Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Generation 'Shit'.

The problem with the younger [than us] generation of today is the fact that their entertainment options are limited to programs which makes it seem that when you change your tone of your voice, make some flabbergasted gesture to indicate wrong-doing, or make a stupid face reflecting your intelligence - that that's HUMOUR.
Congratulations Media, you've completely disregarded the original intention of what kids shows were meant to convey, and turned it into a bamblimg monstrosity. Back in my day, every cartoon had a story, a complication and then a resolution AND THUS teaching us the moral of the story. Now-a-days, it's just a bunch of well groomed FUCKS running back and forth with quite possibly the most LEWD tales to be told - and the main problem, THERE'S NO RESOLUTION. Every pathetic atempt at conveying a story usually ends in some fuckwit getting their face pummelled in by a giant COCK and everybody looking at each other with lust in the glint of their eye, followed by group laughter and TEACHING US that as long as you're a fucking twat, everything will be fine.
BACK IN MY DAY, they taught us CAUSALITY. When you fuck up, YOU'RE FUCKED UP. Better man up and fix the problem before it FUCKS YOU OVER. At the end of every story, there would be a betterment in the characters, especially the one who caused the fault, teaching us that everyone makes mistakes - but unlike their successors of the 21st century, that you can actually fix it, and you will be better off for it.

Don't believe me? Let's have some examples shall we...

Why do Sylvester, Elmer Fudd and Wild E. Coyote never obtain their prize? Because they're the BAD GUY with BAD INTENTIONS. Call it legal and government enforced propaganda, but it tells us that if you mean to do something douche-baggy to someone, you are going to get fucked, and you will pay the consequences.

I'm probably biased here. Why? Because these cartoons, ARE FUCKING BAD ASS. They taught you the shit no matter how harsh they were.
"Don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden or you'll end up like your father did, A PIE!!"
How fucking hardcore IS THAT. Not to mention that at the end of most of these episodes, the protagonist usually gets fucked over hard is scared shitless out of his fucking mind. Trauma? I'd call it Lesson Learned.
The first episode from the series, and usually the most memorable [and where that quote above came from] is when Peter Rabbit, being the greedy shit he is decides to go into Mr. McGregor's farm a second time with his pal Benjamin Bunny. After stuffing themselves [to the point of being in pain], they're spotted by McGregor's cat, and end up cornering themselves underneath a basket with the cat sleeping on top. THEN Benjamin's father comes in and beats the shit out of that cat - Now, you'd think from being brain washed from all that current shit, that he'd be all loving, and caring - WRONG. Benjamins dad comes in swinging his cane at the two, saying something along the lines of... "WHAT THE FUCK YOU FUCKING FUCKS THINKING?" and starts whipping them both with his cane.

In short, the media of today is dumbing down the generation of today.


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