Saturday, October 17, 2009

half an hour to do nothing,

then TV.
Who watched godzilla last night? i never realised how shit that movie was when i first saw it as a kid, but its lehs. and doesnt the main character look like alan from two and a half men.

So i was thinking should i buy 'The Bro Code' which was written by Barney Stinson from how i met your mother? its like 16 bucks and 100 pages worth or something. Anyway, dannis didnt actually tell the guy to mail the beyblade to him, i just forgot that the chinese guy wrote that it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver. I was looking forward to playing with it but guess not.

Random memory i got from merrick and rosso:
Merrick: You know how there are Bindi Irwin dolls out in stores? Maybe she could buy one of those and keep playing with the doll until her mum goes 'Bindi! Stop playing with yourself'

something along those lines but you know better worded.

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