Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea Party.

Lawrence and Vincent came over to do the Snr Sci prac which you can actually do yourself and it wouldn't actually be that hard.

I don't even understand the purpose of the task, we just ended up making the shit until we got to mayonnaise - the first time it was too liquid-y, and the second time it just tasted like really creamy olive oil. What does this have to do with colloids.

We also made jelly for some reason, because Lawrence thought we were supposed to do jelly, but we didn't actually have to do it, so now I have a bowl of jelly in my fridge.

On an environmental note, I also tipped about 2 litres worth of oil down the sink.

On a side note, my mum said I was fat.


genevieve at the disco. said...

quoc, you're like the OPPOSITE of fat. also, I HAVE JELLY IN MY FRIDGE TOO!!
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wolf said...


Deevan said...

Maybe she meant skinnyfat

Anonymous said...

Your drain is going to clog!

Kuoke said...

I'm sure it won't clog after I pour another 2 litres of detergent after it.