Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anime Decade.

Hiatus from Anime Week.

Have some links:

Might be a bit late on this, but regardless. Buxton linked me to this, I thought it was actually really good. We need more rappers that spit over this flowy rock/country/blues/something.

Leo and Satan.
Remember that stupid voice that Adam Sandler did in Waterboy? Well if you enjoyed that, you'll enjoy this.

Bunny Letter Opener.
This too.


genvinout said...

I would probably be creaming myself if I had checked out the three Radiohead CDs I got from Julie like three months ago.

word veri: graput

katie said...

i tried that with Mr Rabbit
he started chewing then stopped.
so i threw him over the fence.

kept the envelope though.

Kuoke said...

That's a bit mean.