Sunday, March 29, 2009

I should be sleeping.

its 12:22 right now and i should be sleeping but i thought id blog instead.

woot sat next to lisa in physics and chem tutor today. i thought i mightve touched her boobs today but turns out i was only leaning on the wall. HAR.

so sleepy atm. gonna try and make a cwalk video soon. gonna dedicate it to courtney. not really.

Joke of the Week:
Person 1: Why do you always carry a laptop around?
Person 2: So I can look at my wife while shes at home. Look shes doing the Dishes.
Person 1: WOW what?! who are those two naked people?
Person 2: Oh thats Mr. and Mrs. Dishes.

vaguely recounted from a Scrubs ad i saw last night.

Oh yeah also notice how our last posts have been about pedos. and for some reason the ads on our blog are about lawyers, molesters and child abuse help lines. its like crazy.

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