Saturday, October 10, 2009


Dreams have been alright lately. Apart from that one where whilst I was at Flemington Markets looking for a phone, a murloc came out from behind a metal door and lodged a mini chainsaw into my throat. The banes of WoW, they're calling me.

On notes to which people may recall me blagging about before. Dreams with notable female companions. The frequency of which this occurrence takes place is increasing. The last 3/5 days involved a girl of interest.

I had watched Big Bang Theory in the day, so obviously, disregarding the fact that I've never seen it before, it had to be involved in my dream.
I'm not going to mention the initial part of the dream, because then people would infer that 'even my subconscious is a sick perverted fuck'. ...Regardless, it involved being invited to an orgy.
The second part though, where I walked out of a dark, stygian room onto a porch where a cute blonde was tending to the garden. I jested with her, with jokes implying how her hair was as well cut as the plants. She giggled playfully, tilted her head at me, and smiled.


An escape was at hand. It required our troupe to voyage across a swashing night sea as it rained furiously. The girl, myself and another unrecognisable male decided to take one boat, as the other 4 went on the other one. The other male in our boat was noticeably 'buff enough' to row the boat the entire way without our aid. We whispered things to each other amongst the breath of storm - until the 4 travelling behind us had decided to back-stab us in order to reclaim an undisclosed treasure they didn't want to share.
Our vessel was bombarded with miscellaneous explosives and heavy objects to the point where our craft was overturned, and abandoned 100m from land. The third had been lost at sea, and was no where to be seen. Though, when I had managed to fight the current to reach the shore line, I found my girl being beat up by one of the betraying 4. A fury swelled within my fist and the vague outlines of the landscape disappeared as the only thing I was fixated on was the death of that man. It didn't take much, only a few swift, enraged punches to the head, and he was dead. My damsel in distress stood and put her arms around me in reassurance. We embraced each other, and fell asleep on the beach.

When I woke up (in dream), I was on the beach, alone. I stumbled up the hill to peer our of the window of the ruins of a church.
I saw recognisable faces, relaxing, as if nothing had happened, and everything was going to be fine.
:: All people mention here after were vague, and possibly mistaken ::
I scanned over the oddly, yet perfectly serene landscape to where and when Stephen?, Robert?, Genvin? and Lawrence? (Vague people unknown) waved over at me to come join them on the hillside. I walked around the wall to accidentally and awkwardly prance through a conversation circle consisting of (Blosia/Kashualya/Alissa etc. - That group).
When I had reached where I was intending to end up at, the scape morphed into what would be outside the girls toilets at HAHS / secondary hang out for our main group. I walked onto the stairs and was handed by Stephen/Robert? (Someone, I don't' remember) some papers. The papers were full of writing, and crudely drawn comics - though, they were precise in their story telling as it was telling of the events of which happened in the first part of the dream - the escape, the boats and the betrayal.
And somehow, oddly, I knew it was the girl who had written all of it.
:: Camera change to external, on me ::
I laugh to myself solemnly, and keep the papers with me as I walk off.


On a side note, beyond the hillside, I do believe I remember people playing frisbee of some sort - with a blackish and red disk - Dragon Blade? I'd think so.

I'm not going to go into too much detail, because I've realised/deduced that the dream may have been just a culmination of all my regrets. And yes, on the related theme, they all had something to do with a female.


The dreams are good -- while they're happening. When I wake up, I just end up feeling more lonely than what I am usually (lolololololol), and try to re-enter the dream for an hour. I managed to on Dream2, but it was irrelevant to anything; basically:

Dream2 cont':
as I walk off...
I head towards the train station, feeling that I've just finished something, possibly year 12 or something of that level of significance. I board the next train and bury my head into the window of the train, not even acknowledging the passing scenery.
:: Camera temporarily changes to note: ::
Natalie? and Blosia? + (Possibly other people from their groups? Unknown) enter the train and sit some distance from me. I distinguish their identities by eves dropping on their conversation. I discover that they're discussing the factuality of Japanese style paper fans and the significance of the red dots on them.



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