Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sparks from the Fire.

Pretty much finished the line work.
Didn't get it finished as soon as I thought.
Now I'm going to go read 10 pages of Business textbook.

Alse Blogs #2.

I was out of ice cream but had ice cream cones. It's like having balls but not a dick - I think that would be the oddest of anomalies. Anyway, I thought to myself "What would substitute ice cream?" to which I instantly though Nutella.
I left it in the freezer for about 30 minutes - not long enough, it was only semi-hard, and even if it were, it wouldn't have cancelled out the fact that a single bite almost made my tongue die from overdose.
I solved the problem by dipping in it Milo - as to better the the over-sweetness. ...
After I finished it I felt horrid, and potentially 'unhealthy' if that's a feeling. "What could I do to negate the unhealthyness of this Nutella cone?" - "Ah, I know, I'll eat a roll of bread to counter the Nutella, and a drink a cup of milk to counter the Milo."

I'm such a genius. I ended up feeling like shit the next morning; Oh I forgot to mention this was at about 2am.


If I were a game character:

Strength : 3.
I'm weak as, that's self explanatory.

Perception : 1.
I need glasses but I don't wear them because they're unconfortable, and I don't wear contacts because I saw this documentary about this guy with an eye patch who said 'because I didn't wash my contacts properly, bacteria formed on the lenses and ate my eye out'.
Alternatively, I'm bad at detecting hidden nods/winks/nudges.

Endurance : 7? or 3.
I'd like to think most people are pussies when they complain about the weather. Although, physically, I'm out in about a 100 metre run.

Charisma : -2.
I have the magical ability to draw attention away from myself.

ntelligence : 6.
Above average. And by average I mean standard street dip shits who hold no vocabulary to be desired when they overly use the same cuss word.

Agility : 8.
If this isn't high, then I don't have a main stat, and that's pretty fucked. Because Agi > Str.

Luck : -4.
My plans don't ever work. Negative 4 is simply because I actually make A LOT of plans.

(It spells 'SPECIAL'. From Fallout series, I believe, as well as others.)

Environment -
-30% stats,
Additional -30% in direct sunlight.
Team play -
When with team mates
-(10*team member)% stats,
+20% chance to accidentally attack team mates.

I'd be that retarded character your entourage picks up mid game as part of a side quest, your first thought would be "What the fuck? I side quested in the middle of a forest, was knocked out and kidnapped, awoke on a ninja island on the outskirts of the world map, mazed through a house which deliberately didn't make any sense because it's a 'ninja house', battle a bunch of annoying status ailing douche bags, and then a boss which changes weakness and is obviously too hard for my current level and used up 11 of my phoenix downs just to get THIS BITCH?".
(See Yuffie - I took some liberties in explaining how incredibly fucking annoying and worthless this side quest was.)

Then you'd sell me at the next tavern for a measly 30 gold.


I was lurking Facebook and saw a group called something like "20 things a girl should know about her guy", then was faced with another called "102 things a girl wants but wouldn't tell her guy".

Talk about quintuple standards.

Also, on the topic of Facebook, standard routine for news updates:
Morning = A bunch of girls checking their horoscopes. There's usually a guy in there, but he's also usually a giant faggot munch.
Afternoon = Time for everyone to join a bunch of groups because they have nothing else better to do.
Night = People complaining about their school work load. That's what you get for trying to be mad.


I was watching Gossip Girl on GO! because I was waiting for Fraiser. It was that episode where Serena had that secret of killing a guy this one time, and opposed to telling THAT to her boyfriend, she was all like "Nah, instead someone else huge dick went in me this one time".

I don't know whether my opinion is off set here, but I'd very much rather my girlfriend have killed a guy that have someone else's dick in her.


I watched G-Force ages ago, and thought that the black guinea pig was the main character - because the media appearances for the film have been done mainly by voice actor Tracy Morgan (of 30 Rock fame, comedian etc.), but it ended up being the brown guinea which I thought was off because he also gets a second row appearance on the DVD cover.
Potentially marketing the film by means of advertising the most famous actor in it.


Picture I'm a Dreamer.

- Heeled Gothic Gladiator Ballet Boots. Check.
- Western x Victorian dress. Check.
- Elbow length fingerless gauntlet gloves. Check.
- Sinister rose eating smile. Check.
- Sense of fashion. Missing.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Decent Exposure.

When is this election.
Abbott seems really fucking awesome right now.
I mean, come on, he looks like that Elrond guy from LotR.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dressed in Something so Fresh, so Wonderful.

I'll try to get this finished before weekends over.
Oh by the way, I think I got 100% in my art assessment.

Reality Check.

I fixed the header.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chin Up, Kid.



HSC, Lol.

Everyone seems to be using the 'hardcore' method of blocking everything 'fun' to get 104 ATAR.

I'm going opposite, because I'm guessing that stress will just kill some people being in hardcore mode. The brain isn't supposed to be able to take so much strain, especially when you self-induce it. -_-

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No negative criticisms please. I saved it as a jpeg and not bitmap so please dont hate on that.


Kids these days.

According to the recently released arrest affidavit, Caudle admitted he killed his mother because he did not want to take out the trash. He then waited in a closet for his stepfather to come home and shot him several times.
Caudle is being charged as an adult. (Hooray)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things that annoy me #1022.

"When you want to type in a small box (say, the search bar) and the mouse gets in the way of you seeing what you've typed OR the mouse triggering a yellow text box, and thus also blocking you of seeing what you've typed."

I don't understand why the mouse doesn't automatically disappear when you start typing. It's stupid. If you're typing, what are the chances that you have three arms and can use the mouse ANYWAY. FUCKS SAKE.

The Slave that will Serve the King.

Monday, January 25, 2010

oh yeah

i forgot i had a blog and am obliged to blog, not that i do anyway.

So my dad got us 5 chickens, a rooster, a hen and 3 baby chicks. He also spent about 15 hours on building a chicken coop for the chickens. that is all.

You Can't Stop The Signal.

I fixed it.
It's supposed to be comparable to a Christian cross.
I'd totally get this on a necklace if I was stylish enough.

Also, update on comic book summay.

In other news, Madison Ivy got a boob job. Hot regardless, it still takes away from the 'all natural' appeal factor...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Musical Entourage.

I'm not a music person, but this :

I was actually hoping the next development in guitars would be laser strings like a light sabre or some shit.


I present you with this symbol:

What is it?

Friday, January 22, 2010









Thursday, January 21, 2010


I want to blog because I can to want, so here's a bunch of things I could've blogged but I decided not to:

1. I brought up my mum calling me fat to which she rephrased 'fat' to 'broad shouldered' - for one, is false, two, I thought that was supposed to be a good thing.

2. Anyone see that infomercial with the teeth-whiterner? The people giving the testimonies are generally stupid looking - like, you can tell they're probably suffering some sort of IQ deficiency just by looking at them - but the LAST WOMAN, my god, her eyes are like blank voids of the beyond; I wouldn't be surprised if she was some sort of havoc causing android designed to destroy all life forms, but went horribly wrong and was reprogrammed to give the worst informerical testimonials ever.

3. My brother ordered, or rather, my mother ordered Proactive for my brother - because when you don't have wits, go with looks. I walked into the bathroom and saw 5 bottles of Proactive substances which you're supposed to put on your face in consecutive order which I think it's just too much effort to get a blemish free face. Fuck THAT.
Also, the company that made it is called Rodan & Fields, which at first I thought was from LotR, but that's RoHAN - RoDAN is that dragon thing from Godzilla.

4. I finished that NG ad. I went with 2 because ... . The guy hosting the contest said "the legs look awkward - but that's just my 2 cents". When you're the host and judge of a contest, your 2 cents are fundamentally the entire intergalactic economy.

5. Japanese porn, you've disappointed me for the last time. AGAIN. From looking around for about 2 hours yesterday, I've concluded that all the girls in Japan are the same as those novelty 3D collectables you get from chip packets - they look different from every angle. JUST, WHY.
Sidenote: The Japanese government is becoming more lenient on porn censorship. I assume it'll be completely abolished by the time K.Rudd introduces the internet filter. ...OH WAIT. FUUUUCK.

Not that it matters because no one in Japan shaves. This also goes for all those slightly obese hairy men that get to fuck Jap models - god damn fuckers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flag Held High.

Which one looks better in terms of the placing of the text.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All The Right Weaponary.

The best part of this picture is that I drew the lines for the flag-pole free hand. I feel like I accomplished something today.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Guns A' Blazing.

Because replacing 'America' with anything else would just ruin this line. WIP for art contest - the same one that I lost and still got a free comic book out of it. He's doing the same thing, so another free comic book for simply entering.

As for hsc work, I usually just open the file and stare at it for about 5 minutes before going down for a lunch break ... every 5 minutes.
12/16 pages drafted apparently - but still needs epic walls of text to make it look intellectual and written by a disturbed nihilist.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Graphite Novel.

I was looking around for digital printing sites [because I'm too retarded to check out local printing businesses] and remembered If I were to actually use their services, I'd be able to print [and sell/buy] my major work for $7.70 US ($8.84 AUS) a pop. Which I thought was insane. Only con was that for some reason, they have the inability to print on the inside covers, which would completly destroy the double black pages I have set [if you checked out the summary a couple of post prior].
So I'm getting a quote from some place in Korgarah - wherever the hell THAT is.


I was in the shower and I was thinking about Japanese people [what else] and thought,
"How could you possibly have the inability to pronounce the letter 'L'?",
like, it just doesn't make sense to me.

FURTHER: Would that mean if you were to raise a child in absolute silence, would he just not learn how to create noise? It would be assumed that he obviously wouldn't know how to specifically speak, but would he just be completely inept in terms of creating noise, despite it being part of human instinct?


So You Think You Can Make Unnecessarily Epic Television Advertisements.
Everyone knows that Dance and Idol is a generic fold of 'styles' fashioned to suit the 'mainstream' ideals of the masses, namely, contemporary and pop.
What we need is some fucking rappers on Idol.

At least Biggest Loser ads handed us the dignity of knowing that the actual intention behind the show is good - losing weight - yeah, it's a good thing to do. Unlike previously mentioned shows, whose purpose underlies what they say they're trying to do - gain profits as opposed to create a 'star' who usually dies off within a week or two.


This Is For You, You're The Reason I Wrote This
You're The Reason I Stand In The Rain And Get My Clothes Wet
Oh It's Just Another Taste From The Bottle
And I Hope This Feeling Stays Till Tomorrow
I Hope This Feeling Stays Till Tomorrow

Polka Dots.

You know what I fucking realised?

I should have dropped out in Year 10, as blasphemous as that sounds - "An Asian dropping out of a selective school?, NONSENSE."

I don't need a UAI/ATAR because I really don't want to go to university - It's just school, except you're actually forking out dough for this shit. The only difference being that you get get deemed a state of being certified through means of a certificate acclaimed by the Government, not that you'll actually be good at the job, but rather that you were able to pass the standards THEY set for what THEY deem to be FITTING for future purposes. The problem increases when they tell employers that this 'shiny piece of paper' means that they SHOULD suffice in the daily exercises of the industry - simply because they were able to complete a course which wasn't actually the job, but the 'recommended [by THEM] content of which they SHOULD know.

The point of going to university is to presumably attain a substantial amount of money, but I don't feel as if I need a 6 figure salary simply because I don't exactly want all this materialistic idealisms built on fallacies of societal/materialistic being. Like, why do people actually need most of the shit in their house? I've been to peoples houses when they literally have shit that's either there for 'show' or something they once used, and will never use again. In both cases, it seemed a 'spur of the moment' buy, complimenting the human condition where the common culture of all beings is that by possessing more, it will enable happiness.

I seem to lack this state of mind. Really, what WOULD you do with a millions of dollars? There's only so many things that you can do with that much wealth before everything you consume turns into a joke upon itself, deceiving you of what actually is, removing you from reality in giving you too much to handle.

TL ; DR:
FUCK SCHOOL, I don't need it. Here's to free winging Year 12.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tekken Movie Trailer.


Research concludes:
Worst line up of characters.
Characters in general are just not actually at all interesting. Most of them aren't even part of the main line. You need cunts like Lei, Feng, Wang, Ganryu, Asuka, Julia [to some bare extent] and PAUL for fucks sake. Also, Roger Jr. for shits and giggles.

Also, the initial storyline intended for this movie was supposed to be about Steve Fox, but they decided to be lazy faggots and base it off the ever present story line of A FIGHTING GAME.

Worst casting.
Half the actors don't even look like their character - with the exception of Marduk, who is being played by the wrestler he was based on. Too bad they can't do the same for Lei (Jackie Chan), Law (Bruce Lee), Raven (Wesly Snipes - Lol, tax evasion).
Jin is white (His last name is 'Foo', so I'm just plain confuzzled) and so is Kazuya. Jun (Jins mother) is Asian, which I suppose would account for his being a half cast, but not for the fact that he has the voice of a weasel. Heihachi's prominent feature is his large forehead which he uses to HEADBUTT people - but for some reason, the trailer shows him as an old bastard with more white facial hair then actual hair.


Friday, January 15, 2010

So my parents just suddenly started running to the car...

out of nowhere. When they were about to leave to which i only had been able to get off (haha) the chair to ask my sister why they were leaving. She said that there was a half price sale off shampoo at coles at the momment.

talk about trying to break down Asian stereotypes.

Materia Junkie.

So I pulled out a box [or punnet...] of ice cream, and it was flavoured 'vanilla choc-chip', which I thought was, not at all necessary, you could have called it 'choc-chip' and people would have gotten the idea that it was not chocolate choc-chip, or even mint choc-chip, but the normal choc-chip which IS vanilla choc-chip.
Also, chocolate choc-chip is fucking stupid. You might as well call it 'crunchy chocolate ice cream'.

Time tables are also fucked up - Different room for every English lesson - as if it wasn't hard enough trying to remember the course content in itself.
Also, Pitt instead of Jackson, Gipple instead of new teacher, and 3 art teachers combined with Year 11.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Resume Activity.

I just got to the point where 50% of my bookmarks are porn.
Or more specifically 'porn-to-download-when/if-you-get-the-chance'.

Time to party.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wire Tappin'.

Major artwork summary.

6, 7, 10, 11 still in work.

I was thinking, "If porn were books, I'd be fairly well read." Alas, no.

Lol, China.

It also found that dozens of other Gmail accounts owned by human rights activists worldwide were compromised, most likely due to phishing scams or malware.

Google wouldn’t say it, but implications are that the Chinese government had something to do with these attacks.

As a result of the attacks, Google has decided to reassess its presence in China.

"These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered–combined with the attempts over the past year to further limit free speech on the web–have led us to conclude that we should review the feasibility of our business operations in China. We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on, and so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all. We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down, and potentially our offices in China."

Because apparently, China wants Google filters to censor all images of the Tiananmen Square massacre - which I didn't even know existed.


^ Click for full.
Alternate Version.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I ate cereal with water because we were out of milk. It's disgusting. I didn't realise water had such a distinct taste until I had it with cereal.

Why are lawn mowers so loud. Army tanks are about as loud as a diesel car, but they actually blow up shit. All lawn mowers do is mow lawns. What.

The Spiderman movie trilogy is getting a reboot (starting from scratch) because those faggots at Sony couldn't think of anything better to do. The cast will be the same - it'll just be like "Here's the 4th instalment of the Spiderman films -- to understand this one, just completely disregard the first 3 we've presented to you, the ones that defined Spiderman films in the first place."

Monday, January 11, 2010

When it's gone away.

Kids, trust no one 'cause the fire's burning.


I was going to link to that poem that quotes the 'sound of children laughter' is the most innocent, serene thing ever - when clearly, it is quite frankly NOT. I'm adding "Kill that poet" on my to-do list of after I get a time machine... And potentially also whoever started the 'hitting your kids is bad' campaign.

I'm trying to draw something awesome, but this racquet that's plaguing channel 7 and channel 2 is quite possibly the biggest piece of faggot pie since faggotville pulled up on its leather whips and chains to tame the beast most people call 'normal'. Channel 72 has gone to shit. It's like GO! for the fact that it's rerunning archaic and "possibly popular"tv series, except for the fact that all of them are actually really really bad. Here's the line up for tonight:
Leno, Mother and Son, Heartbeat, Benny Hill Show, Not Going Out, Judge John Deed and finally Magnum P.I.

Despite not actually having seen 90% of this line up, I'm going to go ahead and say that they're all really fucking bad. I mean, the best one there might have to be Magnum P.I. for the sake of a drinking game - "take a shot every time a over the top 80's style moustache makes an appearance".
What happened to quality shit, say, Flashforward, Heroes, [something else because 3 is a good number] - OH WAIT, LETS CANCEL THOSE BECAUSE THEY WERE OUR BEST SHOWS. Even though we moved all out 'quality' viewing to our secondary channel, it entitles us to assume that the public doesn't want to see it, possibly because we have the tendency to put our best shows at the worst times:

30 Rock:
Used to be on at about 11:30 on a Thursday. Then it won an award somewhere. Up until this point, NO ONE ACTUALLY KNEW THIS SHOW EXISTED to the point that it was even mentioned on radio "Why haven't we heard of this show yet?" - I'll answer that one, because Channel 7 is comprised of a bunch of gigantuous faggot bitches.

"Let's advertise this as one our most successful programs, stating that millions of Australians watch this programme on Channel 7, and because of this, MOVE IT FORWARD 3 HOURS TO 11:30 ON A TUESDAY to make way for some really obscure reality tv show hosted by some outcast comedian who's over-the-top personality will inevitably get the show cancelled in under 3 episodes!"

*Fundamentally the same as LOST*
Let's cancel the show altogether, despite having one of the largest fan bases in the world, including mass crowd support in countries such as USA, AUS, UK, ITALY, JAPAN, HONG KONG, SPAIN, SOUTH AMERICA.

Obviously Channel 7 won't be reading this.
Because their studio's operated by a old farts that can't operate computers; who don't understand that blowing up the media is SOOO 1940's, y'know, when there were actually legit wars involving deaths and invasions and shit, not price wars with 'evil corporate giants' vs 'innocent local businesses' and how those dastardly phone companies are trying to rip us off, despite your loss of money is entirely dependant on the amount of stupidity you can contain in between your arse cheeks.

"Let's inform the "obviously economically educated public" of things that they "obviously understand" and thus put a magical twist on things like the one in our corkscrew penises telling them that "things they don't understand" are bad - completely disregarding the fact that there are people hired to make the countries financial decisions, and the idiocy of the publics views on things they cannot comprehend builds up the masses belief as if they were of some 'intelligence level', when really, they're not, because they're all gullible sheep, ready for the slaughter.

Dead Guy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snuggie is Evolving.

Nox 10.

If a kid was raised to believe that [something] was a bad thing, the fact that they get offended by [this thing] is purely and entirely their fault. This applies especially to words; if a word offends someone, then it IS THEIR FAULT. If their dilapidated views are skewed into ways that even mere things such as words were to anger them and resulted them to go and 'correct' others, whose dignity are you trying to establish? The fact that you see only your own view of the world as the one of most importance, and to establish that you must tear down that of others?

The fact that their selfish requirements makes them believe the world should respect THEM and them alone entitles them to a closed and narrow minded view point where they can only understand their own views and not of others.

Either way, the world is full of selfish mothers. The world would NOT be a better place if a person changed it to their own system, nor would it be better if the collective whole were to be satisfied.

Everybody is wrong when the human condition is applied.

Matt Murdock.

Daredevil is actually a really poorly made movie - and in that sense, it doesn't serve even the most minute amount of justice the Daredevil character deserves.

1. Completely unnecessary montages. 1st one was him suiting up for the first time - him swinging his rod thing to the expertise of a cheer leading baton twirler does not build up a superhero.
2. Illogical camera shots and pacing. You want a flow to depict that the story you're being told is actually in some sort of chronological sequence, as opposed to what the editing team at Daredevil did. "Let's keep the frames in the pace of 'fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow' as opposed to anything logical.
3. Scene: Matt vs Elektra. When Matt takes off his jacket and the camera turn pans to see them in some sort of awkward and really badly acted 'fighting stances', was I the only one to think that 2 HP bars would slide along the top and graphics would flash "READY?, FIGHT!"?
I'd photoshop and image for you, but I can't find the actual scene via internet.
4. Also, just saying, he's blind, not deaf. Why is it that everytime he goes into superhearing mode, everything has a tendency to be SILENCED? And I'm going to argue it's not because he can hone his hearing onto certain objects, but using the same sound effect for a deaf person makes for some sioahngagmks.

There should be another Daredevil movie that actually makes sense and does the character justice.

Sidenote; Elektra's dad - why is this guy portrayed in multiple tv shows/movies as multiple nationalities? I could understand Persian/Iranian cause he looks the part, but in others he's said to be "Greek", or "Indian". He doesn't look like either.

Turkey Slap.









Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea Party.

Lawrence and Vincent came over to do the Snr Sci prac which you can actually do yourself and it wouldn't actually be that hard.

I don't even understand the purpose of the task, we just ended up making the shit until we got to mayonnaise - the first time it was too liquid-y, and the second time it just tasted like really creamy olive oil. What does this have to do with colloids.

We also made jelly for some reason, because Lawrence thought we were supposed to do jelly, but we didn't actually have to do it, so now I have a bowl of jelly in my fridge.

On an environmental note, I also tipped about 2 litres worth of oil down the sink.

On a side note, my mum said I was fat.


I made myself my cereal only to discover the milk was off. Being me, I thought "I'm not going to throw away a WHOLE bowl of cereal out JUST because the milk taste shit and potentially has the chance of sickening me." So I ate the whole thing with the immediate side affect of the taste of sour milk in my mouth.

Yeah, fun fun fun.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Duke Nukem, Forever.

Head of development says the game is still in development.
Despite taking more than a decade, and being announced as cancelled at one point.

*This is assuming they they don't lose the law suit*

This is a meaningless post as I don't think I've ever played Duke Nukem - Except for that one time I was in a retro gaming phase and I saw the ORIGINAL Duke Nukem, the 16bit side scrolling one where the killing of the boss took less time than the in game intro.
Yeah, that was actually a really bad game.


Hey, Listen.

Edit: Sidenote.
Itunes is the worst media player I know of.
If you want a music player, get Windows Media Player.
If you want something for your iPod, get Winamp and the iPod plugin.
I don't understand how Itunes can even be 80mb+ when most media players are under 15. Do they just stack extra shit on regarding the online media library? I'm just saying to those people who actually download iTunes for playing music and not actually using the other features of it to LEARN TO COMPUTER.
WMP pretty much loads instantly, and coupled with klite codec plugins, you're pretty much good to go in regards to playing any media file.
Winamp takes longer to load but it's a good op for an iPod program seeing as how it also actually comes with online media functionality, meaning it's pretty much also iTunes, but without the corporate seize on your computer space. The initial download also comes with 5 current songs, skins, and trippy visualisations.

I write this in order to counter that whatever faggot made the Facebook group "Facebook-Itunes-MSN = a perfect combo."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Feels The Same.

Revised. I sortof like the old one better, but this one's last panel gets the message across better.


Watched Sherlock Holmes. It was good. I would've stayed for the credits [because the artistic direction was awesome] but everyone started leaving and the cinema staff started entering so I didn't want to look suspicious - which is ironic because the movie didn't technically end when everyone started leaving.

God damn bitches.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I'd like to think that this has a deeper meaning.

Hidden Door.

1st double page spread.

Mundane Madness.

Apparently feeling tried all day AND not being able to sleep when you want to is a sign of depression! That exclamation mark makes it all OKAY.

I wouldn't say I'm tired the day through, teh routine usually consit 70% of simply thinking of something to do, 10% is reminding myself that I already checked Facebook/blogs/the usually forums 30 seconds ago, and the other 20% is doing the stuff that I actually should be - like eating. LETS BREAK IT DOWN NOW:

- Wake up at 11am because I most probably watched Fraiser > Seinfield > TMZ.
- Go on comp before eating breakfast and regret it soon after because that usually causes headaches.
- Eat breakfast at 2pm. And then lunch at 215pm.
- Try to do something productive and end up refreshing pages until someone does or post something.
- Dinner at 5-6pm. Apparently that's early, but I read that you're supposed to have a meal every 3 hours or something like that. So yeah, whos' the weird one NOW?
- 6pm, check usually webcomics, Explosm at 9pm because they decide to be late. This includes most user uploaded porn sites.
- Comp until 10-11pm, unless there's some epic movie on. I missed Die Hard 2 today (or yesterday actually) because my brother was downstairs. I could've watched it on the other tv downstairs, but I wouldn't to degrade myself to his level. BA DUM PSSSSSSHHHHHH.
- Watch Fraiser > Seinfield > TMZ. Unless it's Wednesday, which is when Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves is on, or weekends, which for some reason don't have those 3 shows in a row, but rather miscellaneous shows like Father of the Pride, or Gossip Girl which is right now I think. I watched 2 episodes simple because I was mesmerised at how much makeup they had which I for some reason didn't notice when I watched the first season. Even the guys would be able to challenge clowns at a circus. The show is about rich peope- my main problem, I hate rich people. Maybe because I'm jkelous, but that woudln't make any sense because I ask myself regularly "What do tyou want to purchase quoc?, because appanrelyt, normal people WANT things they don't NEED" - disreegarding tye last part, I'd always answer with some sort of ambiguous shrug. I hosnestly can t' think of anything I want that I don't already have. Possilny novelty items like a penicorn, but where would I put that? With my other neglected toys (which you can/or have already seen in a previous blog entitled "holiday happy snaps" which I do bleive was created last holidays.) Right no\w, the shelf top town consist of a teddy bear, a balloon lion thing with dangly bits, a prank shock ladybug thing, a kangaroo pen, the wheelbarrow peice from monopoly, my OBEY bot that I made for a contest, and the newest addition - ball which has a wood texture, so I don't know if that's supposed to be misleading or not.
- TMZ ends at liek, 1am or something, so that usually means i sleep at like, 4am beuca se to my surprise, my habit og not being able to sleep near instantaneously is 'abnormal'. /i read (or possibly imagined, i get these two mixed up alot) that sleeping should consist of laying down co\mfortably, and closing yourt eyes. if that's acutally so, then either i'm not comfotable enough, or i'm not closing my eyes properly. I usually try to exhaust myself until my body has to rest. Maybe it's the fact that I eat ridiculous amounts of food at night, rather than in the day - because dieting tip #36 : the body absorbs more / digest more in the first half of the day.I ate a bunch of nuts [and legumes because apparenlty, cashews aren't nuts yet they usually call them 'cashew nuts'] because i coudln't be bothered to 'make' anything, and convineintly ther was a far of mixed nuts where i only ate the cashers and the pistachios. Almonds were there too buyt they are evil mother fuckers. I literally crached my tooth from top to bottom eating one once, and from that point on, they have been sinister looking to me. Also they taste like wood, so whty \would you eat them anyway.
- If I can't sleep I'll go on the comp to try and destroy my eyes because when you're near tired, verything you read starts to look italicised. I was reading a post and I there was a triplet of 3 words in brackets, and everytime i focused on one of the words in the rtiplet, it became italicised and I thought there was some sort of sarcastic emphases on that word in particular, but then I'd read it again to make sure, but then another word would be itatlicised.
- I'd like to think I drink ecessive water. I usually drink water when I'm bored. so io usualyl go through quite a couple of litres a day. the act of drinking water just seems so satisfying, you're consuming superfluous amounts of liquid, yet, it being water, it doesnt' REALLY affect you that much at all - if anything, it's probably making you better. unlike that guy which my year 3/4 teacher told me about. apparently she knew a guy who died from 'drowning' becuse he 'drank too much water'. she also took in her sisters son when she died in a car crash and occasionally goes on vacations with her brother ina house which seems t be haunted, and a primary target for robberies when she once mistook the burgaler fro her brother when he came in the room. it's amzing that i can't remmber thses things when io feel so mind drunk, yet i seem to forget the most important of thinsg - not that i haven't anything improtant to remmber. i'll try and think of something 'important that normal people remmber' and through the magic of text, it woudl seem as if it was instantaneous. well there's birthdays, and public holidays - both of which i really dont' care for. Anniversaries, days when 'events' happened - I don't get attached to people, so i really dont' care, but i guess that part in particular counts for proper function, simply because the dates dont' bare any sort of importance to me, my brain decides to forget it. The only proper date ic can remmber is 31st of august when buxton called mariam and amanda picked up and told him rto fuckk off - but that may be because he remninds me about it constantly.
- IF i'm opted to lying in bed, i'll either be trying to drown out those bickering voices in my head with music, crying myself to sleep [because i'm lonely? I woudlnt' say so, there are other reasons] or conversing with said voices. there's kha, the violent one - he is good as an adviser, but that's when he actualyl devides to give advice. for the most part he'll be laughing at me and my actions because .. well because he can. 2nd in command and generally primary 'thought' or, my main 'subconcious' would be an equivalent, orisen. tells me what to do usually. generally good, but his processm of analysis is as human as it gets - and that basically means, errors ensue. the third of the htoup, tetrahe - emotions, whatnot. he gets locked up by the other two because i tsaid so. the topics rthey seem to cover usually range from 'regreted actiosn' to... 'regretted actions'. the main focus is to 'learn from mistakes', though, i'd have to say their method of blantatly shoving the words "you were wrong in doing this, and you will suffer the implcations" in my face with recurring memories would seem a bit ... forward in my opinon.
- with the voices, they usually show me better things, possible re-ali-fied ? versions of 'fantasies'. I can't think of a better word , but think of fantasies without the sexual connotation. one of the would be to completely disconnect meyself from everyone i know at presetn (generally, hahs peopel) as soon as I finish and move to melbourne or somewhere of that calibre. suspend my facebook, delete everyone from msn and start afresh. simply because - well it's not because i wantt to start afgresh, as if i regret my time with said people, but rather, destroy all potential of having some sort of 'long term relationship', as in, those people who say 'they've been friends ever since high school'. the entire idea of that sortof relation doesn't exactly seem 'plausible' or better yet 'ideal' to me, that you're going to get to know someone so well, you'll everually run out of things to find out about them, and could potentialyl get boring.Every person's a book, and no book has infinite pages, they'll eventually dwindle down until the pint ehere in your small talk, you'll end up talking about things that occured recently because you'vbe already learnt everyhting that's happened before them, and you've probably been with them for the most part, so the information passage would be limited. a deeper explination would be the , i guess the fact that i wouldnt' really want to know someone 'completly'. i would have to say i have the courtesy of acting towards others as i would want them to act towards me, ie; i'll stand over here by myself - in other words, i want to be alone right now. I wouldn't trust anyone with my entier lifes history, like that time when I was 14 that I made some sort of pact with Kha that I wuld end up letting him control some of my life, because until that point, he'd/it'd been locked away and it usually came up in short burst of purely evil anger - well i guess the difference is that i'm a general 'mild angry', but all the time, which i guess in a sense is alot better because before the merge i'd actually have some sort of sadistic pleasure in hearing about people dying and suffering in the news. Odd. I mean, the only person, or rather, entity of consciousness i truly trust in are the 3 inside my head. most probbly because their judgement inevitably governs whether they live or die. I woudln't trust another person because i don't understand theri thinking - even in general. my mind, i woudl say, works in a completly different spectrum to others and I woudln't have the slightest clue as to how i should/would interact with antoher human being. liek as if my parents psuhed me into education/productivity studies and forgot to teach me people skills. but why would you blame my parents wghen you could blame the voices in my head. you'd think they developed over time of struggle and inner hate/depression, but i honestly think that they'ev always been there, it was just a amtter of accepting them, and that occured when i was 14. something happened wihhc i dont' actually remember, and Kha [he's the leader of them apparenlty. i dont actually remember the other 2 until afterwards] said he coudl help, so i was like 'sure, why not'. Things have been better since he's been around. determination, concentration, focus, chi gathering/cultivating vastly improved. also, an important detail, my 'aura' for some reason increased dramatically when his presence was introduced unto mine. random people have some sort of knack to confuse mine with khas. alot of people feel some sort of 'powerful' energy emitting from me - which is illogical because the aura kha emits is usually that of a curse-like, ill-bent aura that generally ensues bad luck to people around me. though, those peopel usually tell me that they feel as if i'm going to be a great, sucessful person when i grow up, simply from the 'vibe' i give off.
- do i get lonely? sure, all the time, but because who i am in reality is completly different to what i act like around people, even i would find it incredibly disturbing to think that i vaguely belive in 'true love', or a better way of working around it woudl be that I'd think there'd be someone that was tailored to be your better half and vice versa, that there could possibly someone that doesn't have anything faults as you see them because you see them differently than others because they are made for you. I was actually thinking because, it woudl be nice to meet a really heavy religious chaste girl becayse the morals are there, the religious upbringing would have taught her justice and truth [albiet, implciations with some reasoning with 'god being real'] and she wouldn't have had been a dirty slut at any point - fundamentally, nearly ticking all the boxes on my list. The problem being, i'd think my skin would feel as if it were on fire in a church [or place of 'god'] because a while ago, i paced in lack of light [... in darkess] and felt a chilling comfort grasp around my back, as if the darkness welcomed me as its brethren in arms, that it too understood and accepted my for my flaws, and not my achievements.

My final word is, that maybe at some points i'd 'wish' that i coudl be more 'human liek' with the 'human conidtion' of empathy and concerning of emotion/ understanding people as my own kin, but obviously, the anticonformist in me begs to differ. what's the point of understanding humans when the only outcome recieved from your input is human relation./contact/intergration/interaction and potentially having your presence enjoyed by others? a secondary 'fantasy' of mine is the simply be hated by everyone, to the point where everyone hypotheically wanted me dead. i thinkn that the status of 'ultimate outcast' would end up empowering me crweating a void of sorts where the fact that i have so many people hating me woudl inevitable wind me into having a purpose in life, to defeat everyone and better them in their own existence, that my overwall willpower, determination and inner strength would increase because of the puire hatred fro me.

I just don't concern myself with the likes of others because i feel as if my pathetic exitence in this world is deemed 'unnesscessary' by others, and that i am not worthy of being in the presence of others.

Oh by the way, this is potentailly tetrahe typing all of rthis, i can't hear the other two, because i tihnk they've either been sedated, or are asleep as i should be.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beiber Counter.

Last post I mentioned some faggot. I remembered his name with the investigation techniques of my untrusty sidekick who DOESN'T POST ANYMORE.

Justin Beiber. If you close your eyes, you'd be hard pressed to convince yourself it was a male with balls singing this, let alone, a MALE. He also looks like a douche that you'd want to punch, just because they exude multitudinous amounts of douchebaggery.

God Call.

Revised again. Because apparently the first time around, I drew it at 6.25" x 10.625" when it should have been 6.625" x 10.25".

To Be A Master, A Pokemon Master.

[ Download ]
    1. "Pokémon Theme" (John Siegler / John Loeffler)
    2. "2BA Master" (Russell Velázquez / John Loeffler)
    3. "Viridian City" (Neil Jason / John Loeffler)
    4. "What Kind of Pokémon Are You?" (John Siegler / John Loeffler / Norman J. Grossfeld)
    5. "My Best Friends" (Michael Whalen)
    6. "Everything Changes" (Ken Cummings / John Loeffler)
    7. "The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye)" (John Siegler / John Loeffler / Norman J. Grossfeld)
    8. "Pokémon (Dance Mix)" (John Siegler / John Loeffler)
    9. "Double Trouble (Team Rocket)" (Louis Cortelezzi / Bob Mayo / John Siegler / John Loeffler)
    10. "Together Forever" (Ken Cummings / John Loeffler)
    11. "Misty's Song" (Ken Cummings / John Loeffler)
    12. "PokéRAP" (James "D Train" Williams / Babi Floyd)
    13. "You Can Do It (If You Really Try)" (John Siegler / John Loeffler / Norman J. Grossfeld)
This album absolutely rapes all the modern music aimed at kids. (Namely, Disney's attempt at capturing the market with the likes of Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, that faggot who became famous through YouTube + more.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Boardroom Fellas.

Hey kids, I just argued with my mother and brother (who I didn't REALLY argue with, seeing as how his 48.3 UAI arguments didn't really make sense) about me swearing at my relatives. I'm not going to go into details here because I'm missing quality Fraiser time, but in short:

I'm am most probably going to be that one weird kid who moves away from all of his relations as soon as he can to pursue his own internal happiness with help of the new a refreshing atmosphere with people that don't know anything about his past. They will question it, but his jocular and cheery mood will negate their questioning and lead them into just having some jolly good fun with the guy. If by chance that kid becomes rich, famous or anything in between, he'll get on the television box and make claims to his discarded relatives and thank them sarcastically, and telling them that they'll never share his fortune.

Then he'll die alone. HIP HIP HOORAY!.


Old yes, but remastered.

Distaste and Mistrust.





Hey fuckwads, not to be a pretentious CUNT, but I honestly believe my life to be more righteous and just-worthy than both of yours combined. Despite yours being about 30 years old than I, you married into this family, and thus I judge your decision AS FOOLISH. Your presumptuous pondering of my actions clearly indicate that you completely ignore the fact that I really fucking hate your faces.

How about I make ASSUMPTIONS about your lives?
#1. You're quite possibly the biggest bitch I've ever seen. More so than 50 Michael Cera's COMBINED. You're a scrawny piece of shit that I could, and potentially anything with an arm could take out in less than a punch - that's right, all we'd have to do is fake a swing and your balls will have shrunk so hard that you would have died due to sheer BEING-A-CUNT-NESS.
You deny it but everyone knows that your wife dominates the family and you're just some sort of crutch in her wake of being. You have job that you actually know nothing about and when I was forced to ask you about it, you knew less THAN I DID ABOUT IT. WHAT ARE YOU, SOME SORT OF JOB-FAKER-GUY? Are you as cunt-ry as those Japs that pretend they have a job for the sake of 'pride'? Oh wait, you don't have any because it all leaked out when your wife rammed a 20" strap on up your ARSE.



After the detailed scene I depicted at the start of this blog, I kept eye contact with my monitor and said:



Common Raven.

Let the hate train roll.

I don't even know who these kids are. They send them upstairs so they can neglect their children are be fucking retard parents that only want to KARAOOOOKE like a bunch of fucking Idol wannabes. Hey fuckers, did you ever notice that the volume nob can't actually go any higher? THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING DOING IT AT MAX VOLUME. But lo' and behold!, the children can actually rival the travesty of your voices with their own. I don't get it, are your ears not fully developed enough as to being the equivalent of an old man who has to speak louder to hear his own voice? But this time around, you don't just get a grumpy old man who has the potential to be funny, you get a bunch of whiny fucks blabbering of non-intellectual bullshit and laughing and screaming in a vocal string on such a level it actually physically hurts my ears.
This is where you're wrong, at my age, I was tempered to sit and wait, speak when spoken to and respect the surroundings as if I was insignificant as I really was and am. Back in the day when you could actually discipline children in a logical sense. Even an animal would understand that if the following implications of its actions was a jolt of pain, then that action is undesirable and should not be re-enacted.

Now-a-days you have a bunch of misfit children being brought up in a world of make believe, parent leashes, sugar coated reality and foam covered play sets. A world where the actual effect of wrong doing has been removed completely. If you miscalculate a jump you are more than likely to get hurt, and this is the sign that you did something wrong. Now with the 'government intervention', the soft padded slides and swings at the park immediately inform the user that "No matter what you do, you're not going to be affected by the resulting implication!" - literally the worst message you could ever teach anyone or anything. This leads to the belief of self-trust and trust in the world; too much confidence, that they strive themselves on this feeling of invincibility in their surroundings that they employ unto themselves a pursuit of 'righteous action' in finding ways they can exploit their invulnerability.

I only hope I live long enough to see the day that the generation after us will crumble under their own lack of causality teachings.

In State.

My uncle who lives in someone else's garage asked me directions to my brothers room so he could sleep in his bed. I have him directions and said aloud "Sleep in your own bed you fucking poor piece of shit cunt." He didn't hear me apparently.

I actually went down stairs to the festivities, got a drink, thought to myself "What the fuck am I doing here" and went back upstairs to the safety of my computer - all in the matter of about 20 seconds.

Am I relaying every small faceted detail of my life as of most recently? Yes, I am. And that's because younger cousins don't understand the bliss of silence -- And as I was typing that sentence, the hoard of misled delinquents-to-be came up the stairs as if they had no sense of weight dispersion and balance and muttered to each other in an overly coherent manner "Why does he stay up there are the time? He's so boooring." to which I hastily replied: "MAYBE I STAY UP HERE ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I HATE ALL OF YOU". They halted in their steps, and finally proved that they could actually exercise 'silence' and proceeded back from whence they came.

Should I feel remorse? Have I scarred them for life? I'd like to think so. Fuck them. I like to imagine that I have the magical ability to tell whether a person will succeed in life - and all of them I see the seedy aura of conformism, ill-mannered lies and fallacies of which they base their opinions on opinionated fools. They will amount to no degree of what they would blindly believe to be 'success' - the want for 'fame' and' fortune' - where in a world plagued with mistrust and a ideology that conformism holds the answer for self achievement, that they will even manage to miss the falsest of desires.

It is in this world I see nothing of requirement. That the human condition comes not natural to me but rather, I have to learn it in a way that most people would have had become accustomed to purely from upbringing but more so, instinct. My reserves of which people would automatically engage for human interaction is filled not with this ability, but rather the inverse of it. There would be people who would consider my literal pleasure from being alone to be 'abnormal'. The state of science and that fake study of 'psychology' aims to create enclosures for 'states of minds' as if they don't contradict themselves in saying that the human mind is a complex thing, though, it can still be isolated and given tags in the ways we deem fit.

I hate family get togethers. I hate my relatives. I hate the fact that to be human, you're supposed to 'want and desire' human contact when I really really really enjoy being alone.


Hey kids, instead of mingling with all the towns folk and recieving red packets of money that uncles and aunts reluctantly give away with a façade of a smile on their face because they know that they could've used that ten dollars to pay off their mortgage or repay their debts - I'm sitting at my computer playing solitaire. Here's a classic example of the types of cards I get dealt more than 90% of the time:


I just wanted to reiterate how much I hate children. Their voices sound like that of demon spawn and their flawed though process proves to only hinder their ability to control their laughter, thus igniting problem 1 of really faggoty voiced kids laughing.
The noise is almost as bad as male pornstars orgasming.

Scrap Yard.

I played approx. 50 games of Solitaire straight and only won 2.

I hate my life, and this is not going to be a good year.

Preemtive Strike.


Hide the porn.
There's a family get together which I mentioned previously, and to that I must hide the porn. Some of you would think that I hide the porn normally, but when I have a hand on my cock and only one hand to navigate the magical winding ways of the rainbow filled majesty of what most people call the internet, I'd rather not consume time having to click through a labyrinth of .zips and .rars only to come halted at the almighty presence of a password to which I would by then have had dick juices on both hands [because masturbating with one hand either gets really tiring, or really boring] and thus risk my keyboard getting more disgusting than it already is.

Right now it's in My Videos > P. 'P' is for 'Porn'.