Sunday, March 28, 2010

Move Everything Around.

Here's what would happen if I condensed a bunch of my blogs into the common topics I blog about:

Son of a cunt Adobe updater updated while I was reading Brendans anaylsis of Star Trek.
So no porn tomorrow.

Parents leaving tomorrow. Freezers packed with rations. My current responsibilities are cooking, cleaning and feeding the fish. My brother gets watering the plants.
Bin-taking-outing is alternating.

Unfortunate and Unlikely Mishaps:
I cut tape with my mouth as I peeled it from the roll. Because I don't have three arms. I ended up with a gash on my bottom lip. A noticeable gash that goes from top to bottom. Is it normal to enjoy biting down on these, causing pain?

Title Reference:
Furries included, but not in this particular strip. Except the artist calls them anthros. PSHH.

I finally found the name of that strapless strapon thing. A 'Feeldoe'.
On a related note for a 2x combo,
I only just realised that that porn star I was looking for for the last year was Stoya. (I heard OF her, but didn't know it was actually HER.)
Bonus, legit double word usage.

Something I Hate:

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