Wednesday, March 31, 2010

500 Times.

Head literally took about  6, maybe 7 hours.
And it still doesn't look right.

500th Post.
Nothing Special
I'm a horrible person.
Good Day to you.

Senior Suprise.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was if I saw this status, I'd go on Buxtons account and comment "Fucked Up."

...At Kaitlyn, not the widow.

I didn't join the group or anything. I don't join groups.
To get the images of these pages, right click > page info > media tab > last file.
Only works sometimes.

On the note of images:
I have the 51st:
Only read well structured texts. 
Reading blocks of words will literally and physically strain your eyes.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Entertain the Entertainer.

What do people actually do in their spare time. I draw. Basically. I sit and draw all day, hence I don't have the time to do other things. Like. Have a social life. I was talking to Buxton and he's like "Why don't you watch HIMYM" to which I reply, "Because I don't have time."

Redundancy check.

Unless the task is productive, say, you're learning to do something skilful, or creating something, like food for instance, then that I would deem appropriate, but I don't get watching television series and I'm going to say reading, despite most people instantly disagreeing from this point onwards, but all it seems so unproductive. Unless it's in between, like your spare time's spare time. That's understandable. But if all they do is sit around watching and reading purely for the sake of 'taking up time' for their life's events to advance, then why? How much more could you be achieving if you actually did stuff like learn to play an instrument, increase your culinary skills or even make money somehow.
May all this because prosperity is ingrained into the Chinese part of my brain, but I don't even feel like I have ENOUGH time despite my devoting pretty much all of it to drawing. Then you get all these people who claim they have nothing to do, but only this because they're incapable of coherently differentiating time 'using' from time 'wasting'.

This point of view follows in to how drugs and alcohol are useless because all they do is remove the acknowledgeable state of mind, hence preventing people from moving forward in their lives. Even if it's for a day, what's the point? If your definition of 'fun' derives from being completely useless to the rest of humanity temporarily, then good for you. We might as well replace you with a loped off penis, and it would probably do a more productive job in its decomposing to feed the bacteria and flies overhead.

I may have touched on this before with my altruism rant last month, but again:
Nothing matters. If you were to kill a million people, nothing physical would change. Eventually, they'd seep back into the ground and disappear forever. The only thing that would actually change is the human perception of the event. The partner of one of the dead would mourn perhaps, does that change anything? It doesn't, but it's the only thing that people can be guaranteed that is actually changeable because they experience it first hand. If there were no human or animal or even living organism to acknowledge the existence of the Earth, then how could it exist. If you were to give a conscious though an image of Earth from space, they would perceive it as that and nothing more, and nothing less. Even if they planet was to turn into a diamond shape, it would go unknowingly so because that consciousness will only ever see Earth as a sphere.

Then again, I could have just summed all of that up with "Tree in the forest falls, if no one is around to hear it, did it fall at all?"

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best You Can Is Good Enough.

Optimistic - Radiohead

Licorice Whip.

Following on from previous blog...
I was gonna reformat because my comp was dilapidated as it was, and just so happens I was out of DVD's to burn shit onto. So I manage to remember that I have a RW somewhere, and when I find it, it has Pr uze getting whipped video and also the editted version with the fighting game GUI.

Yep. Just thought I'd let you know.

Getting close to 500 post. Might do something fancy. And by fancy, I mean, disappointing.

Dust Bunnies.

My computer turns on, gets the point where it should show the XP loading splash screen, then just freezes on a black screen.

What do I do?

Fixed it. Reformatted without losing files. I'm fucken computer genious.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Open The Draw Bridge.

Don't you hate it when you close your eyes only to have your eyelashes stick up on an angle which physics would consider rigid so that when you next blinked, it would cane like a fucking bitch.

I dreamt that I was the commander of a crab army in the name of Poseidon who basically looked like Ariel's dad in "The Little Mermaid". Why does spell check not recognise 'Poseidon'?
Anyway, I took my crab army of about 10-20 crabs in to fight large chunks of cheese or grapes. Oh, for reference, I forgot to mention that the crabs were like, larger than elephants - and so were the cheese/grape things. Every so often I'd get an aerial view of the fight and be able to command everything like an RTS game.
Basically, crabs got their claws ripped of and shit, and we got ass raped by cheese. Or grapes. Regardless, that's pretty fucking disappointing.
A couple of crabs survived. I took a liking to one which I nicknamed 'Buster' for some reason.
I returned to Poseidon to tell him we got our asses raped, and he told me to fuck off for a while. So when I come back, what used to be an ocean of sorts turned into a desert where the bodies of my crab army laid nearing death. I saw Buster and I was like "NO! BUSTER!!! D=".
Poseidon was stuck in the sand aimlessly trying to reach for the water which was only 2 arm lengths from him. He said that if he manages to reach water he'd be able to fix everything. So because I have some sort of supernatural mysticism endowed unto me by Poseidon prior to these events, I called a tidal wave from the previously mentioned water and flooded the desert.
At this point, the camera changes to something reminiscent of a boss fight in 'God Of War' as I somehow manage to survive the huge ass surge of water (skyscrapers height) by 'surfing/jumping' from miscellaneous pieces of debris, gaining at least half a minute of air time. I somehow realise I have a sword and use it to land on an oriental style house. And by that I mean, I did several intense flips in my 30 second air time with a sword which oddly looked like a red Buster Sword from FF7, because it looked more awesome, and then upon landing, I plunged the sword into the roof first as to alleviate the landing force. Also it looks bad ass.
Camera chucks a quick pan to a low angle of me, just landing, arching me head back to see Poseidon atop a whirling vortex of water, like so:
I forgot to mention that I was adorned in crab armour.
Imagine WoW atire, but crabby.

Pier Side.

WIP for SummerBoy.
It's like, he's on a frozen lake, but the water underneath him melts because of his summery radiance.

Move Everything Around.

Here's what would happen if I condensed a bunch of my blogs into the common topics I blog about:

Son of a cunt Adobe updater updated while I was reading Brendans anaylsis of Star Trek.
So no porn tomorrow.

Parents leaving tomorrow. Freezers packed with rations. My current responsibilities are cooking, cleaning and feeding the fish. My brother gets watering the plants.
Bin-taking-outing is alternating.

Unfortunate and Unlikely Mishaps:
I cut tape with my mouth as I peeled it from the roll. Because I don't have three arms. I ended up with a gash on my bottom lip. A noticeable gash that goes from top to bottom. Is it normal to enjoy biting down on these, causing pain?

Title Reference:
Furries included, but not in this particular strip. Except the artist calls them anthros. PSHH.

I finally found the name of that strapless strapon thing. A 'Feeldoe'.
On a related note for a 2x combo,
I only just realised that that porn star I was looking for for the last year was Stoya. (I heard OF her, but didn't know it was actually HER.)
Bonus, legit double word usage.

Something I Hate:

Astro Boy VS Megaman.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quoc hasn't posted so I'll post you a fun fact:

Doing one hour with a fully licensed driving instructor is equivalent to driving with a supervisor for ten hours. Hence you can drive for like 12 hours and then do you P's.

Okay maybe it was more fun in my head.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am


but unlike quoc i uncap 2 days into the holidays.

Cleaning Products.

My personal opinion on Bleach:
If they had kept it at 1 season, everything would have been fine - but that Aizen faggot was all:
"Lol, brb. Spend the next 10 seasons trying to find me, fuckwads."

To which Ichigo was like
"What the fuck? I had to fight a series of numerically ordered Generals ending with a old man with a ripped physique only to reach a 'to be concluded'?
I'd be fine with that, as long as you introduce enemies that have supposedly been around for aaages, but one, you forgot to mention, and two, decide to emerge in ascending order according to their power levels.

...Also my sword has to get bigger every season."

Daft Punk's Electroma @ 10:30pm on ABC2.
Incase anyone's interested.

To: Neighbour.



I looked out my window.
Somebody's trying to mow a lawn with a lawn trimmer which you're supposed to use to trim lawns while lawn mowers are supposed to be used to mow lawns which he is trying to do with a lawn trimmer.

3 hours got him about five eighths done.
Are you stupid.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buster Shot.

Finished line work except for the detailings of Mega's scar thing.
Astro's face idea stolen from somewhere.
I'm going to try and pimp out the lighting so it's basically, in one word, epic.

Who Guessed.

I got a key card right, and it the letter that came with it said 

"You're good to activate this piece of shit card, provided you have the PIN number we say you should have received, but didn't.In addition to this, in order to activate your card online, you're going need a password you're going to have to call us for. Alternatively, you could activate via phone call, but if you want to get your password and activate, you're going to need to call us twice, because password giving, and password taking are two completely different departments."

So basically, I just have a piece of shit plastic with my name on it.

Guess who...

has their new medicare card.

medicare card + birth certificate = L's license.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Graphs That Make You Dumb.

Your Choice

I have cleverly hidden the URLs to the following vids. One contains a pretty hilarious video, the other one will literally fuck up your eyes and rape it and then send it to hell.

Choice 1

Choice 2

Beast Within.

From that idea that Genvin had of having custom things on the 'hoodie committee's' hoodies, I contemplated drawing 5 of us [Katie, Genvin, Stephen, Black Bob, I] as our representative animals.
Nothing furry, like actual animals.

The currently line up is:
Katie - Giraffe.
Genvin - Crab.
Black Bob - Black Bear.
Stephen - Unknown [I'd say German Shepard from the top of my head.]
I - Unknown [Probably a cat.]


Home Alone.

 In 4 days my parents are going to magical Vietnam for a 'vacation', leaving me home alone - and by that I mean I wouldn't regard my brother worthy enough to have achieved the status of a 'person'. Seriously, if you got like, a severed dick, and put it in his bed [well apart from him putting it up his arse], people wouldn't be able to tell the difference, they'd be all like 'Hey, he must just be really tired, hence why he's in his bed.' Because fact of the matter is, he does absolutely jack shit.

I'd think that a simple ant would have achieved in its minuscule 90 day life [Fun Fact!]. Really, his routine is basically get up, waste resources, go to sleep. Repeat. An ant on the other hand would have gathered and allocated these resources for the benefit of the greater ant community.

He doesn't even realise what jobs are for. He even said, verbatim, "What do I need a job for?". Well dumb shit, jobs are for making money which you use to buy food so you can live that little bit longer as to make some sort of difference in the world. But despite his stupid 'aspirationless' aspirations, he thinks that his 'doing nothing' is actually what he's supposed to be doing. He tries to back his 'claims' by relaying from stupid sources stupid facts such as 'kids are staying at home longer, it's a trend', 'a lot of people are unemployed, hence why I am'.

Well you fucking cunt, people are only setting this collective legacy because 90% of people are fucking dipshits, and obviously, you want to join them because you're a conformist anal fuck.

He's been out of high school for more than 2 years now, wandering with only wanderlust, aimless in destination or even direction - he honestly believes that he can just leech off his parents for the rest of his life. Well buddy, aren't You gonna be surprised at their funeral?

On Employment, he recently attended a Job Expo, to which he was somewhat drawn to the 'Volunteer Stand'. What. The Fuck. First, I question why there was a volunteer section in a 'job' expo, and secondly, as good as volunteering is, you shouldn't be making it your main priority to help others when you can't even help yourself. Seriously, it'd be like a hobo trying to help an African. What exactly the fuck is happening.

Main point of why I'm writing this:
Resources. He waste them.
The basics of productivity are ( output > input = good ) and vice versa is bad.
The problem is, he doesn't even HAVE output, his equation is basically ( input + input + input + input + ... = what the fuck is your reason for living? )

Personally, this affects me because when you buy a pack of 4 pies to share, logically it should be ( 4 pies / 2 people = 2 pies each ), but because he's basically a mutated monster cunt with teeth, all he does is fucking eat everything disregarding logic - oh wait, his whole life doesn't even fucking make sense.
Furthermore, internet - basically my life blood. All he does all day is go on the comp, read and watch a bunch of faggot manga / anime meant for faggots. Like, the writers and artist in cramped cubicles were thinking 'fuck this is so fucking stupid, only stupid unproductive mutated monster cunts would read this shit!'.

He does this so fucking much, that he somehow manages, with his stupid faggot powers, to whittle away at the 12gb quota our ISP provides. Even worse, he somehow is able to find a way to avoid all 'investment' type downloads, and by that I mean: When you download something which isn't instantly destroyed or lost. Examples of this would be streaming anything.
My flawless logic sees it as: When you download something, it should be valid and useful for a considerable amount of time, as to keep you occupied off the internet to allow the quota to catch back up to average.
[Doesn't count if you have mad internet. ...Or if you're not sharing with a fucking cunt.]

So in 2 days, he manages to waste almost half the quota streaming a live stream of somebody watching the first season of Pokemon.
Streaming live cast [or just streaming in general] is basically a constant download. Seeing as how he basically does this for pretty much 7 hours a day, he's basically downloading a near 2.5 gig file every fucking day he does it. If he actually had a job, he'd be able to buy the entire Pokemon series without wasting something that too belongs to others. Even more logical would be that after buying the entire series, he would actually have a physical copy, but rather, having a brain the shape of a penis, he streamed it, FROM A LIVE CAST. ARE YOU RETARDED? Having done this, he basically watched it on a television... that was on fire. Because you are NEVER getting it back.

Here, have a graph:

Seriously, GUESS the days he did this.
For contrast sake, I downloaded 600mb worth of porn and some albums on the first day - to which I responded "Hey, now that I've spent a considerable amount, I'll hold back, as to allow the usage to normalise." Hence, the 14th of March, I decided to use barely anything. Note that he decided to sleep this entire day. Meaning that the 14th is genuinely all mine. It also concludes that he's fucking useless.

Now on the 15th my brother decides to watch SO MUCH manga that he manages to surpass 800mb with IMAGES. The after that everything comes crashing down, like dicks to the slaughter.

You want to know the worst part of this?
I'm capped now. And it's going to be like this until the next 13th, leaving me with only 6 days of actual internet in the holidays. This doesn't affect him AT ALL, BECAUSE EVERYDAY IS A HOLIDAY FOR HIM BECAUSE HE'S USELESS AND DOESN'T DESERVE TO BREATHE.

This is going to be a long 3 weeks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proto Man.

This is still a draft.
It's funny because I know the final version won't look this good.


If you're referring to the lack of people online, then 

If not, then dicks.

It's almost as bad as that time when people would only ask certain people to talk to them and regard everyone else as 'not important'.


Hey There SummerBoy.

Oh, so turns out I won that art contest like, a week ago, I just missed the memo.

There's another art contest which involves lame super heroes.
I might do SummerBoy if he still in and everything.

Tautology Club.

I put Society Gates, LOST and Brackenwood Series as my 3 related text.

Type: TV Series.
Context: It’s on television. It’s a series. You watch it every week in order to complete the story?

What. The fuck.

Zarok's Lair.

Finished MediEvil in about under 6 hours.
Now I have a headache, and still have to do the English shit.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Everybody Stand Still.

I didn't draw this or anything, I just wanted to test something.

Robot Child.



As I was studying for eco I decided to create a formspring.

leh leh bellehleh

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flaming Lasers.

I'm not too happy with the angle - it should be more behind Megaman, but his stupid wings get in the way.
I'll probably redo this later.

Those Evil Pigs.

I finished it.

I had the demo of it when I got my PS1 in like, 1998. Then while writing my speech, I somehow remembered this game, and though it would be a good idea to try and finish it.

Next up, Medievil.


Sin City on tonight. 
Meant to watch it since... ever.

Sleep for maths?

I got 3 wrong in the last pop quiz, and those were only because I didn't elaborate enough in the 'written responses' in a 'maths test'.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beauty From The Ashes.

Flobots. It's a viola, not a violin.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anime Con.

As per request by Black Bob - a not-anatomically-androgynous-person.
+ Anime week CONTINUES.

Shove It : Ultimatum.


I could probably just IM you Genvin, but are we actually ordering it now or do we need stuff, like money upfront etc.

Misplaced Order.

I'm actually considerably and considerably confused.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strength And Honour.

I still think this is a good idea and I would totally wear it to the formal.
Or alternatively, I could just one of those hoodies with the monk length cowls.

Obscure news that I'm probably the only one interested in:

The creator of Newgrounds + some associates created the team The Behemoth a while back, producing the games Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. They're a small, independent developer which currently only makes games for the Xbox Live marketplace.

So of course, who do you pit against this up and coming, barely off the ground production company?
OF COURSE, YOU PIT THEM AGAINST BLIZZARD (Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft fame incase you've been living under a colossal cock for the last 20 years.)

The current standings:
I actually think they're doing pretty good, considering.

Then I've Been Chasing a Sin.

Yearbook thing.
I blanked out on the rest.


best song EVAR.

If Freedom Can't Be Touched.

I read somewhere that, "Psychologists" say that keeping secrets healthy for the mental well being of ones self - that in managing information that is limited to sparse, yet 'important' people, you gain a sense of responsibility, a reason to exist.

So for the last week I've been trying to think of visage of a secret that I may have been a part of, but to no avail. Possibly because either I disallow myself to be endowed with such 'responsibility' and 'purpose', or I just really don't care about the share-alike terms of things people deem to be 'valuable information - ie: how incredibly fucking sexy Robert Patterson is'.
(Robert Patterson is Edward from Twilight)

There must be something wrong with me.

But upsides be told,

I don't even care.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anime Decade.

Hiatus from Anime Week.

Have some links:

Might be a bit late on this, but regardless. Buxton linked me to this, I thought it was actually really good. We need more rappers that spit over this flowy rock/country/blues/something.

Leo and Satan.
Remember that stupid voice that Adam Sandler did in Waterboy? Well if you enjoyed that, you'll enjoy this.

Bunny Letter Opener.
This too.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pencil Break Technique.

I can't be bothered, so here's some run of the mill animations done by the same guy who made Mr. Literal.

Far out

Just found out my video camera wasn't in my video camera case which has been lying on the table for about a month now.

How am i going to vlog and film cwalk videos now?

Plus there's 5 minutes worth of a monkey eating its own shit on it.

EDIT: I've found it, but its out of batteries and now I can't find the charger. GG.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


No I haven't finished my speech.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


These should be better. ...But they're not.

An Elf is Fine Too.

Unnecessary head-piece. Check.
Unnecessary facial markings. Check.
Unnecessary and potentially realistically annoying hair. Check.
Stupidly coloured hair. Check
Hair going pretty much everywhere. Check.
Hair lit up as if there was a halo hovering above her at all times. Check.
24H bra size. Check.
Unnecessary gem that points directly, as to point attention to tits. Check.
Pose accentuating tits. Check.
Lighting accentuating tits. Check.
Huge eyes. Check.
Eyes go through hair. Check.
Eyes reflect multiple sources of light. Check.
Flat face. Check.
Unnecessary racial difference. Check.
Unnecessary racial difference used as an excuse for everything unrealistic about the character. Check.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Sincere, the cry of pure bliss, "I fear that ill-willed idealisms are verging on my kempt. I fear that my dual sister of sinister caste seeks to strip the evergreen fields I've so dearly nurtured."

(Not Anime Week related. I actually drew this before posting the last blog.)

School Girls and Dark Alleys.

I was going to do something more... 'better' but I couldn't be arsed, so I came up with this.
I might actually bother drawing something full kawaii AKA dicks-in-face if I manage to finish my speech tomorrow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did you know

That I was not originally named Benjamin Xuan Toan Nguyen. It was actually Benjamin Do Nguyen. My parents changed my name when I was about 3 or 4.

Talk about identity fraud.

Cool Cats and Fine Felines.

Fun facts, as discovered by Black Bob and I during lunch today:

There is no such animal called a "panther".
The feline genus "panthera" includes lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars.

Usage of the word:
A "Panther" is a leopard in Africa and Asia.
A "Panther" is a Puma/Cougar/Catamount in N.America.

Additionally, the Puma, the Cougar and the Catamount are different names for the same one animal.



I don't know.

Less blogs as of late because my life is even more mediocre than what it is normally.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Broken Washing Machine.

Andy getting face raped later. Cause this literally took about 4 hours to do.

... And I just missed the first 10 minutes of LOST.
Edit, 20 minutes.

Hey Guys

I failed my L's.

Take a Ride in my Delorean.

You know how you reverse the clock on your comp so that trial programs last longer? Well I tried that for SAI, and it said the trial had ended, so I put it back to normal time and it must have detected that I was a cheap bastard or something 'cause it still said it the trial ended.

Those sneaky japs.

Unverified Fun Fact: I'm pretty sure there's no Anime cons in Darwin, because you'd probably get shot.

Another Fact that isn't as fun: The reason there's so many bonus tracks released in Japan is because apparently their music industry is severely overpriced, hence artist put more songs on their albums over there to entice them to buy them? Or something stupid like that.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

2 Chamber Revolver.

I prefer them in 2D.
But the cameo makes up for it.

Geometry of the Earth.

I'm eating grapes with my mouth. 
As in, no hands because I don't want to get them sticky.
Try it. You'll feel like you have a metal disability.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Text Type Cow.

Text always seemed a bit bland in my view. Then you have that huge negative space below the cows head.
So I attempted to fix these two problems at the same time.

I'm not suggesting any of the alternates, we could just go traditional if you guys want, I'm just putting it out there.

Pimp my Console.

Regarding "V: The Final Battle" on right now [I'm not watching] and its advertising on Channel 9:

Was I the only one to think that the 'spaceship' looked like the back of a pimped out Megadrive?

I Wanna Live 'Til I Die.

Literally cock sucking.

The Bravery - Song For Jacob.

Impulse shopping

So after physics and chem tutor I went to Bankstown library to catch up on some physics. After awhile I got bored so I decided to Centro Bankstown. So I walked around the place for about an hour then out of impulse went to cotton on and bought 40 bucks worth of a tshirt and a long sleeve shirt. Since I was feeling impulsive and had the adrenaline running I decided to change into my new clothes just to be mad.

After wearing it I felt guilty and wasted 40 bucks even though the shirts were reallllyyyy mad. So to make up for it I didn't buy a train ticket to canley vale and walked past the open gates.

Oh I was also about to buy some mice as pets and hide it under my bed, but leh.



So my eldest cousin, on my mum's side, has said that he doesn't want to have kids. This makes me first in line be the one that gives my grandma her grandkids, provided she live for about another 15+ years.

...Unless my eldest cousin accidentally knocks up his white girlfriend.

Line of Action.

Revamping Shove It.

In the bottom right hand corner is the signature I was going to use had I painted a piece for Valentines day, but it looks like I'm a tad late for that one.

Side notes:
My internet speed quadrupled for some reason in the last few days. First thing I thought was "Oh wow, now I can download porn like I always do, but FOUR TIMES FASTER."
I ended up downloading half a gig this morning despite my knowing that porn is a waste of time, hence I hate myself for watching it.

I actually really hate being around misc. people.
My grandfather is staying at my house for 2 weeks, somehow coincidentally the exact time frame as up until the half-yearlies, and this afternoon he planted himself in the middle of the kitchen/lounge room.
Standing aesthetics:
To avoid other people trying to navigate their way around a room, you stand at a wall, a corner, or somewhere that doesn't block another persons path.
I was about to yell at him "THIS ISN'T A TOWER DEFENCE, FUCK".

Megaman in Jet Suit vs Astroboy.
I'll draw this later.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Live Or Not At All.

Inspired by Black Milk by Massive Attack:

What's For Dinner.

My parents are going overseas for 3 weeks, and my brother asks my mother:

(Implying that he has the inability to cook for himself... let alone do anything else.)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lack Lustre Ritual.

I feel as if what's left of my human self is slowly dying, that I'll just end up a desolate, hollow of a body, robotic in process and lacking in emotion. The thrill of being alive is dwindling. The joys of life I once saw are now gone, to the point where I question the time I wasted on such things. Everything is about productivity and progress but inevitably, nothing matters and everything I do will be for nothing.

On a lighter note, I was swallowing some water and I made the Yoshi noise.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Buckets of Sand.

I see your Impressionist Mountains with my eyes. Then I raised some scenery in sand.
A Moonlit Lagoon.

Completely unnecessary?

Bittersweet Yellow.

Hey kiddies and dog waffles, when your grandfather comes over the magical and commonly referred to as Singapore's stupid neighbour, Malaysia, Truly Asia, what kind of phantasmical items could he bring over that is sure to leave the masses spell bound in their guise'd steps?

DURIAN CHOCOLATES. Yes lads and ladies, get quite possibly the most divine of confectioneries in the world for the last 2 centuries, and RUIN THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

I ate one, thinking that the majesty of the grande chocolate would subdue the horrid and disgustingness of Durian, but yeah, it pretty much taste like shit.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sand Cat.

15 minutes in this addictive shit.

Genvin And All Of His Eyes.

You managed to detect one percent of difference.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Got the quote from the guy, and this is how it is:

       If we order...                    It will cost...
25-50 $60
50-75 $45
100 $35
He didn't say whether the last one was 75-100, hence why I didn't write it, though I assume it's what he meant.
I doubt we'll get anywhere near 100, but it's there just for show.

Also I was right about the shirts - if we ordered 50 of either ProPat or ShoveIt shirts, it would cost $15 to buy.

I was thinking about doing something soon, but the half yearlies might make everyone stupid or something, so I dunno, resume in Term 2? Or we can just go straight through it.

ProPat / ShoveIt shirts:

Basically, yeah.Colour of shirts probably decide later - price is the same, but I dunno if we can buy multiple colours in one order, but I'm pretty sure there would be nothing stopping it.
I might redraw the ShoveIt shirt. It looks a bit dated cause of the hatching lines + they wouldn't work well transferred to vector.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Penis Posse.

I sort of don't want to give this guy shirt, 'cause that would wreck the picture, but in result, I would feel really fucking gay colouring it.

More Cocks.

Dr. Blogspot

Yesterday I ate some corn. Then this morning I chucked a shit and when I looked back it was filled with solid pieces of corn, like 100 or some shit. Is there something wrong with me?