Saturday, October 17, 2009

Conceptual Frame.

I was thinking that as an excuse to finishing daps2urnaps, I might just use it for my major body of work for Art. My original idea was basically branched from this media presentation here, except it would be a comic format in which:
:: Frames would progressively get larger towards the middle and then smaller towards the end. (Where the middle frame would be the largest, and most significant)

//1st + 2nd frame
UNKNOWN, Should've thought this through more thoroughly.

//3rd Frame, Middle frame.
Over a large landscape of green fields, blue skies and eloping life scattered amongst it, there would be a scene against the clouds of mediagod (1, 2, 3) stabbing christian-esque-god straight in the heart. The humans/animals, everything else in the fore/mid ground would be watching.

//4th + 5th frame.
Christian-esque-god scrawling away, bleeding to death. Then mediagod comes over him/her/it with the sword in the "I'm gonna fucking kill you bro" type handle, and then stabs him/her/it in the fucking face. Ending with the captions along the lines of "Your god has forsaken you, Now I am the light, that will guide you blind."

But now that I think about it, I was going to write in the artist statement about how I used a comic format to represent heroes and villains - so there goes my ideas of using an animation. I might end up using it as an extension of some sort. Oh well.

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Deevan said...

Animooted comic?