday, February 5, 2010


made me laugh. i dont know why.

Alse Blogs #3.

First and foremost, Anon is potentially back.
I thought it was Brendan, but it wasn't.
The person I thought to be Anon was at prefect camp, so cocks.


It's like Sylar (Or Megaman, for that matter), but a Slug.

If you don't want to read the whole article, like I didn't, here's a summary:
Basically, there's a sea slug that eats algae. Normal right? - Up until the point where it steals the chloroplast from the digested algae and integrates them into itself. By doing this, the sea slug essentially steals the algae ability to gain energy through photosynthesis.

I thought that was pretty interesting. It's also shaped like a leaf.


And now on a light note, have you ever had the trouble of wanting to dip your food in sauce when you only had a squeeze bottle? Or, have you ever wanted to squeeze sauce onto your food when you've only had a dipping thing? I know I sure haven't, because if you wanted to put sauce onto your food with a dipping thing, you'd just pour it on - if you wanted to dip your food with a squeeze sachet, you'd pour the sauce onto something else to dip into.

But alas, some people are just fucking stupid, hence, this intensely innovative invention:

Yes, you can dip, AND squeeze.