Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Elf is Fine Too.

Unnecessary head-piece. Check.
Unnecessary facial markings. Check.
Unnecessary and potentially realistically annoying hair. Check.
Stupidly coloured hair. Check
Hair going pretty much everywhere. Check.
Hair lit up as if there was a halo hovering above her at all times. Check.
24H bra size. Check.
Unnecessary gem that points directly, as to point attention to tits. Check.
Pose accentuating tits. Check.
Lighting accentuating tits. Check.
Huge eyes. Check.
Eyes go through hair. Check.
Eyes reflect multiple sources of light. Check.
Flat face. Check.
Unnecessary racial difference. Check.
Unnecessary racial difference used as an excuse for everything unrealistic about the character. Check.


Deevan said...

What a great start to Anime Week!

wolf said...

*fap fap*

dude, thats not even 24h.