Friday, January 15, 2010

Materia Junkie.

So I pulled out a box [or punnet...] of ice cream, and it was flavoured 'vanilla choc-chip', which I thought was, not at all necessary, you could have called it 'choc-chip' and people would have gotten the idea that it was not chocolate choc-chip, or even mint choc-chip, but the normal choc-chip which IS vanilla choc-chip.
Also, chocolate choc-chip is fucking stupid. You might as well call it 'crunchy chocolate ice cream'.

Time tables are also fucked up - Different room for every English lesson - as if it wasn't hard enough trying to remember the course content in itself.
Also, Pitt instead of Jackson, Gipple instead of new teacher, and 3 art teachers combined with Year 11.


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