Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Got the quote from the guy, and this is how it is:

       If we order...                    It will cost...
25-50 $60
50-75 $45
100 $35
He didn't say whether the last one was 75-100, hence why I didn't write it, though I assume it's what he meant.
I doubt we'll get anywhere near 100, but it's there just for show.

Also I was right about the shirts - if we ordered 50 of either ProPat or ShoveIt shirts, it would cost $15 to buy.

I was thinking about doing something soon, but the half yearlies might make everyone stupid or something, so I dunno, resume in Term 2? Or we can just go straight through it.

ProPat / ShoveIt shirts:

Basically, yeah.Colour of shirts probably decide later - price is the same, but I dunno if we can buy multiple colours in one order, but I'm pretty sure there would be nothing stopping it.
I might redraw the ShoveIt shirt. It looks a bit dated cause of the hatching lines + they wouldn't work well transferred to vector.


genvinout said...

shirts idea sounds sweet if they'd be going for fifteen, but how much would it cost to make them? i'd wear that shit everywhere

Kuoke said...

$664.60 to produce 50, hence, $12.892/person.

Strabo said...

So $15-20 dollars just in case of shortfall. Because selling 10 shirts and having a $440 bill is a bitch, lemme tell ya.

Quyen said...

I'd buy a shirt for sure!