Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Come Out and Play.

Hey Anon, lets play a game.


Using this post, I'm going to guess who you are, then present you with a question you will have to answer if I'm wrong in my guess - This ain't gonna be no pussy shit "Guess Who?", no, I'm gonna be all like Sherlock Holmes on this shit and ask you the most obscurest questions ever.

But what will you get out of this?
Just to make it even, every time I guess wrongly, you get to ask me ANYTHING you want and I will answer 100% truthfully.

1. I guess a name, and give you an incredibly obscure question.
2. You answer whether I was right or wrong -
2.1. If you answer 'No', you answer my obscure question and present me with a question I will answer truthfully.
2.2. If 'Yes', then game over.

Both of us have to answer truthfully.

I'm going to guess people in current Year 12, so you potentially have the chance to ask me 100+ questions - maybe because you're NOT EVEN ONE OF US.


FIRST GUESS (Potentially novelty guess):

What colour is your shirt?


Strabo said...

Where'd Anon post? And how do you find out if someone comments on your blog without trawling through the thing?

Kuoke said...

Anon posted on One Tennor and the other one before that where I thought s/he/it was you.

You have to trawl. I think there's an option for email notifications but I don't know where that is.

Anonymous said...

I have a question: Why is it that I can only ask you yes/no questions, while you can ask me categorical questions? Even it out man.

On top of playing it, I'd like to contribute to the game. I'll give you a little clue everytime you make a wrong guess, nothing specific, just the simple broad shizz.


No my name isn't Paul Pham.
I am wearing a blue shirt.

Clue: I am Asian.

Anonymous said...

Did you like today's weather?

Kuoke said...

I originally made it yes/no questions for both of us, but then I remembered that I wanted to ask you really stupid questions, so I changed my one.

I'll fix it then, ANY QUESTIONS.


Bro, it was hot as, fuck the sun.

How much % of your hdd are you using?

Anonymous said...

Oh I see, we'll just continue to ask each other really stupid questions then.

No my name isn't Anh Le.
........... what's....a... hdd?

You're trying to determine my gender aren't you.

If it's a computer term, then I don't know and I don't care and I probably won't even know how to find out the % for you anyways.

Question: Did you enjoy the swimming carnival though?

Clue: I reside and attend a school in south west Sydney.

Kuoke said...

Nah, gender is cheap. That's like answering 'Yes' to 'Are you black?' in Guess Who.

I didn't go to the Swimming Carnival, but I'm guessing you did because if you didn't you would've replied sooner.

Panties: Gstring or Boyshorts?

Anonymous said...

But knowing my gender would narrow things down for you, wouldn't it?

What if I was at school? And NOT at the swimming carnival? Or maybe I had tutor after school? I am Asian after all.

No my name isn't John Tran (we did go to the same primary school for a little bit though).

Why didn't you attend the carnival? It is the last one after all.

I'm spending my night with somebody who did.

Kuoke said...

...But it's cheap.

Boyshorts look better on girls, all that skin from a gstring leaves nothing to the imagination.

I didn't go swimming carnival beacause they're the general accumulation of everything I generally dislike: Water, Lots of people, 'something intended to be fun' by others.

Roads or Streets?

Strabo said...

I think you may have missed a hint, Quoc.

Clue: I RESIDE and attend a school in south west Sydney.

I think they're a border. But you are the questioner.

Strabo said...

Or they might just be grammatically lazy. It might have supposed to have read:

I reside - and attend a school - in south-western Sydney

Kuoke said...

S/he/it made a comment on One Tennor which proved s/he/it had apt knowledge of Cabramatta. Assuming that it was the same person.

This is what I got so far:
- Stays on the comp until late hours of the night. Recorded instances of commenting multiple times after 12am, and once even at 4am.
- Has 'righteous family morals'. Which pretty much cancels out everyone I know because we're just an agnsty bunch who hate our families.
- Has apt knowledge of Cabramatta as seen in One Tennor.
- Light-Mediocre computer knowledge, so possibly border, but definately not a gamer.
- Uses the words 'man' and 'shizz'. Possibly trying to throw me off.

Other clues:
- Asian.
- Attended Carramar Public school I think.
- Not even exploiting the Q&A system I've set up. I was actually expecting questions like "Are you gay?" because of the 100% truth rule.

I need to construct a physical mind map with a bunch of papers on it like the ones you see on FlashForward and Heroes.
Those ALWAYS seem to help.

dannwas said...

How could someone be a boarder but have also went to primary school here?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on the undergarment part.

No my name isn't Thompson Ly.
I prefer streets, as roads are often too busy and noisy. Streets seem more quiet, cosy and 'homey'.

I'd like to clear up a few things:

- I don't exactly stay on until late hours of the night, it's just that at the end of the day I settle down, and hop online on my mobile (which also allows for easy access, explaining the frequent visits online), I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!
- I live in a typical dysfunctional Asian family. We're not all lovin' and we don't have dinner together every night and talk about the highs and lows of our days.
- I reside - and attend a school - in south west Sydney. My bad, I'm quite grammactically retarded.

Dogs or cats?

I haven't any pets.

Strongly advise you go ahead with that mind map. Though you seem to be going pretty well in the game, Quoc.

Kuoke said...

I used to be a cat person, but I realised there's not really that much of a difference apart from activity levels. I'd want like, a tiger sized cat for a pet though, I'd think that'd be mad provided it didn't want to kill me. It'd be like a dog... but a cat.

You pretty much killed my line of of people with the 'no pets' clue.


GRACE ... something.
Cyberpunk or Biopunk?

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer dogs over cats. Heard that dogs are the loyal ones whilst cats are the whores.

According to the Asian supersition which goes something along the lines of 'how you spend new years day determines how you will spend the rest of the year', we'll be playing this game for the rest of the year.

My name isn't Grace, though I'd love to carry such a lovely name, but... AS IF ASIANS WOULD NAME ANY OF THEIR DAUGHTERS GRACE.

I do NOT study mathematics, economics, legal studies, chemistry, physics... Ya know, them typical Asian 'smart' subjects.

Morning or night?

Kuoke said...

I don't think you answered my incredibly obscure question...

Night because the sun's not around.

Yin or Yang?

Anonymous said...

I replied 'Wha?' to your question, implying that I have never heard of the two terms 'cyberpunk' and 'biopunk'. Care to explain?

My name isn't Tien Tran.
Both. We need both, they coexist.

Judging your answer to my previous question, I'm assuming you would rather Yang, am i correct?

Out of all the names you have guessed, I am only familiar with name John tran.

Kuoke said...

...It's complicated.

Yin is the black/night one, I think you mean.

Death by fire or death by burning cobras?

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH I did mean to say Yin.

My name isn't Steven Mai.
The less painful one.

Which is more dominant: Right brain or left brain?

I'll be attending the finals this Thursday.

Kuoke said...

The one that does stuff with creativity.

Cure Cancer or End Famine?

Anonymous said...

End famine. Cos at times, having cancer is the patient's fault e.g. lung cancer. I'm more empathetic towards those living in famine.
But in the end it's still horrible to fall victim to either of those two.

Cure cancer or end famine?


Kuoke said...

OK, GIRLS ... HUM...


I'd probably choose famine only because that would mean that there would be a shit load of food production.

Neither, both are caused by something that is impossible to eradicate.

Glue stick or blustick?

Anonymous said...

I ACTUALLY KNOW A TOMMY NGUYEN. But we're probably not referring to the same person, the Tommy I know graduated in '06. And I don't suspect him of possessing female genitalia at all haha.

No my name isn't Quyen Nguyen.
I don't know man I just walk into the newsagency and purchase the cheapest glue stick I can find because my 7y.o brother always steals it and I never see it again.

Buddhism or Christianity?

I like listening to alternative.

Kuoke said...

I'd have to say Christianity probably of the blog I posted a few prior to this (The 10 halls of hell). True Buddhism implies that if you don't want to go to hell at all, you pretty much have to be a monk from the moment you're born.
(Also, they can't eat meat, and that's like 120% of my diet. Like, I drink meat shakes and shit. Fo reals.)

The problem with Christianity is that the followers 'surrender themselves to Jesus' and to me, that just makes them all a bunch of giant fucking losers that literally lost the game.
"Rather die on my feet than live on my knees.", y'know.

If you don't know the TommyN in my grade, then... I... How did... I don't even... What?

And if you answer 'no' to that, I'm just going to say random names until I hit the vein. And by random, I mean I'm going to get the most statistically common names.


Anonymous said...


Will you be at the swimming finals tomorrow? I'll approach you and officially introduce myself. Fo reals.

And no my name isn't Mary.

Kuoke said...

Whattttt. How am I even supposed to know who you are seeing as how I don't actually know anyone outside school.
I'm not going finals night because I could spend my time doing more productive things, like kneeling fetal position in a dark corner asking myself why I'm so lonely.
Also you might be some sort of 60 year old peadophile.]

If you don't go to HAHS how did you find yourself here? Because I'm pretty sure I only told Hurlstonians about this magical place filled with rainbows, sunshine and unicorns.

Anonymous said...

OH DAMN THAT SOUNDS LIKE GREAT FUN, gotta try it out sometime. Tell me how your Thursday night goes.

I still can't get over the fact that you Hurlstonians have a swimming pool IN your school... like.. wow. Like, IN your school.

Oh trust me - 60 year old paedophiles have their ways of discovering magical places filled with rainbows, sunshine and unicorns.

My name isn't Lisa.

Kuoke said...

We also have cows and shit y'know. I thought that was pretty impressive.

I forgot to mention that I'll be crying while doing that - Yeah, that's right, I can multitask like a mother fucker.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I've heard all about the school's cow pregnancy testing methods...

DAMN GIRL that's some talented shit right there.

Nah my name isn't Julie.

I'm actually thinking of wandering around exploring the school tomorrow while I'm at it - is there anything I should check out?

Kuoke said...

@ "Damn Girl", Wait, are you implying that you think I'm a girl? Because all I'd do all day long would be play with my tits and stick miscellaneous phallus shaped objects inside myself - because I can.

Apparently, there's a magical shed where the farm hands put all the dead animals before sunrise - as to allude to the fact that no on ever notices animals dying on the farm. And as opposed to actually putting into the shed, away from view, they leave them outside to rot / get eaten by foxes and flies and shit.
It is said that this mystical place is along the cross country track where someone I knew said he saw half a sheep there once - like literally clean cut by a blade, I assume to practice basic science that larger surface areas have tendency to decompose faster.
Oh horror.

But I wouldn't go wandering aroud the farm at night because there's like snakes and foxes and shit around, like, stuff that can kill you.

LUCY. (By the way, I'm just guessing randomly here, because I honestly have no fucking idea.)

Do I directly know people that know you? (As to the reason you know about this blog.)

Anonymous said...

Ohh right... that's... that's going to hurt.

I'll avoid the farm. Looking forward to wandering around the rest of the school. I'll be there so might as well take up the chance - I'll tell you how it goes.

My name's not Lucy. I've noticed that you have been guessing innocent-sounding names like 'Mary', 'Lucy' and 'Grace'.

Yeah I do. I'll tell you allllllll about how I stumbled across your blog, when you finally correctly guess my name.

WHOA WHAT A COINCIDENCE, as I'm typing this up, I receive a sms from the one friend we have in common

Kuoke said...

...Does that mean I should be guessing typical porn star names?
I'm choosing those because they're common-ish, it's just a coincidence they're biblical/60s souding.

I'm having a difficulty with the 'one friend we have in common' because I couldn't think of anyone that would fit that catergory.

Pesimism or Optimism?

Anonymous said...

Well now we have a few more friends in common, seeing as I've met a few more Hurlstonians after today. I'm just assuming that ALL Hurlstonians are friends with you.

Dude, finals was the fucken shit!!!! You Hurlstonians sure know how to party. Or maybe it's just because half of the people there were drunk/stoned (borders). Most of them were white, cheering spirit was solid, my school carnivals will NEVER come close.
And omgomgomg the mosh pit towards the end. Please feel lucky you go to this school.

Nah that's not my name.
Optimism, cos pesimism fucks you up. And yourself?

Kuoke said...

Eh, I don't share the same flare of personality it would take to enjoy such social events.

Pesimism does NOT get you fucked up, if anything, it betters you for realistic views of the world. It also forces you unto utmost types of depression, and everybody know depression is awesome.

Water with no cup, or cup with no water?

Anonymous said...

Being optimistic yet realistic is the way to go.

My name isn't Stella.
Water with no cup. I think the water's more important. And yourself?


Kuoke said...

What are you going to do with just water? If you just recieved water instantaneously, you'd have to drink it, or otherwise it'd spill everywhere. With a cup you'd be able to many a thing, such as hold things other than water, catch insects, and choke people for water.

Your name is Anna Vo.
Game over.

Anna Vo said...

BINGO. I knew that after the carnival, you would somehow find out. How did you? I'm curious.
Good game.

Hi, my name is Anna Vo, nice to meet you Quoc Nguyen.

Kuoke said...