Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is blog.

And I find it a highly illogical concept. For the fact you're basically telling people "how your day was", when asking someone "How was your day/are you?" is possibly the worse question. Ever. Unless the person is either dying, or has an incredibly interesting life story like Gump.
You don't care. You want information, AND NOTHING MORE.

Back to point one, a Blogspot has been scantly generalised back to a "How my day was", "What I hate", and "How much porn I can share with all of you based on my generosity". Seeing as how I can achieve writing about none of these [based on the lack of eventfulness, lack lustre emotions, and horrible upload speeds] these blogs will be rather empty. So you're going to have to rely on Bxtn and his comedic genius for your shits 'n giggles.

But I shall try anyway.
1. How my day was ...
I woke up at 7 to start downloading porn. Had some trouble being an unregistered user. is fucking horrid service. 100mb for unregestistered users.
The file was 2 100mb parts. Quite the dilema - though my leet hacking skills pulled through, and I discovered that if you sign up with a free account, YOU GET A WHOLE 300MB.
Crisis averted.

I went to go get something to eat, and a Desperate Housewives marathon was on from 12 to 5, playing all the episodes from the current season.

2. What I hate ...
When porn looks better in the screen caps.
When a pornstar looks good, but fucks horribly. (Note; Cherry Potter...I mean, jeeze. What a let down.)
When a porn vid either : has corrupt sound, no sound, or music to overlap everything so you can't hear all the... sounds you should be hearing.

3. Now we are part of the blogger scene. Woo~~~~hoo~~~~.

hugs and kisses
- quoc.

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