Sunday, January 17, 2010

Polka Dots.

You know what I fucking realised?

I should have dropped out in Year 10, as blasphemous as that sounds - "An Asian dropping out of a selective school?, NONSENSE."

I don't need a UAI/ATAR because I really don't want to go to university - It's just school, except you're actually forking out dough for this shit. The only difference being that you get get deemed a state of being certified through means of a certificate acclaimed by the Government, not that you'll actually be good at the job, but rather that you were able to pass the standards THEY set for what THEY deem to be FITTING for future purposes. The problem increases when they tell employers that this 'shiny piece of paper' means that they SHOULD suffice in the daily exercises of the industry - simply because they were able to complete a course which wasn't actually the job, but the 'recommended [by THEM] content of which they SHOULD know.

The point of going to university is to presumably attain a substantial amount of money, but I don't feel as if I need a 6 figure salary simply because I don't exactly want all this materialistic idealisms built on fallacies of societal/materialistic being. Like, why do people actually need most of the shit in their house? I've been to peoples houses when they literally have shit that's either there for 'show' or something they once used, and will never use again. In both cases, it seemed a 'spur of the moment' buy, complimenting the human condition where the common culture of all beings is that by possessing more, it will enable happiness.

I seem to lack this state of mind. Really, what WOULD you do with a millions of dollars? There's only so many things that you can do with that much wealth before everything you consume turns into a joke upon itself, deceiving you of what actually is, removing you from reality in giving you too much to handle.

TL ; DR:
FUCK SCHOOL, I don't need it. Here's to free winging Year 12.


Deevan said...

at least aim to beat your brother
thne you can be like
hey bro i beat you bro
and then you can wear a shirt all you like

genevieve at the disco. said...

fuck yeah wear a shirt

word veri: palboyoi

gennys account

Kuoke said...

I don't think getting under 50 is physically possible. Like, if you had no hands and had to use your feet to do your hsc and you somehow made some coherent markings, you'd probably get more than 50.

wolf said...

i think for most,
the act of buying brings happiness not so much the possession of it...

for me

Kuoke said...

...I think that's an even worse case of materialism.

Anonymous said...

Eh. It makes sense, sorta. I couldn't be fucked to hand wash dishes, so instead, I buy a dishwasher. With the time saved, I play more computer games and further waste my life. I agree that buying things for show is fucking retarded though.

(See? I agreed with you for once.)