Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ah - Hahahahah.

530 >
Got up. Decided not to download porn [because it was offpeak]. Went back to sleep.

630 >
Got up, and decided to download porn.

700 >
Found a very good link, only to discover it was 2x 700mb files.

721 >
Spent 20 minutes using a calculator to... CALCULATE whether my quota could handle 1.4gb.

722 >
Decided "Fuck it, it looks good". Went back to sleep.

Spent 4 hours dreaming about a cute goth/emo girl which I saw at cab I saw on Friday, and then about how my dad left me alone with a girl in my care ... which is then revealed is a trap to see whether I was ready to be a conman? I think my dad was Roshach from Watchmen. For some reason.

1130 >
Made Ha gau (sp?)

1200 >
Ate previous.

1600 >
Watched David Copperfield on TV.

1700 >
Ate dinner.

1750 >
Download finished.

1800 >
Got pissed at my brother because he decided to wander around behind me right after the download finished.

2000 >
Waited for brother to fuck off. Dota'ed in the meantime.

2030 >

2100 >
Dota'ed again.

2213 >
Right now.

Today was rather eventful.
Fun fun fun.

This blag lacks cocks,

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