Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another castle, Another princess.

I did it again - the second quest after you beat the game first time round which is supposed to be harder when they replace goombas with the those fireball resistant shell fellows.

What did I do last night? I'm sure everyone cares:
  1. Discovered that there's actually lemonade flavour in the 30 pack of home brand icy poles when I thought it was just raspberry, orange and lime. My general maths skills told me that if I had already consumed 10 and all of them were the latter 3 flavours, the chances of a fourth was highly unlikely. That, and 4 doesn't go into 30 properly, so there'd be an uneven number of flavour per icy pole.
  2. Found HTH2 demo files. Comes under the lines of what I think I was discussing with Stephen about how it would be funny and sad to do something whilst the informal was being undertaken by others. It's funny that I mention this because I'm going to warn you not to Google that name, but then you're going to anyway and you will see what cannot be unseen.
  3. Was going to draw Sydney's cityscape with the water vs the sewer system, but then then I thought to myself "Boy, wouldn't it be awkward if people interpreted this as me wanting to be at the informal" to which I closed Photoshop.
  4. Re-opened Photoshop and didn't draw anything for about 4 hours.
  5. Stumbled upon misc. sites with steam punk fashion + stuff. I don't' care what you say, it looks fucking awesome when done right.
  6. Found out my spirit animals were (according to reliable online quizzes): Spider, Snake, Spider ... and a Squirrel for some reason. The first three go into being "Secluded, mysterious/misunderstood and artistic". HOORAY.
  7. Missed Family Guy but turned on the TV 15 minutes late to discover they extended the news for the Sumatra/Samoa disaster. Then I wanted American Dad and Just Shoot Me.

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