Saturday, May 30, 2009

Population, 3.

Jenn said she's going to follow. Hooray.

Internet - Post Apocalypse :
It's exactly the same thing I had before. But for ten dollars more, it halves my latency.
It matters now since people who want to play Requiem: Bloodymare can actually run the game.

You'd think they were lying when they said Unwired was easy to set up.
I fucked up my Bigpond into two system restores because I somehow managed to mess up the configuration of a modem that only this internet actually uses. I was playing with the configs because I couldn't connect to Bloodymare. And in my MMO-addict-frenzy I managed to kill 3 hours before the server came back up.


Pimp my blag :
If you're an avid reader [7~15 unique hits according to our records...] you might've noticed that the site just got fatter. With the magic of C2 maths, I managed to switch some numbers, and the header as a tease. When I get the chance, I'll revamp the whole site, pimp that shit out yo', unlike those poserfaces with their template blags. SHAME ON THEE.

Demographic, Cock-less :
Someone said we have to much cock on this blag, and to that I respond...