Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It was a good run...

I just managed 3 months without getting a virus. What a coincidence that it just happened to be on the weekend that I only just managed to use the 2gb's left of my quota on porn.

Reformatting in 10 minutes,

Disregard that, I enjoy reformatting my computer 3 times in a row.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Follow Down

No Heaven up above you, no Hell underneath you
And nowhere will receive thee, so
Shed no tear, when we're not here
And keep your faith, as we chase...

The image [WIP] is actually 2500 x 1500px. Because people are going to look at the detail. I'll probably reduce it to 66%.
Holy shit, I just did on a calculator, and it fixates at whole numbers. THE MAGIC OF MATHS.

Thinking of a witty outro-line,

I should be sleeping.

its 12:22 right now and i should be sleeping but i thought id blog instead.

woot sat next to lisa in physics and chem tutor today. i thought i mightve touched her boobs today but turns out i was only leaning on the wall. HAR.

so sleepy atm. gonna try and make a cwalk video soon. gonna dedicate it to courtney. not really.

Joke of the Week:
Person 1: Why do you always carry a laptop around?
Person 2: So I can look at my wife while shes at home. Look shes doing the Dishes.
Person 1: WOW what?! who are those two naked people?
Person 2: Oh thats Mr. and Mrs. Dishes.

vaguely recounted from a Scrubs ad i saw last night.

Oh yeah also notice how our last posts have been about pedos. and for some reason the ads on our blog are about lawyers, molesters and child abuse help lines. its like crazy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My 18 year old brother invites a 14 year old girl to his house.

That is all,

Friday, March 27, 2009


Being a pedophile is the worst thing ever. Who could ever be sexually attracted to someone else with a big age difference or to someone who doesnt even have pubes...ever.

Mr Payne- you are...mad...enough said.

Michael Jackson as well. hes a mad singer and dancer but gee why have sex with young boys for. i mean gross man...oh gross about the pedophilia as well.

far out. shit topic to blog about and i dont wanna keep thinking about it.

Note. i didnt get this idea to blog from tommy nguyen at all. coz he likes year 9 chicks.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

x > 0.5 * y + 7

There are too many blogs.
You do not need to be in multiple blogs.
Especially if the entire point of that extra blog is to do a blog with specifically another person.
Be smart, conservative, and fucking awesome by merging your blogs.

You're wasting precious bytes that could easily be used for porn.
And everyone knows your day, opinion, and how many funnies you had in your day is inferior to the likes and might of porn.

Fuck you,

PS. Buxton, where art' thou.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009




Posting drawn images seems to be all the rages with you kiddies now-a-days. Back in my day when you could stab a motha to impress a girl...

Buxton just signed in, and I'm assuming he's going to blog, or wank over fantasy league,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Background colour.

It is now, #666666 OOOWOOHOHH. EVIL.


I finished that drawing commission [that shouldn't be a commission seeing as how I didn't get paid for doing it] yesterday. I sent it to him, and he's like -
"Hey, make me more buff because I sent you photos of me without my shirt on.",

To which I reply,
"Of course you sexy beast."

So I used the liquify filter. Because I'm a lazy fuck.

In other words...
To-Do List :
[ ] Destroy Disney.
[x] Have someone send me topless photos of themselves.
[ ] Download "Swimsuit Calendar Girls" CD 2.

That is all,

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sissy Bloggers.

Why do bloggers from our school just blog about their daily rountines just for us to read about?
Like i dunno just dont recount every single thing you did, like 'Today i went to the canteen and there was no more chicken tender rolls...' or 'I wanked under five minutes today, its a record'.

You blog about what you feel not just dumb stuff you do over the day that just gets repetitive. I dunno blog about depression or your family or something not just the same thing over and over. And if youre gonna blog about your day, at least make it interesting. not saying that my blogs are. Are they?


Joke of the Week: Ask Dannis for his sick binomial joke.

I wasn't talking about Kevin Nguyen's blogs at all.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ah - Hahahahah.

530 >
Got up. Decided not to download porn [because it was offpeak]. Went back to sleep.

630 >
Got up, and decided to download porn.

700 >
Found a very good link, only to discover it was 2x 700mb files.

721 >
Spent 20 minutes using a calculator to... CALCULATE whether my quota could handle 1.4gb.

722 >
Decided "Fuck it, it looks good". Went back to sleep.

Spent 4 hours dreaming about a cute goth/emo girl which I saw at cab I saw on Friday, and then about how my dad left me alone with a girl in my care ... which is then revealed is a trap to see whether I was ready to be a conman? I think my dad was Roshach from Watchmen. For some reason.

1130 >
Made Ha gau (sp?)

1200 >
Ate previous.

1600 >
Watched David Copperfield on TV.

1700 >
Ate dinner.

1750 >
Download finished.

1800 >
Got pissed at my brother because he decided to wander around behind me right after the download finished.

2000 >
Waited for brother to fuck off. Dota'ed in the meantime.

2030 >

2100 >
Dota'ed again.

2213 >
Right now.

Today was rather eventful.
Fun fun fun.

This blag lacks cocks,

Sweet Sixteen.

16 years of age is a mad age to turn into. but then youre getting older. you also get to get your drivers license and its legal to have sex.
so then you can have sex in the back of the car. YEAH?...no.

So my self esteem was boosted today when this decent looking chick decided to sit next to me in tutor. well it was either me or this fat kid and i also sat next to her last week but leh. i also didnt wanna sit next to lisa even though she had a spare seat next to her. but i better back off.

After tutor i went to watch womens cricket. it was mad. but i noticed a lot of the crowd are butch women, lesbians.

bleh atm its 17 minutes until im 16.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Physics of Handball.

Physics was mad. not like time consuming at all. but i did adequately though. not good or bad.
Selective schools test was on today so leh we couldnt go down and play footy so we went down and played handball anyways.

Anyways i wanted to explain why im blogging. since i dont go on msn anymore only way to tell people stuff is through blogging. so yeah.

Bleh hard to blog while at the same time not just re-tell what i did today.

I dont know if you guys have noticed but in 20 to 1 Adults Only is exactly the same as 20 to 1... Like they actually just got the old episodes made a new layout aka changing from blue to red and make Bert Newtown say a few more lines or so. Like i actually saw the same episode in a space of a month except one was classified as adults only... But the first few episodes were genuinely new.
wow mad blog, talking about 20 to 1.

Oh yeah i also wanna mention that i read HappySmegDog and Cocopippitypop blogs every day. Theyre pretty decent. mostly Genvin and Stephen's though. Except one of genvins blogs once linked me to loltrain. that was gay.

- buxton.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am Buxton.

So the other day, I was attracting the masses with my sextacular awesome, I was defending myself from the evil hoards sent by Madam Eve. Hope was almost lost when I found myself without a weapon of choice - But to a wink of chance, I remembered that I had my cock ready and hardened. I unzipped my zipper, and unleashed a 10 inch fury upon the masses of women. Also, I hate cheerios. They do no cheer me up at all. They lunged at me with their their frightful lust for me, and WHAM, cock in their faces!

I managed to scamper my way into a safe house, and used my COCK to barricade the doors. I found a radio and called fro help. Turns out, there'd be a helicopter at the helipad set to rendezvous at the shopping mall. My cum taste funny - Like, it doesn't have a taste really, just an after taste. Conveniently like in all action movies, there happened to be a ready shotgun, and a hyped up car waiting for me in the garage.

I busted open that door, and with it cocks and bullets swept the streets clean of those horrid and dastardly devilish females. They fell to the wrath of 10 inches, and trembled in my wake. There this image on the net where a guy has his dick up his arse - Yeah, go look that shit up. I arrived at the rendezvous point, only to find it was a trap all along! "Oh terror!", I though to myself, what ever could I do to defeat this fiendish fiend? Mt cock oozed at me with a sparkle in its cum, It had a plan.

Long story short :
Giant cock prevails, and Bxtn sucks at intermissions.

Go look at "Boxers and Bleh" (The blog before this one).

One epic tale of cocks at a time,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boxers and Bleh

i was gonna try and blog today but i didnt have anything planned but leh.
we have 2 followers man. thats mad.

So today nothing really happened at school except that i ripped my boxers while i was at the school toilet which made my late for fundamentals. notice how me and quoc do standard while the other bloggers do advanced english? but yeah. 2 pair of boxers and i ripped in the space of 3 days.

no need to worry though coz like my mum reminded me that i have a whole bag of unused boxers in my closet that she got from vietnam for me or something.

Oh yeah, just to clear things up. I do not, i repeat, i do not like Courtney. and i never have. and never will... well maybe ill like her some time later in my life or something, maybe tomorrow?

its 8:13pm now and i have an early dinner so bleh its dinner time.

- Buxton

"TL ; DR" . Learn to use it.

The establishment phase of this blag proved quite simple really. Though as a opportunist, I scouted out the competition of this... weird and lurid landscape they call Blogspot.

And lo and behold, I have stumbled across many a wall of text, tall enough to challenge the size of my cock.

I don't know whether you actually have superfluous amounts of meaningful insight to spread to the world, but if you're on the internet, learn the phrase "TL;DR", alternatively known as "Too Long; Didn't read". Now - At the point where your text goes beyond a 'brief read', then you must utilise it. No exceptions.

It's not that I'm too lazy to read your mountains of text, about how incredibly exciting it was to, say, be late for school... or, have a funny joke told to you that really won't be as funny when you read it as text... or, talk about inside events that your inside people don't even read.

ALSO, note that I'm using punctuation, and legitimate formatting - The alignment of text shows the 'thoughts' as a intermission to the formalities of this blog. People will think you're professional, though the people who see through this fa├žade will only see a person who's too much of a goody-two-shoes who plays by the rules.

I mean, c'mon, only REBELS spell using the interwebs speaks.

Mandatory line to break the intermission from the end line...

Type less, and more punctually.
It keeps more attention, and makes you look like you're wearing a suit while you blag.

Shut the fuck up,

I think Bxtn was supposed to blag, but he's too busy fending those sexy sexy girls off with a stick.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bitch, please.

You might say ... As Bxtn ASSUMES - "Quoc, you're horrible with women!".
What may lie beneath, though coveted by a bleak, and supposedly distant coat of whit wrecked paint, dashed with a emphatic slash of red, here and there - revealing its 'lack of design' being to anyone but himself, and the voices which guide him through where'as couldn't be complete without one another.

Wow, Whit and Emphatic are actually correct to the context. I had to Google them afterwards to make sure.

I would write more, but Madness Aggrevation came out today, and I'm about to watch it right now. Just let me get my dick hard first.

Lots of cum,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hot Chick Theory.

Right well i dont know if any of you guys have noticed this but every time theres an assessment coming up real soon or we're starting a new hard (thats what she said) topic or some shit, a decent looking chick would start talking up to an ugly, low self esteem or both type of guy so then hes gonna give her notes for an exam or do basically a whole assessment task for her.
The guy is then gonna be like 'WOW this hot chicks talking to me. After this exam is over im gonna try and rape her(or not).' Right? Wrong.

The chick is probably just gonna forget your name within the space of 2 seconds after the assessment task is over. Heck shes probably not even gonna thank you. Well bleh, it happens a lot and the guy pretty much falls for it coz fact is every guy is horny and every girl is too but most of them just hide it. Even if the guy knows that the girl is just using him hes gonna be thinking 'Its gonna be like casual sex, no strings attached and its all fun. Without the penetration and pleasure'.

Yeah well for those who havent realised that the girl is using him theyre gonna try and talk to the chick again and then itll just be an awkward conversation with the chick doing her best not to disappoint him (thats what she said again). Then the guy is prolly gonna like go emo and shit and distance himself from the rest of society. And eventually kill himself. OR he might just join a korean dance group to boost his self esteem while not realising hes doing more damage than good.

Well either that is gonna happen or the chick toys him more coz she realises the potential of making them do more stuff for her, unfortuantely not sexual stuff. Then after a while the guy is gonna get frustrated then turn emo. OR start flirting with the uglier chicks that are actually in his league thus boosting his self esteem slowly.

Anyways this theory doesnt always work as there are variables that are needed for it to work such as:
- The chick must be hot
- The guy must have low self esteem, not necessarily ugly though
- the chick has to be out of his league
- The guy has gotta be smart
- The chick has gotta be not-so bright. Following under the You-either-got-Brains-or-Boobs-not-Both Conumdrem


Bleh thats all. Man am i bored or some shit. i should be photocopying those notes for physics but i cant any shit on sunspots so leh. nothing really happened during the week; apart from english assessment.

Joke of the Week:
Brian: [Something something] DragonForce.
Genvin: DragonForce, more like Dragon-ma.

So its my first proper blog. how fucking shit is it? not really. Is it? nah its actually shit. Touche.

NOTE: I did not base any of this on people i know at all. Did I?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is blog.

And I find it a highly illogical concept. For the fact you're basically telling people "how your day was", when asking someone "How was your day/are you?" is possibly the worse question. Ever. Unless the person is either dying, or has an incredibly interesting life story like Gump.
You don't care. You want information, AND NOTHING MORE.

Back to point one, a Blogspot has been scantly generalised back to a "How my day was", "What I hate", and "How much porn I can share with all of you based on my generosity". Seeing as how I can achieve writing about none of these [based on the lack of eventfulness, lack lustre emotions, and horrible upload speeds] these blogs will be rather empty. So you're going to have to rely on Bxtn and his comedic genius for your shits 'n giggles.

But I shall try anyway.
1. How my day was ...
I woke up at 7 to start downloading porn. Had some trouble being an unregistered user. Uploading.com is fucking horrid service. 100mb for unregestistered users.
The file was 2 100mb parts. Quite the dilema - though my leet hacking skills pulled through, and I discovered that if you sign up with a free account, YOU GET A WHOLE 300MB.
Crisis averted.

I went to go get something to eat, and a Desperate Housewives marathon was on from 12 to 5, playing all the episodes from the current season.

2. What I hate ...
When porn looks better in the screen caps.
When a pornstar looks good, but fucks horribly. (Note; Cherry Potter...I mean, jeeze. What a let down.)
When a porn vid either : has corrupt sound, no sound, or music to overlap everything so you can't hear all the... sounds you should be hearing.

3. Now we are part of the blogger scene. Woo~~~~hoo~~~~.

hugs and kisses
- quoc.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Belleh lehlehleh

mad title.

So me and quoc decided to start this blog right with a mad name. we got it from combining the two song names beat it and going out of my head.

anyways im just gonna talk about my view in life in my blogs and quoc will entertain you with internet related stories and such.

Storm v dragons going into over time. so bleh gonna watch.