Friday, October 30, 2009


I would seriously not mind working here.

If you don't get it, you hire people to stand in line for you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why I dislike the 3rd dimension.

I dislike the idea of animation leaning towards the impenetrable wall of 'reality' (Hooray, actually reciting something we learnt in IST).

2D gives it an 'obviously not real' stance whereas 3D makes it seem as if they're trying to make it closer to real - the last thing I need when I want to immerse myself into the universe of a movie is to be reminded of the foul deeds in the world I reside.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm concerned about the HSC.

The title is sarcastic.

Contemplated style:

Final style:

Trippy no?
By the way, god's supposed to be somewhere on that sword.
Refer to prior post.

Muir pointed my into this direction:
James Jean.

Been looking for a printer for 2-3 weeks straight. Even emailed that company a second time asking them why they didn't reply. I felt like a reluctantly needy fuck posting that - BUT THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BUSINESS DOESN'T REPLY WITHIN A WEEK.

Vincent just happens to have a huge printer in his house. Didn't tell me until today. GOD FUCK.

That is all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A fence.

Really rough. Going to refine the idea some more tonight.
Still waiting for that printing business to email me back on pricing - so if it cost like 200$ or some shit like that, fuck that.

Fucking cousins.

the 'fucking' in the title was used as an adjective.

So two of my cousins requested to be friends with me on facebook, to which im gonna ignore their request based on the fact that i hate them... even if they're family. the rest of my cousins are cool though.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I re-did the calculations, and it's only 50$ IF we get around 50 people.
Minimum order is 25, and based on a rough estimate, if we were to order only 25, it would be about 60$.

So yeah.

We might talk to the school about this. I'll talk to Genvin tomorrow.






- Copy/paste from here.


* Not entirely sure on whether they're EXACTLY these shades of the colours 'Navy' and 'Sports Grey'.

* Not sure on font/character allowance (sigma's, integrals, sub/superscript FOR YOU WITTY BASTARDS). Will have to ask the guy. Again. But I'll sound desperate.
++ Ok, I'm emailing the guy like, right now.
[edit] OKAY FONTS:
I asked the guy, and he didn't exactly answer my question at all. He said he could print "anything". So I assume that's a "yes".


That's all.

I believe Genvin or someone of similar status will be taking names for potential customers. After, and if we have a decent amount of people, money will be dealt with like so:

1. The business we're ordering it from requires full payment upfront. Why? :
"Because the final product is a of a custom nature, we cannot return any stock once they have been printed."
Means, No refunds - and for the love of god, don't ask us to change anything after we've 120% confirmed everything, because it cost 30$ to change anything after the order's been sent.

2. So after we have confirmed numbers/names, we'll be collecting all/100% of the money to electronically transfer funds to the business, meaning we'll most likely be using Paypal. [because they only accept eft's].

3. Turn around (time from when we order to time they send us the final product), they say, is approx. 10 days. To which I assume one of us will have it delivered to our house ... up to this point I still don't understand how we're going to distribute these without carrying a large box to school.

x. If you people are feeling adventurous, we could order these hoodies completely blind - but if people actually want a sample hoodie, it cost money - how much? I have no idea, but it cost money. So. Yeah.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


(11:16:50 PM) BuxtoN: its been two days since someone has blogged from my list
(11:16:55 PM) BuxtoN: and it was bob
(11:17:03 PM) BuxtoN: that blogged what he ate
(11:17:27 PM) BuxtoN: k
(11:17:33 PM) BuxtoN: blog up to 200
(11:17:39 PM) BuxtoN: by end of holidays
(11:17:59 PM) BuxtoN: 9 days to get to 35 blogs
(11:18:03 PM) BuxtoN: 4 blogs a day
(11:18:07 PM) quoc.: i can do it
(11:18:09 PM) quoc.: easy
(11:18:09 PM) BuxtoN: only way
(11:18:13 PM) BuxtoN: 2 each a day
(11:18:25 PM) BuxtoN: actually
(11:18:27 PM) BuxtoN: yeah
(11:18:29 PM) BuxtoN: 9 days
(11:18:33 PM) BuxtoN: so 2 each
(11:18:35 PM) BuxtoN: starting tomorrow

Ok Buxton, you did your part.


Hey, let me lend you some entertaining links at the same time you'll probably have no time to enjoy them:

Musical Coverature.

X-MEN cartoon theme. || Explosive - Bond.

Saarthak pointed this out to me earlier
(and by earlier, I mean about 5 months ago).
Just though I'd let you know.
You decide.

Voice Actor.

Days ago, I was watching Godzilla and furthermore, it's credits - Why, you ask? Because it was backed up with this song (which I later found to be over killed by nearly everyone) and I for some reason or other, didn't realise that Hank Azaria was an actor - the guy who voices a solid portion of the Simpsons. He's also in Dodgeball for about 20 seconds and one of the main characters in Mystery Men.


Sound Reprise.

My days are ruined when an advertisement from I believe, Napisan comes on and I'm led to believe that the sound is only coming from one output. Am I the only one that realises that the sound from all of their ads are in monophonic? Is their ad agency too cheap to afford a second microphone in order to record their sound in stereo? Or did they just happen to not realise there was a technological advance in sound replication since 1925?

I just find it unconvincing to buy a product based on an ad where you can question whether the people are dummies with hands shoved up their arses.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

half an hour to do nothing,

then TV.
Who watched godzilla last night? i never realised how shit that movie was when i first saw it as a kid, but its lehs. and doesnt the main character look like alan from two and a half men.

So i was thinking should i buy 'The Bro Code' which was written by Barney Stinson from how i met your mother? its like 16 bucks and 100 pages worth or something. Anyway, dannis didnt actually tell the guy to mail the beyblade to him, i just forgot that the chinese guy wrote that it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver. I was looking forward to playing with it but guess not.

Random memory i got from merrick and rosso:
Merrick: You know how there are Bindi Irwin dolls out in stores? Maybe she could buy one of those and keep playing with the doll until her mum goes 'Bindi! Stop playing with yourself'

something along those lines but you know better worded.

I also play Zork

In case you can't read it, i made my character play with himself.

High Beams.

Going to actually redesign the header/background this time.
You can tell from the 'under construction' sign - that makes it totally legitimate and everything.

You can't go that way.

Where I'm at:

Download it here.
The quality of this game depends on the quality of your imagination.


Cringe Fest.

I just remembered what I was supposed to blag about a couple of days ago...
The asian got eliminated from Beauty and the Geek.

And the rap battle. I almost broke my cheek bone from cringing so hard.

daps2urnaps II

I told some people that I'd have this finished in 2 weeks. I was wrong. In the 2 weeks extra that I've had to do it, I've not even gotten the storyboard finished. I was contemplating showing you guys the storyboard so far but I was like "That would ruin the surprise".
So here's some screen caps:

Conceptual Frame.

I was thinking that as an excuse to finishing daps2urnaps, I might just use it for my major body of work for Art. My original idea was basically branched from this media presentation here, except it would be a comic format in which:
:: Frames would progressively get larger towards the middle and then smaller towards the end. (Where the middle frame would be the largest, and most significant)

//1st + 2nd frame
UNKNOWN, Should've thought this through more thoroughly.

//3rd Frame, Middle frame.
Over a large landscape of green fields, blue skies and eloping life scattered amongst it, there would be a scene against the clouds of mediagod (1, 2, 3) stabbing christian-esque-god straight in the heart. The humans/animals, everything else in the fore/mid ground would be watching.

//4th + 5th frame.
Christian-esque-god scrawling away, bleeding to death. Then mediagod comes over him/her/it with the sword in the "I'm gonna fucking kill you bro" type handle, and then stabs him/her/it in the fucking face. Ending with the captions along the lines of "Your god has forsaken you, Now I am the light, that will guide you blind."

But now that I think about it, I was going to write in the artist statement about how I used a comic format to represent heroes and villains - so there goes my ideas of using an animation. I might end up using it as an extension of some sort. Oh well.


So Quoc, have you been preparing for year 12?

What in gods fuck does this actually mean? I've gotten it from like 2-3 people, to which I usually reply with "What should I be doing to prepare for year 12?". What is there to do? Unless you study some hacorerd subject that carries ideas, concepts and formulae from year11 to year12, then what is there to do? None of my subjects even mattered in year11 because none of the topics are carried over. So I've been sitting here doing absolutely no study, because that would be rather implicating on the fact that these here days are CALLED HOLIDAYS. FUCK TROUNG.


My brother ate half a pizza, and didn't eat the crust. BLASPHEMY. Crust is probably the BEST part of a pizza - and I'm not talking about that cheeze filled or garlic bread shit, I'm talking about genuine plain crust. Hell, I eat the main part JUST to get to the crust.
Apparently it has something to do with the crust to hard for him to eat. On a related note, he doesn't eat apples and more because they're too hard. He doesn't eat oranges any more because they're too sour. He doesn't drink milk any more because it gives him pimples? Instead he chugs down litre bottles of english soy milk (y'know, not the legit asian one) every couple of days.


Friday, October 16, 2009

if you read this you are gay.

oh shit

got my farmville autobot farmer thing. its mad as, i can farm in minutes now.

but then i think dannis set the chinese guy to send the beyblade to his house not mine. so gg.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being Jai

spent last night reading up on how to play paper football, it was quite mad. And then i also made a paper football and goal posts so i could flick the football into. might post pictures up later.

Paper Football

15 more posts until 200th so yeah.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Band.

This genre name doesn't, at all, sound like a logical one.

Hey kids, guess who incorporated the James Bond theme.

Mister Squiggle has a pet Rocket.

Generation 'Shit'.

The problem with the younger [than us] generation of today is the fact that their entertainment options are limited to programs which makes it seem that when you change your tone of your voice, make some flabbergasted gesture to indicate wrong-doing, or make a stupid face reflecting your intelligence - that that's HUMOUR.
Congratulations Media, you've completely disregarded the original intention of what kids shows were meant to convey, and turned it into a bamblimg monstrosity. Back in my day, every cartoon had a story, a complication and then a resolution AND THUS teaching us the moral of the story. Now-a-days, it's just a bunch of well groomed FUCKS running back and forth with quite possibly the most LEWD tales to be told - and the main problem, THERE'S NO RESOLUTION. Every pathetic atempt at conveying a story usually ends in some fuckwit getting their face pummelled in by a giant COCK and everybody looking at each other with lust in the glint of their eye, followed by group laughter and TEACHING US that as long as you're a fucking twat, everything will be fine.
BACK IN MY DAY, they taught us CAUSALITY. When you fuck up, YOU'RE FUCKED UP. Better man up and fix the problem before it FUCKS YOU OVER. At the end of every story, there would be a betterment in the characters, especially the one who caused the fault, teaching us that everyone makes mistakes - but unlike their successors of the 21st century, that you can actually fix it, and you will be better off for it.

Don't believe me? Let's have some examples shall we...

Why do Sylvester, Elmer Fudd and Wild E. Coyote never obtain their prize? Because they're the BAD GUY with BAD INTENTIONS. Call it legal and government enforced propaganda, but it tells us that if you mean to do something douche-baggy to someone, you are going to get fucked, and you will pay the consequences.

I'm probably biased here. Why? Because these cartoons, ARE FUCKING BAD ASS. They taught you the shit no matter how harsh they were.
"Don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden or you'll end up like your father did, A PIE!!"
How fucking hardcore IS THAT. Not to mention that at the end of most of these episodes, the protagonist usually gets fucked over hard is scared shitless out of his fucking mind. Trauma? I'd call it Lesson Learned.
The first episode from the series, and usually the most memorable [and where that quote above came from] is when Peter Rabbit, being the greedy shit he is decides to go into Mr. McGregor's farm a second time with his pal Benjamin Bunny. After stuffing themselves [to the point of being in pain], they're spotted by McGregor's cat, and end up cornering themselves underneath a basket with the cat sleeping on top. THEN Benjamin's father comes in and beats the shit out of that cat - Now, you'd think from being brain washed from all that current shit, that he'd be all loving, and caring - WRONG. Benjamins dad comes in swinging his cane at the two, saying something along the lines of... "WHAT THE FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCKS THINKING?" and starts whipping them both with his cane.

In short, the media of today is dumbing down the generation of today.

A is for Aadrvark.

I don't know if I'm late in saying this, or anything, but I never realised that they were still making new Arthur episodes to this day.

All nighter.

Pulled an all nighter just last night for no reason apart from to be mad. but then i ended up sleeping at 6:15 am and woke up at 12:20.

well i spent from 2-5:50 watching How i met your mother season three, i got through to ep 17 but i skipped a few. and i also made grilled cheese on toast. woo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


i hate liars. i dont usually lie unless its for a practical joke or some shit like that. and thats why my parents piss me off.
they lie about what we're having for dinner coz they know i hate the meal we're going to have tonight. but now cbf explaining it.

but once i told them i was allergic to prawns they thought i was lying so they try to mask the prawns in my food only for me to have an allergy attack. GG.

I had this idea for HAHS, but it turns out Brussels had already done it.

BRUSSELS — After months of complaints by European dairy farmers angry over low prices, protesters in Brussels on Monday poured milk onto the streets, hurled eggs and other missiles, and started fires that filled the air with black smoke. (Link)


What do you do on the computer all day Quoc?
I wander around forums and misc. internets until I come across a term or concept I haven't heard of before, put it into Google, and further my knowledge of the world.

Why do you hate Japan?
Because they consider their porn an 'art form'. (And thus, is also the reason they censor everything, because showing genitalia would 'taint' the 'purity' of it. FUN FACT.)

Religion. Discuss:
Pietism. I laughed because the word pie was in it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

So sick on integration

Sup GEE.
so ive had 17.5 hours of tutor during the holiday period so far, with 8.5 hours left. which makes it a grand total of 24 hours in 16 days.

that is all. oh yeah my sub tutor is hot. and she plays dota. GG.

Happy Halloween.


No mail on Sundays.

Hooray, comic book I technically won out of pity arrived minutes ago.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Since everyone is blogging about their dreams im gonna do it as well, even though i was planning to since this morning after i had my dream coz its the best dream ever. not really.

The dream started out as a normal school day, to be exact the first day back to school in term 4. The year 11s, well 12 now, were all called to have a meeting at the pool lawn. As everyone gathered at the pool lawn and sat down, i sat down no other than (ive altered the name slightly to maintain anonymity) mairam. yes mar-...mairam.

BUT this time, in dreamland where dreams are made of, she started talking to me, and in actual fact we actually got along quite well, you know we joked and laughed and shit (shouldnt have ate some dodgy curry). SCENE ENDED.

Later i saw her again, it was me her and 2 other people who i have forgotten. she said, to the group, that she was sad and that she wanted a hug. I thought to myself 'AW SHIT' and advanced forward only to be reject with a 'Fuck you, fuck no'

So being rejected i walked away, only to pass aseem who asked what happened and i told him what happened. then he left me to walk towards the direction of mairam.

Then i woke up only to find that it was only a dream, but on second thought maybe i realistic representation on my life...?

So kids you might think this is a sad story, but in actual fact without this i wouldve have met your mother. true story.

*HIMYM Theme Song*


I'm positively and absolutely not running out of things to blag about!
So lets take a mystical voyage into the magical, fantastical workings of my room.

Low shot.

High shot.

Close up.

The last 3 or so years of school work including 3 English books which I haven't returned.


Dune was on 2 nights ago. Right after the 6 episodes of back to back Fraiser. For those unknowing of the bewildering likings of the underground, Dune was one of those mediocre-to-horribly received movies which eventually gained a large cult like fan base.
I decided to watch it - just because, and managed to get through two thirds of it simply because in the first hour and a half, there was always something stupid to look at, whether it be questioning the strenuously illogical alien anatomy, or the race that had small rodents for eyebrows. At about 40 minutes in, the major villain is found out to be:
-- a fat man in a suit which enables him to fly who has a fetish for girly boys who tends to his illogically based flower garden (as the entire planet, presumably, is that of oil and steel) AND before he starts raping the flower girly-boy he flies up and drenches himself in black oil (clear oil would have been fine) and kills the girly boy by ripping out some sort of ripcord attached to his heart and further spoiling himself if bathes of blood. All this while his sons and assistants watch him.
Oh, did I mention he has diseased boils all over one side of his face. His doctors have a fetish for that also.

Problem 2:
All the characters have their own little soliloquy every 5 minutes. This movie seemed more like a Shakespeare dramatisation, only with really bad technological advances.

Problem 3:
With most sci-fi movies of the age, EVERYTHING TECHNOLOGICAL MAKES A DRONING BUZZING NOISE. This also goes for the scene where the dukes son is supposed to be assassinated by a hovering needle. It sounded like a hoard of flies. In accordance to the story, he was supposed to be asleep while it happened, but he was awake because he was tripping on Spice - a rare substance that enables the folding of space (teleporting). He actually ate a pellet of it. Why would you eat it. Eating it causes...

Problem 4:
WHAT IN GODS FUCK IS THIS THING (2nd, 3rd images from the 1984 film).
Apparently, that's what happens to you when you become an addict of Spice. Remember kids, don't do drugs.

Oh god, I don't know why I even watched this movie. I was regularly checking the time to see when it would end.

Dune is a tiny bit better than Conan, the Barbarian - only because it had THE DUNE WORM.
But they're remaking Conan. Dear. God.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Dreams have been alright lately. Apart from that one where whilst I was at Flemington Markets looking for a phone, a murloc came out from behind a metal door and lodged a mini chainsaw into my throat. The banes of WoW, they're calling me.

On notes to which people may recall me blagging about before. Dreams with notable female companions. The frequency of which this occurrence takes place is increasing. The last 3/5 days involved a girl of interest.

I had watched Big Bang Theory in the day, so obviously, disregarding the fact that I've never seen it before, it had to be involved in my dream.
I'm not going to mention the initial part of the dream, because then people would infer that 'even my subconscious is a sick perverted fuck'. ...Regardless, it involved being invited to an orgy.
The second part though, where I walked out of a dark, stygian room onto a porch where a cute blonde was tending to the garden. I jested with her, with jokes implying how her hair was as well cut as the plants. She giggled playfully, tilted her head at me, and smiled.


An escape was at hand. It required our troupe to voyage across a swashing night sea as it rained furiously. The girl, myself and another unrecognisable male decided to take one boat, as the other 4 went on the other one. The other male in our boat was noticeably 'buff enough' to row the boat the entire way without our aid. We whispered things to each other amongst the breath of storm - until the 4 travelling behind us had decided to back-stab us in order to reclaim an undisclosed treasure they didn't want to share.
Our vessel was bombarded with miscellaneous explosives and heavy objects to the point where our craft was overturned, and abandoned 100m from land. The third had been lost at sea, and was no where to be seen. Though, when I had managed to fight the current to reach the shore line, I found my girl being beat up by one of the betraying 4. A fury swelled within my fist and the vague outlines of the landscape disappeared as the only thing I was fixated on was the death of that man. It didn't take much, only a few swift, enraged punches to the head, and he was dead. My damsel in distress stood and put her arms around me in reassurance. We embraced each other, and fell asleep on the beach.

When I woke up (in dream), I was on the beach, alone. I stumbled up the hill to peer our of the window of the ruins of a church.
I saw recognisable faces, relaxing, as if nothing had happened, and everything was going to be fine.
:: All people mention here after were vague, and possibly mistaken ::
I scanned over the oddly, yet perfectly serene landscape to where and when Stephen?, Robert?, Genvin? and Lawrence? (Vague people unknown) waved over at me to come join them on the hillside. I walked around the wall to accidentally and awkwardly prance through a conversation circle consisting of (Blosia/Kashualya/Alissa etc. - That group).
When I had reached where I was intending to end up at, the scape morphed into what would be outside the girls toilets at HAHS / secondary hang out for our main group. I walked onto the stairs and was handed by Stephen/Robert? (Someone, I don't' remember) some papers. The papers were full of writing, and crudely drawn comics - though, they were precise in their story telling as it was telling of the events of which happened in the first part of the dream - the escape, the boats and the betrayal.
And somehow, oddly, I knew it was the girl who had written all of it.
:: Camera change to external, on me ::
I laugh to myself solemnly, and keep the papers with me as I walk off.


On a side note, beyond the hillside, I do believe I remember people playing frisbee of some sort - with a blackish and red disk - Dragon Blade? I'd think so.

I'm not going to go into too much detail, because I've realised/deduced that the dream may have been just a culmination of all my regrets. And yes, on the related theme, they all had something to do with a female.


The dreams are good -- while they're happening. When I wake up, I just end up feeling more lonely than what I am usually (lolololololol), and try to re-enter the dream for an hour. I managed to on Dream2, but it was irrelevant to anything; basically:

Dream2 cont':
as I walk off...
I head towards the train station, feeling that I've just finished something, possibly year 12 or something of that level of significance. I board the next train and bury my head into the window of the train, not even acknowledging the passing scenery.
:: Camera temporarily changes to note: ::
Natalie? and Blosia? + (Possibly other people from their groups? Unknown) enter the train and sit some distance from me. I distinguish their identities by eves dropping on their conversation. I discover that they're discussing the factuality of Japanese style paper fans and the significance of the red dots on them.


Spatial Equality.

Seize the Sky.

Kuoke isnt gonna blog.

So im gonna blog more now.

So its been over a week since ive started reading the lost symbol and im only up to page 130, GG.
its really good atm but i just find that farmville is still better. talking about lost symbol i feel like reading it right now.



Quoc and I are going to try an reach our 200th post by the end of the holidays. this means 35 posts in 9 days including this one.

On thursday i got touched by a pedo at bankstown, like ive seen him around since i was 5. enough said. apart from this ive got nothing else to say, even though im going to blog again tonight.

peace out homedog.

Thursday, October 8, 2009




Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Funny Fat Guy

Best video ive seen in a long time.

I'm tripping balls.

Click. This.
And prepare to have your mind blown.
Or at least numbed.
//.. There's a slider on the left side that lets you control how fast you zoom.
Side note.:.
Was listening to this while watching link above.
It might make everything less or more trippy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marriage. says:
i dunno, i think she'd be maried. says:
or died. says:
dead. says:
okay says:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Internal Networks.

I thought I would've done better.

Questionnaire is pronounced with a hard 'k' as in 'Cook' or 'Cunt'.

Time Warp.

I was considering changing all my clocks back to before when day lights saving began/ended because I don't have any physical/real-time contact with the outside world, and thus I would have an hour more to enjoy my holidays.

Also, Megaman 6. I beat it.

That level looks likes there was some sort of robot orgy. IN THE VENTS. The worst part is that the floor is slippery, so you slide.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


my dad has finally quit smoking, so i think im gonna quit facebook after these holidays.
but im not sure whether i should get someone to change my password though or should i learn the art of self control.

an example of me lacking self control was when i got someone to change my msn password only to realise after a week that i knew the answer to my secret question so i changed my password anyway. GG.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Racist Halt.

Roxy has news for you.

River City Ransom. I beat it.

Sinners. I finished it.
Full size.

In completely unrelated and unimportant news, Goldfinger is a good song, as is Thunderball, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies / Surrender, The World is not Enough and You Know My Name (Casino Royale) for James Bond songs. The rest are shoddy and completely lacking in the 'James Bond feel' - especially songs done by people selected because they were the 'in thing' at the time, eg; Paul Mccartney, Duran Duran and Madonna - her song is actually catchy, but if you've seen the introductory sequence for this movie (Die Another Day), it's quite possibly the least fitting for any movie.

Oh did I forget to mention I downed 'The Best of Bond... James Bond' which is the theme songs from the first to Casino Royale.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Religious Out take.

Yay for taking the piss out of religious people.

Also I just remembered that thing where Joanna said that in Japan, all the girls showered together, herself included.


Worst Horror Movie Idea Ever.

The Human Centipede - Trailer.
SORTOF nsfw.

But here's a plot summary, to make things less retarded

Two pretty American girls are on a road trip through Europe. In Germany they end up alone at night with a broken car in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next day they awake to find themselves trapped in his terrifying makeshift basement hospital along with a Japanese man. An older German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized in separating Siamese twins. However his three "patients" are not about to be separated, but joined together in a horrific operation. He plans to be the first person to connect people via their gastric system, in doing so bringing to life his sick lifetime fantasy "the human centipede".


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another castle, Another princess.

I did it again - the second quest after you beat the game first time round which is supposed to be harder when they replace goombas with the those fireball resistant shell fellows.

What did I do last night? I'm sure everyone cares:
  1. Discovered that there's actually lemonade flavour in the 30 pack of home brand icy poles when I thought it was just raspberry, orange and lime. My general maths skills told me that if I had already consumed 10 and all of them were the latter 3 flavours, the chances of a fourth was highly unlikely. That, and 4 doesn't go into 30 properly, so there'd be an uneven number of flavour per icy pole.
  2. Found HTH2 demo files. Comes under the lines of what I think I was discussing with Stephen about how it would be funny and sad to do something whilst the informal was being undertaken by others. It's funny that I mention this because I'm going to warn you not to Google that name, but then you're going to anyway and you will see what cannot be unseen.
  3. Was going to draw Sydney's cityscape with the water vs the sewer system, but then then I thought to myself "Boy, wouldn't it be awkward if people interpreted this as me wanting to be at the informal" to which I closed Photoshop.
  4. Re-opened Photoshop and didn't draw anything for about 4 hours.
  5. Stumbled upon misc. sites with steam punk fashion + stuff. I don't' care what you say, it looks fucking awesome when done right.
  6. Found out my spirit animals were (according to reliable online quizzes): Spider, Snake, Spider ... and a Squirrel for some reason. The first three go into being "Secluded, mysterious/misunderstood and artistic". HOORAY.
  7. Missed Family Guy but turned on the TV 15 minutes late to discover they extended the news for the Sumatra/Samoa disaster. Then I wanted American Dad and Just Shoot Me.