Sunday, March 7, 2010

Line of Action.

Revamping Shove It.

In the bottom right hand corner is the signature I was going to use had I painted a piece for Valentines day, but it looks like I'm a tad late for that one.

Side notes:
My internet speed quadrupled for some reason in the last few days. First thing I thought was "Oh wow, now I can download porn like I always do, but FOUR TIMES FASTER."
I ended up downloading half a gig this morning despite my knowing that porn is a waste of time, hence I hate myself for watching it.

I actually really hate being around misc. people.
My grandfather is staying at my house for 2 weeks, somehow coincidentally the exact time frame as up until the half-yearlies, and this afternoon he planted himself in the middle of the kitchen/lounge room.
Standing aesthetics:
To avoid other people trying to navigate their way around a room, you stand at a wall, a corner, or somewhere that doesn't block another persons path.
I was about to yell at him "THIS ISN'T A TOWER DEFENCE, FUCK".

Megaman in Jet Suit vs Astroboy.
I'll draw this later.


genvinout said...

.. is it really gonna say 'OH ITS SO BIG'?

Kuoke said...

...No. I inserted multiple instances of false sketch type illusions for the purpose of humour.