Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boxers and Bleh

i was gonna try and blog today but i didnt have anything planned but leh.
we have 2 followers man. thats mad.

So today nothing really happened at school except that i ripped my boxers while i was at the school toilet which made my late for fundamentals. notice how me and quoc do standard while the other bloggers do advanced english? but yeah. 2 pair of boxers and i ripped in the space of 3 days.

no need to worry though coz like my mum reminded me that i have a whole bag of unused boxers in my closet that she got from vietnam for me or something.

Oh yeah, just to clear things up. I do not, i repeat, i do not like Courtney. and i never have. and never will... well maybe ill like her some time later in my life or something, maybe tomorrow?

its 8:13pm now and i have an early dinner so bleh its dinner time.

- Buxton


Kuoke said...

Also, why'd you put the 'standard english' thing, right in the middle of your boxers tale?

Buxton said...

why not man.
i just write whatever pops in my head at the time.