Friday, July 31, 2009


You know what? siffagezorz blogs are alright at the moment. good enough that i might even consider following them. bleh thats all i wanted to say.



Thursday, July 30, 2009


I was trying to draw a singer from a rock band screaming his heart out... So I ended up failing and drawing this instead.
I don't know whether being able to draw awesome stuff at the expense of not being able to draw what I want to is a fair trade...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is old news, but you might'n have heard about it yet.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fo'da Folley

- 100th post preparation -

You know what I should be doing instead of this? My English Speech.
I opened up MS Word at about 4pm today, and this is what I got so far - 4 hours later :

Hooray! Not even 1 dot pot per hour!

Hell, I don't think those are even proper themes. In my desperation I messaged Bxtn... while he was idle. ...And it was Bxtn.

"Conversation with BuxtoN on 7/22/2009 6:59:22 PM:
(7:00:17 PM) Quoc: leh, help me with english speech when you're not idle.
(7:00:23 PM) Quoc: ...if you've started or anything."

I spent a majority of the time deciding on what MJ song to play while I waited for something to click in my head - I mean, what in gods fuck is the concept of 'power'. Even if you could put a square finger onto it, you'd end up back-tracking onto the first area of study - Authority. They're practically the same albeit the usage of.
I was thinking of just winging a philosophical banter on the media (seeing as how the core text is Truman Show) and ending it with a witty line to question the intellect of the teachers marking - and when called upon about the illogicality of the matter, I'd further question their abilities and question more-so their power.
Cyclic redundancy. Witty, no?

Apart from the horrid aspects of the English departure, I've still 4 more assignments - 2 of which are more speeches.
I chose Art for the sake of 'I'm going to draw something, send it your way, and be out of here before you pull the brown paper away', not for this apparition of a skill. The only artist who really get out and about, prophesying their OWN works are complete douche bags. If your art, be it visual, literature or music, requires a validation or even an explanation, then it is not worthy of anything.
Either you've tried taking a shortcut to being philosophical - perhaps even revolutionary, OR you just decided to be an attention whore, seeking to bask in the compliments and well-beings of others.

Aside from school work, I've managed to distract myself for 2 days straight, seeing as how I was meant to start all of that on Monday. I told myself I would, and 2 days I've awoken with "You're meant to do work today", and now 3 days I'll sleep with "You wasted another day".

I have artist-block. Again.
On a related note, I've lost my line-art ability. At least I haven't parted with my whimsical, draw-by-shade technique - it seems to do good in most cases.
I've already finished my ART-OFF #2 submission. It's been sitting in My Pictures for the last 2 weeks now. Don't know what I should do with it. Maybe actually submit it - but I might change my mind about it afterwards, so who knows. Tantalizing the masses.

I managed to finish my submissions for the Bad Video Game Fan-art, and Papercraft Contest. Yeah check that shit out. Both 1st places are $50 credit for the NG store. Even if I get 4th for one of them I'll have enough to get a Penicorn. It'll be fucking mad.

I was going to try and replicate Dan Mumfords style after seeing it on Smegdog. I failed. Hard.
For one, I had artist-block, and two, I tried to do it in an hour. If I had the time, a lacked the worries of school assignments, I might be able to recreate something of similar caliber. Seeing as how I'm guesing if you had to do it digitally, it would just be a complex - possibly simple series of pen lines and grunge effects as the backing. But if he does it by hand, THEN KUDOS TO HIM.

- the blagging experience continues -

My mother wants to get a dog. A grey hound, specifically. None of that pansy ass asian dog shit.
I thought of this joke before I read something related on Jenn's blog. So yeah, copyright shit.

- ROMANCE, in quocs perspective -

Okay, I just remembered something someone said along the lines of :
"I don't want to act like myself around this girl."
1st thing - What in gods fuck. So you're pretending to be someone else for their sake? Now I'm not a selfish bastard, but what the fuck does that have to do with proving yourself to someone? - or should I say, someone else to someone.
When I... or more like IF I get a girlfriend, fuck them if they don't like who I am, I'm not going to play on their feelings and conjure some mythical being to pleasure their every desire because I want to be a hapless, romantic CUNT. I'm not going to shower them in roses from a hot air balloon twenty thousand feet in the air printed with a giant love heart, tagged "I HEART YOU XYZ!" - For the money required to hire a hot-air balloon and buy roses, I could hire a top of the line escort.
If for some reason you decided to be a DOUCHE and create a facade for your relationship, then ARE YOU NOT LYING? Lying is possibly the worst thing you can do - and to do that to a person whose trust you're so desperately trying to GAIN?
Fuck todays society, filled with witless youths, falsing gallantry,whimsing about like rabbid creatures, cut-throat in thier fake hearted ways.

- finally lost artist block -
(Image is huge, what you see here is just a crop)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Down Stream

I just finished Braid, a brilliantly ingenious game for its story, music, theme, game play - the works.
You can find it lying around on the internet for about 100mb, and about 5 hours of your time to finish. Incredibly worth it, I'd have to rank it as my #1 game of all time.

On another note, 100th post next time. I might redecorate to suit the times.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

MasterChef YAYAYAYAY...

lol what. Poh won.

The Machine has you.


I was listening to this song when I got this idea.


An NG art contest came up, and I decided to do a spin-off:

[More Images]
Those dramatic poses make it look so fucking hardcore.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009


i dunno i found it funny at the time.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holiday Happy Snaps!!


Ok, mad. I woke up at 10.
First thing I do? Get on the computer.
More interstingly though, I had a mad dream where Dannis, Sudeep and myself (+ misc. other people) were on Campbeltowns train station. The first thing wrong with that is that I had never been there, and two, I had to Google Campbeltown to make sure I was spelling it correctly.
ANYWAY, I was telling them an excuse to as why I was there and I said something along the lines of '...yeah I thought it was a stupider idea too', to which Sudeep and my subconscious perception of him as some sort of grammar nazi replied, ' "Stupider?" '.
Then by some disturbing dream magic, Dannis and I both say at the same time : "Stupider than JUPITER!" then air high five, leaving Sudeep with his trademark hand-to-the-forehead-followed-by-hand-out-saying-"PLEASE!".
Dream end.


TommyN request we play WC3. We play.
He didn't tell me you could maze on that map. Son of a bitch.


Game ended. You can tell by this picture as the keyboard's tilted, as I adjust it so when I play. You can also see my phone cable, which I uploaded these pics with. That paper with the pinapple juice stain, stuck to the cupboard door has misc. numbers on it incase the house blows up or some shit.


Haircut. I was going to leave it long and tie a pony tail so I could join those French rebel artist.

As soon as I'm done getting a hair cut, it's straight back to the computer to lurk the NG blogs.
I also moved my Jindabyne water bottle.


I have the maddest MSN convos.


And this is 5 minutes ago. Hooray.
I had succesfully eaten a bowl of fruit with a toothpick.



A long time ago, prolly between end of yr9 to yr 10, someone decided to lodge a piece of paper into my pacer. Well up until today i never knew what it was or bothered to see what it was. anyways i took it out and unfolded the paper and to my surprise it had writing on it. BUT what makes it so mad was what was written on the paper. It read:

Things to remember BXTN

I am an asshole
I am dickless
I masturbate to myself
I put my hand up my ass

That's word for word. First of all, who wrote this? And how did they get it into my Pacer? Who is sad enough to do this? unless it was some shit joke.

Now onto the actual message itself. An asshole i may be. But im pretty sure im not dickless and as for being a girl, well you be the judge. Now as to masturbation well for someone accusing me to masturbate is prolly someone who doesn't wank and that prolly eliminates half the guys. I'm gonna also eliminate all girls because, for a girl to do this its prolly more worse than for a guy to do it.

So yeah, gonna solve this mystery boys. and if its you that did this and reading it right now then man up and admit it.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shower Power.

I just took a shower, and half way through it started smelling like cookies. And I thought to myself,
"Either it's because I haven't had anything to do with cookies, or I haven't showered for the last 5 days. WHO KNOWS."
I have Head and Shoulders shampoo, because it's the only product I know of that does what it actually claims.
It was some minty flavour, if shampoo had flavours, and it made my scalp minty cool which I found odd because I was brushing my teeth with mint-ness at the same time.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've just realised...

my answer to any problem that happens to my computer is to reformat it, preferably when i have tutor.

and that i forgot to explain, my meaning of semi-ho is any chick who isn't a ho, so basically the majority of girls. but bleh you wouldnt believe i was telling the truth anyway.

that is all.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Kim Jong Il has cancer.

Quick, lets all make really bad name puns.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anagram of the day!

I don't even know if this is old. I have a feeling that I knew this before but just forgot completely :


Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm going to do something like this for my major body of work in year 12. It's going to fucking mad.

An illustration is a visualization such as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that stresses subject more than form. The aim of an illustration is to elucidate or decorate textual information (such as a story, poem or newspaper article) by providing a visual representation.

Fine art describes any art form developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than utility.
Aesthetics (also spelled æsthetics ot esthetics) is commonly known as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.[1] More broadly, scholars in the field define aesthetics as "critical reflection on art, culture and nature."[2][3] Aesthetics is a subdiscipline of axiology, a branch of philosophy, and is closely associated with the philosophy of art.[4] Aesthetics studies new ways of seeing and of perceiving the world.[5]

Edit :
On a side note, one of the mods on NG had his account hacked. The forums are going to shit, and I just got banned. Hooray.
Edit :
Oh shit, the mod brigade was called and shit just got served.

(Green - Mod, Red - Admin.)
KaynSlamdykes got his mod status removed by, I'm assuming Wade.
Most intense 1 hour of my life.

Reality restoration pending.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is why you cyber.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life's a bitch if you're a fucking pussy.

Here's a list of my brothers achievements in life :
  1. Ask everyone for advice on what senior subjects to choose. Had the aid of his parents. Ended up choosing IST as one of his subjects.
  2. Receives a ROSE award (Some sort of 1st place, but with a pansier connotation) for IST.
  3. In year 12, decides to drop IST and pickup PE.
  4. He also decides to continue with Ext English, Ext Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
  5. Attends 4 tutors for said subjects.
  6. Uses about 200$ of his parents money a week for said tutors.
  7. Gets a UAI of 48.3. Not even half way.
  8. FAIL.
  9. Wants to drive a motorcycle. Presumably because he wants to be like Cloud from Final Fantasy.
  10. Waits an entire year until his brother decides to get his L's and also decides to get his L's at the same time.
  11. Uses his fathers time to go driving, leaving no time for him to go and drive with his younger son.
  12. In result, at all the sparse times his father goes driving with his brother, his father can't stop going on and on about how much better of a driver he is than his other son.
  13. Believes he has some sort of mystical connection with two things : Cats, and nature.
  14. Exerts some sort of exuberance at the sight or mention of cats. (As opposed to just liking cats as an animal, like a normal person does)
  15. Believes he has some sort of control over nature. Can be seen making limb movements near ocean waves, or windy plains.
  16. Constantly taking photos of clouds. Believes they are good, when they really aren't.
  17. Constantly staring at clouds, the moon and the stars. The sky in general.
  18. Watches the worst anime. Possibly the type intended for girls. Prepubescent girls.
  19. Has some sort of in built super ear defence against the superfluously high pitched voices portrayed by all the female characters in said anime.
  20. Has no decency to put on his headphones, which he asked his brother specifically to buy for him.
  21. Listens to the worst assortment of music ranging from super-pitch Japanese pop songs to incredibly weak pansy songs.
  22. Once got told off for burning a CD for the family road-trip to QLD. His father said he was getting a headache.
  23. Believes he has a good taste in music.
  24. Believes he has a good taste in fashion.
  25. Wears runners as casual shoes.
  26. Does not understand what casual shoes are.
  27. Tried to tell off his brother for wearing volleys when he was wearing runners.
  28. Wears school shoes as 'black shoes' to 'match' his 'fashion sense'.
  29. Put 'Has a good fashion sense' in his resume.
  30. Has not actually gotten a job other than one his aunt let him work at.
  31. Was told off by an old man at said job.
  32. Made 20$ an hour at said job.
  33. Is currently out of money, and complaining about it.
  34. Received Youth Allowance. All of it was transferred to his mothers account and was used to pay for his tutoring.
  35. Started an argument with his mother demanding his money, which he had already used on tutoring.
  36. Did not understand what the rest of the family was trying to say, that there was no more money. Did not understand for an hour.
  37. As opposed to actually simply going out to find a simple job, decided to take Centerlink assigned courses to educate people how to get a job. This course is intended for foreigners and the disabled.
  38. Claimed that he had depression.
  39. Was convinced that he had depression by his mother.
  40. Went to a psychiatrist. Once. Got a free booklet.
  41. Constantly blaming his parents for being bad parents.
  42. Used said reason as an excuse for his failure.
  43. Believes he is a good dancer.
  44. Shuffles.
  45. Goes to clubs and shuffles.
  46. When his mother encouraged his brother to invite his friends over, he said he could entertain them by shuffling for them.
  47. Tries to make friends with other peoples friends.
  48. Has 'friends' in year 10, as opposed to his being in TAFE.
  49. Invited one to his house once. From downstairs, the floor could be heard being slammed on.
  50. Will constantly be rung up by one of these girls at exactly 11pm. Will pick up the phone, and not say a single word as the girl blabbers on for 3 hours straight.
  51. In addition will also do research assignments for said girls.
  52. Doesn't, or doesn't have more than about 2 people his age as friends.
  53. Has magnitudes of MSN contacts who have brackets, numbers, text symbols and elongated words en masse.
  54. Whenever with his younger female cousin, acts sly and suave around her.
  55. Constantly hangs around her at parties, in a more than friendly way.
  56. Attends TAFE in a Nursing course.
  57. Is 1 of 2 male students in the class.
  58. Before going to TAFE, was taken around his fathers and uncles work places to get a gist of what the workplace would be like.
  59. Complained and almost cried over how 'dark and dirty' his uncles workplace was. His uncle worked at a factory as a considerably well payed engineer.
  60. Said he didn't want to work in such a place.
  61. Doesn't believe that to get to the top, you have to start at the bottom.
  62. Believes that you can instantly get a job that you like as soon as you get out of school.
  63. Believes that you can do what was previously said with a UAI of 47.3.
  64. Before going to TAFE, considered being a child entertainer, or nanny. Something to do with children.
  65. Proclaimed that he likes working with children.
  66. Regularly goes on 'walks' that last for hours.
  67. These walks usually consist of walking to a train station, as opposed to actually take the train there.
  68. Has a dream catcher. Actaully uses it.
  69. Has the inability to clean up his room.
  70. When pestered by his parents about cleaning his room, argues that it's 'his room, and he can do what he wants with it'. Oblivious to who pays the bills for the house.
  71. When asked to occasionally pay rent for living at his parents house, became emotional and started yelling at people, despite the fact that it was only approximately ten dollars a fortnight.
  72. Would probably not be able to pay ten dollars a fortnight due to the fact he does not have a job.
  73. Has miscellaneous items all over the floor of his room, ranging from awards from primary school, to clothes he 'intended to wash' from a couple of months ago.
  74. Complains that he loses things to easily, and says it's other peoples fault.
  75. Has the tendency to break things easily.
  76. Used approximately 40 rulers in his schooling so far.
  77. Complained that things break too easily.
  78. Incapable of taking care of items.
  79. Does not take care of items.
  80. Even if they are his own items.
  81. Visits DeviantArt regularly, despite his shared internet, and its horrible speeds, even if it wasn't being used on the other end.
  82. Began submitting art to DA.
  83. When making his 'pieces', used only approximately 10 clicks of the brush, simply for colour, and worked the rest with smudge tool on 100.
  84. Believed he would get better at art just by looking at other peoples art.
  85. Bought an original off DA. Cost about $20~30. Was almost as small as a playing card. Was not even a good piece of art, much so it looked like it was done by a 10 year old with a couple of colouring pencils.
  86. His brother assumes he was e-white knighting - trying to get laid over the internet by supporting a female over the internet.
  87. Proclaims that he cares about the environment.
  88. Yet he has the inability to sufficiently close taps.
  89. Is guaranteed to leave a tap dripping after he leaves the bathroom.
  90. Cannot close doors. Tends to follow this habit on windy days.
  91. Cannot put the wireless phone back into the recharger. Leaves it on the couch, or the floor if he decides to be lazy that day.
  92. Puts the television remote in the worst places after watching it. For example, the other room, or in the kitchen. Sometimes in the room with the other television.
  93. Leaves his paraphernalia discarded around the house, such as jumpers, beanies and used socks.
  94. Takes more care of his faces hygine than the house he lives in.
  95. Uses at least 4 different chemicals on his face before he leaves the bathroom.
  96. Spends an extra 10 minutes applying said chemicals to face.
  97. Regularly leaves multiple people waiting on him because he's applying his chemicals.
  98. Does not eat the entirety of fruit. Leaves a considerable amount of the cores, or slices.
  99. Did not defend his brother when he was being bullied in primary school.
  100. Believes that life should be pure bliss and complains that his life isn't despite the fact that he does absolutely nothing to aid his life. He doesn't even do anything. Apart from going to Centerlink to receive pity money and going to TAFE to study nursing, he just sits at home in front of the computer reading mangas all day. Doing this, he somehow achieved to go over the quota by 5gb, going at the steady pace of 10kb/s. To fuel his obsession of doing nothing, he constantly eats all the food in the house, including the food that's deliberately split in to two parts so it can be halved with his brother. By living at this house, he leeches everything from his parents who should kick him out, but won't because they know he'll just be stupid and die on the front lawn.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Indicator Forward.

"This space is lacking. Taken apart, the society of today bears a similarity to that of a hollow of a tree. Removed from piece, then reassembled - lacking, or more there after, is reality."

I'm going to us that as my 'Artist Statement' for my Art assessment. She'll be like "HOLY SHIT I DON'T UNDERSTAND SHIT OF WHAT HE'S SAYING SO I'LL MARK IT HIGH".


So I'm having a nice chat with my bffl Buxton a couple days back, and out of the blue he goes : "Hey, do you think xyz is hot?", to which I reply, "No." and follow up with :

Well you can't really say 'hot' if what you really mean is 'attractive'.
The term 'hot' is SEVERELY overused. Its meaning, washed away after years of definition degradation, much like the term 'gay' (As per when stupid kids use it instead of the word 'stupid').
I'd personally take the term 'hot' to be 'I'd-want-to-bone' - but you'd think to yourself either :
1/ I don't have a dick. ...Maybe I should buy a strap-on.
2/ There are girls that are attractive, but I wouldn't simply want her for sex, because I'm not a societal and selfish douche bag that follows labels and blindly, the media, putting sex above everything else.

Well 'lo and behold, I have made a magical graph using my Radar Graphing skills I learnt in General Maths! (We even got decagonal radar graph paper this one time. Best present ever.)

Pretty self explanitory. It looks pretty trippy too. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows this, BUT STOP GENERALISING TERMS. YOU'VE PEEVED ME OFF SO MUCH, THAT IT'S FORCED MY HAND, AND I'VE CREATED A GRAPH AS RESULT.

Seriously, Megan Fox looks like a guy if you really look hard enough (that's right, FOCUS THOSE EYES, NGGGGH.). In my opinion, she'd (If you include those pics on Google images of her with a bath towel) get C3B4H9. In addition, you can Google an article where she even says herself that she looks like a guy.

...Then Buxton replies with

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kiorda RA.

I've unsuccessfully tried downloading WATCHMEN about 4 times in a row, which wasted about 14 of my hours.

My headphones broke. Or more like 'I tried to fix them, but ended up pulling it apart because it seemed fun at the time'.
I'm going to use these perfectly good speakers for my art assemblage.

Daniel Merriweather has like 1 good song, and that's the one that has that other guy in it.

Aum Asato mā sad gamaya
Tamasojyotir gamaya
Mṛtyormā amṛtam gamaya
Aum śānti śānti śāntiḥ

Translates to :
From ignorance, lead me to truth;
From darkness, lead me to light;
From death, lead me to immortality
Aum peace, peace, peace

I made toast, but decided to eat something else before it sprung back out. So now I have toast I don't want to eat any more.

I was going to heat up a pie in the microwave, but when I pulled out the cling wrap, there was like, 10cms left. I ended up not bothering to heat it up any other way.

I didn't do anything in maths on Friday because I had done all the assigned work on Thursday when everyone else was still down at the sausage sizzle.

I've spent the last 4 art lessons doing absolutely nothing, aside from sticking about 10 cone like objects onto a board.

Ms Jackson is trying to 'read me'. LOL @ THAT BECAUSE IT'S LIKE TRYING TO SUCK A VACUUM.

I'm bothered by the fact that being deep is apparently the new 'in thing'. And with the magic of instant text, you'll think I already had this graph prepared :

More than 50% of my bookmarks are for porn. I should probably more neatly organise it. Then it might be like... 40%.

The kid in the new Avatar movie coming out is completely and utterly fat. I could tell from the half a second of his face you see in the new trailer.
His cheeks cast shadows.

I need a new pair of Pumas.

I tried to draw clouds today. Gave up after two hours of Ctrl+A, Deleting.

I realised it was 3 o clock when I thought it was 11. Fuck.

I copied Skifree back onto my comp only to be reinfected with a virus.
System restore has temporarily fixed it.

This is how most of our conversations start :
(4:25:52 PM) Buxton: bleh
(4:25:56 PM) Quoc: bleh

I am going to try cut my own hair when the holidays begin. Just in case I fuck it up.

I got Linkin Parks unreleased 'She Couldn't' yesterday. Swell. It's like My December with weaker backing instruments of Papercut. THE MORE YOU KNOW.






I'm still trying to figure out whether all girls can put their knees up to their shoulders.

Denise Milani. Google images if you're interested.

Lesbian bukkake orgies are slightly odd.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coz Thriller isn't the best song ever.

I am now gonna join the media bandwagon and become a Michael Jackson fan.
Coz he isn't the best moonwalker ever.

And his songs are mad, i think im gonna make a cwalk video to one of his songs.

ALSO, if it wasnt for him our blog wouldnt even be called beatitoutofmyhead. coz the 'beat it' was from his song yeah, bleh. our blog couldve been 'sexybackoutofmyhead' or 'catchmydiseaseoutofmyhead'.

-with a michael jackson cwalk video coming out, buxton