Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hooray 1500 views.

So our blog has finally reached 1500 views. woo.

who actually reads this anyway? i mean, we got 53 views on this page yesterday and i only refreshed it 20 or so times, where did the other 30-odd views come from?.

oh yeah and from our ads, weve made $2.26, bleh under the rules it said not to tell viewers to click the ads. and im not. bellehs.

bleh i should be doing tutor hw and shit tomorrow, but leh. not going athletics tomorrow so should be fine.

who got the hidden message in this post?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Population, 3.

Jenn said she's going to follow. Hooray.

Internet - Post Apocalypse :
It's exactly the same thing I had before. But for ten dollars more, it halves my latency.
It matters now since people who want to play Requiem: Bloodymare can actually run the game.

You'd think they were lying when they said Unwired was easy to set up.
I fucked up my Bigpond into two system restores because I somehow managed to mess up the configuration of a modem that only this internet actually uses. I was playing with the configs because I couldn't connect to Bloodymare. And in my MMO-addict-frenzy I managed to kill 3 hours before the server came back up.


Pimp my blag :
If you're an avid reader [7~15 unique hits according to our records...] you might've noticed that the site just got fatter. With the magic of C2 maths, I managed to switch some numbers, and the header as a tease. When I get the chance, I'll revamp the whole site, pimp that shit out yo', unlike those poserfaces with their template blags. SHAME ON THEE.

Demographic, Cock-less :
Someone said we have to much cock on this blag, and to that I respond...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Here comes the hate.

Right you bitch nitches, I blagged an hour ago so read that shit too. Cause, it's pretty much 50% of why I'm fucking pissed like Maria Ozawa's first step to fetish porn.

Also, follow the fuck up. I don't mean to be a complete faggot [even though I can't actually help it] but Buxton and his magical stalking skills know you read this pile of shit - stop making us look like homoeroticans.

Internet problems? Yesity yes. Apart from the fact that, I don't know, I basically live my life off the internet, having it problematic would be the equivalent of you getting raped by 10 black guys like in Maria Ozawa's first interacial gangbang.

Requiem: Bloodymare down? Down like your face when I force you to bend over.
It's not actually down. My patcher became a racist git and decided to stab my eye out with it's gigantic monster cock. The one that has spikes behind the head. Cat's have those types of dicks. I would know.

Oh Lol. I commented on one of Jenn's blog post, and the entire post just happens to disappear.
Here's a run-down :
"Topic - Guys should act like *so-so* to girls"
To which I wittily reply...
"If you're havin' girl problems I feel bad for you son -"
I was actually hoping someone would finish me off. ...with...

I also enjoy getting wasted, high, or any other state of mindlessness.
Why? Because I'm a pansy fuck that can't handle the pain. I'm a flamming cunt who has to 'mask' the pain. I'm a dickheaded git who can't handle life because I'm a fucking wanker.
Hey kids, here's a lesson for you:
Harden the fuck up pussies.

The media it's lodged up your ass like a butt-plug. What you need to do is ease it out with a thorough application of REASON. I dream of a future where we only watch the news for the weather report. (Roses and Bluejays - Buck 65)

Bigpond took so long to install (which I ended up not even doing anyway...) that I managed to wank twice in the time I was waiting. I wanked this morning too, so that makes 3 times today. The more you know.

I gained 6kg since I started doing weights at the start of the term.
I don't know whether that's because I'm a fucking sexual beast, or whether it's accounted from the amount of COCKS jammed up my ASS.

Everything is a lie. The ones before us created names for things that don't exist. Some cunt from a couple of centuries was thinking to himself as he beat himself off, "Gee, I wonder what happens after you die... Oh I know!, I'll just tie a whole bunch of dicks together, and make something called RELIGION".

Humans are only at the top of one chain, and that's the faggotry chain. Wrapped up in their nonsensical nonsense, traversing in their aimless wander, and fear of exasperation from the death and decay forced upon them by their ravaging ancestors - delinquents, like the rest of us.

Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to be normal. Then I realise it'd fucking suck.



A brown parcel appeared on the table of the Nguyen Household today. HEY LETS MAKE JOKES ABOUT THE ABUNDANCE OF SURNAMES.

Following from my previous blogs, I got Telstra Bigpond ADSL.
Because my dad is smart.

I was install the modem etc, and hit a road bump. I decide to call those bitchez up to see what's going down. My dad hung around for a while while I was hurling abuse at him. He left after taking his shit with him, and told me to 'pretend to be him'.

The first time I call, I get two females [one of which was Indian, incase you were thinking] which have dodgy connections, so we had to use fucking cop code for every letter we said - then she says she'll transfer me, and I get white noise for 2 minutes, which is when I decide to hang up.
I call again and get a guy who, I think was Indian, but was pretty good at English.

I was pretending to be my dad, when the guy says "Birthday?", to which I reply "25th of April?". I thought I was in the clear until he said ...:

"...and the year?"


"The year."



"Ok, Thanks."


"Nee qua."


"Oh, I'm just trying to say 'hello' in Vietnamese"


"If you could hold on for a minute... So, any plans for the weekend?"

"Getting my internet set up, actually..."


Turns out servers were down.

Just before I decide to hang up, the guy tries to sell me an anti-virus by scaring me with things like 'As soon as you connect to the internet, ... viruses are going to attack your vulnerable computer.'

Lol wut.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Shadows

Scientist have proven that some people are chemically composed to become miserably when lacking contact with the sun...
Senior Science :
Facts we really needed to know.

The SnrSci class [excl. me] decided that it would be in everyones best interest if we sat outside room 37 so we could be in sunlight.


...although, some people are different.

I would very much rather be sitting in the cold, dank, stainless floors of room 37 - but who am I to oppose the 'normal' people. The ones that complain about the temperature on a regular basis.

Oh! it's so cold!, Oh! it's so hot!

Humans are becoming much too reliant on intellect, despite most of the population not having any. If you can't handle such a simple aspect of living, such as temperature, then either you're a pompous fuck, living in a world of technological protection from 'the harsh and wild ways of nature', or you're just a plain fuck.
Being able to defy nature is illogical. Your fucking living on a planet, OF NATURE.
I hope that shit in The Day After Tomorrow happens in reality. The Earth would've just served shit en masse.

Peter Garret is sacrificing thousands of Australian jobs for the sake of a bird [Superb Parrot].
- Malcolm Turnbull (or some one else equally as stupid)


A race six billion weak wants to kill an entire species of bird because they won't be able to pay for their blood stained diesel powered vehicles, or their energy whore of a plasma screen television.

The human race [primarily, the western part of it] are full of under-appreciative characters, beyond repair. At a normal state of being, the population should be at an equal split of misery and happiness. For the last decade or so, the masses have been leeching and leaving dry the well of fortune.

In the past few centuries, these have been solved through a magical thing called War.

Currently, the 'economic crisis' is the universes way to tell everyone to 'back the fuck up'. Couple that with the current increase of natural disasters and deaths in the world, and you realise you have one pissed off mother fucker holding up your strings.
[ On a related note, Obama, in this state of time and space, has a very high chance of fucking everyone, and everything over, despite his 'HOPE' campaign. People who swim against the tide die the fastest. ]

People who swim against the tide die the fastest.

Now you have all these hardened up individuals and organisations, trying to make the world a better place, despite the obvious turn of events yet to come. Trying to save the dying countries is not going to help anyone.
If anything, try blowing up all the hospitals. The amount of human beings on the planet equals the amount of problems that ensue. There will be a point in time where a choice has to be made, and obviously, America will overrun the rest of the dying world, and after that, the world will ultimately go to shit.

I entirely blame the government for encouraging people to have more children. You know what? Maybe we should consider fixing the current problems of today, so the children of the future won't create more, or be born in this shithole you're making for them.

Kevin Rudd is a fucking dick. I also hate Malcolm Turnbull.

Voting should not be made compulsory. At least, when you have horrible candidates like these ones.
Rudd, an over optimistic twit who believes he can make better Australia just by believing like That Little Engine That Could. Oh, and he tries to make friends with everyone because everyone knows it's something to do with his psychologically depressing childhood.
Turnbull, ...I don't know much on this bastard, but he looks like a douche. He also hates the environment, so he can fuck the fuck off.

The shadows, they comfort me.

Who am I?

im hot but im not.
i suck dick yet im straight.
im a beast yet im not built like stephen.

who am i.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You know who i love? not hot people trying act hot, in other words thinking that everyone thinks theyre hot and the pinnacle of human evolution, coz theyre not.

this includes celebrities, people from school and randoms we see everyday.

leh. but if you are hot and act hot then thats alright. well to me anyways. this is mainly aimed at chicks. i mean, i dont really care if guys act hot that doesnt gross me out at all. its just funny.

-Deerstoff, Genvin's mad joke on the name buxton.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The last post was 50th.

On Friday Buxton said he would blog.

He's a fucking liar.


It's one of those days where I can't draw. I blame fluctuating lunar cycles, I should be back to maximum ability within a week.
I'm also quite annoyed because Bloodymare went down. I went on the forums, and apparently, this is the first time it's actually EVER gone down. What are the chances that that happens when I start playing. VERY.

And because you care, my brother starts arguing with my parents about money. It's funnier when you know he got 47.3 UAI, and doesn't even have a job.
So he's stupid, AND can't back up his shit.


Sometime last year I tried being nice. Didn't work. Everything 'nice' I said came out sarcastic sounding. Also, it's incredibly strenuous being all peppy and shit, so I revered to being a dickhead.

It doesn't take as much effort, and you honestly don't have to give a shit.

You tell it like it is, because others plague their minds with the lies of today, and the deceit of tomorrow. It's funny, people used to [and still maybe?] call me a liar, when all I do is tell them the bluntest possible truth. The only reason they call it a lie is because they don't want to part from their bubble of make-believe, filled with unicorns, candy cane roads, and eskimos.

And oh how I hate eskimos.


My dad is the type of person that would jump down a crevasse and only stop to think about his actions when he's impaled on several well placed spikes.

He decided to change the internet today. Without actually consulting the people in the house that ACTUALLY USE the internet. I tell him off and tells me that he did it because "you people" [his sons] didn't do anything.
So I call bullshit, because that's what I do, and tell him off even more because I haven't been complaining about the internet for... say, I don't know, since I was 7.

He already signed a contract with Telstra. Good fucking god. He tells me that the sales rep told him it was 'really fast', when in reality, it's actually worse then our current plan with Unwired.

Good going father. It would be the equivalent of me replacing all his karaoke mics with milk cartons.


Bloodymare has been down for 5 hours straight. I am very disappoint seeing as how those 5 hours were optimum for HARDCORE GRRRIIIINDING.


IT WAS A BAD DAY TODAY. Not to stir anything, but today, of all days.

Polarity - Neg.~500.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Content lacking.

I want to blag about something, but my nothing's happened. I haven't even downloaded porn for the last week because 2 of my main sites just happened to go down. AT THE SAME TIME.

MMA is the worst name ever. It's not martial arts.

L2p MMA.

I have nothing else to say, so I'm going to complain about something I know people that read this do to induce illogical end probabilities.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I wish it were real...

It'd probably be better than Snakes on a Plane.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barber Shop Quartet?

I heard Stephen and co. were looking for a song for Talent Quest.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

HURR..ass says:
im nothing like him says:
i dont take it from the back door

not gonna say who i was talking about
but mad call.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm a sissy blogger too.

Ok, lets try this daily recount thing. Maybe it'll make me cool and appreciated among society :

Woke up after having a dream about being on a space ships cargo hold, with a girl snuggling up against me. I'm guessing my brains subconsciously telling me to either work on my space pirate game, or go watch Star Trek. ...Or get a girlfriend. My brain must be lonely.

Realised I didn't actually need to get up because I didn't have any exams.

My mum decides to be a dickhead and knocks on my door anyway to wake me up. And yes she knew I didn't have school.

I decide to get up and take a piss. Then I thought, "Oh wait, I don't acutally need to get up. I just needed to take a piss.".

Sleeping. Tried to recreate that dream again. I'm a sad piece of shit.

Mum decides to go get a hair cut at my aunties. Decide it's a good time to wank seeing as how no ones in the house.

Still looking for something to wank over. Ychan lacks regular updates. Don't look there.

Mum comes home just as I find something decent. Decide to start the download anyway because she mentions she's going to Woolworths later.

Decide to go down for lunch and Dr. Phil. Decided to watch the Ellen Show because todays Dr. Phil consisted of whiny fucks who blame others for thier drug addiction. LEARN TO PLAY YOU FUCKING CUNTS.

Mum leaves at coincidentally the same time my download finishes. "Rachel Starr - Flexible Positions". She's one of those girls that are only hot from some angles, and completely gross from others.

Finished wanking just in the nick of time as mum comes home.

Drawing an EPIC picture including a girl in full length stockings, a winter coat, long ass sleeve drapes and lots of wind.

Still Drawing.

Still Drawing.

Dinner. Brother singing aloud to Panic at the Disco.

Still Drawing. Buxton talking to me about footy because I have some sort of knowedge in that area. Tells me that he's getting bullied by the other bloggers for being a sissy blogger. FAR OUT BUXTON.

Going to do :

Keep drawing.

Watch "The Terminal". Tom Hanks is awesome. Especially after Forest Gump.

Keep watching.

Get back on the computer and keep drawing.

Come across a suggestive ad and have an uncontrollable urge to wank again.

And that's my typical day!
Fun fun fun.


On a side note, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver? 50% of their production time was probably used on thinking of a new theme.


Why hypocrits for,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ahhhh i phails >.<...HAI x3

On tuesday after physics exam i went home. lol. i couldve gone livo but yeah >.< so anyways, i just did nothing :O after i got home i just gone on msn to talk to people like quoc, hes so cool!!!!111oneone!!1! :D :D XD XD

after doing nothing for a while i had english tutor, the guys were playing footy but i just stood there and watched it. their bodies are so ripped :P the tutor noes my namezorz cos her son has the same name as mine :O whatta bitch, oh yeah after tutor my mum and dad came late to pick me up >.> zzzzz


Far out man physics exam pissed me off but most of it was easy. so after the exam i just went home to you know, yank the mango tree. other than that i just talked to some people on msn, like quoc.

bleh then had english tutor, i actually DID play footy with fort street. but then i got dummied 2 on 1. sydney tech is good at footy. theyre not.
my english tutor is pretty cool, our old one is pregnant so i dunno if shes still sick or something but shes leb.
and yeah nothing real interesting happened.

aka both parts are shit. mainly the first one though.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I feel like I've been anal raped

Coz the chemistry and physics exam bent me over and fucked me in the ass.

'If the skies the limit, why has man reached the moon?'

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The difference

Badass, no?

The main difference is that her tits got bigger,