Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Alone.

 In 4 days my parents are going to magical Vietnam for a 'vacation', leaving me home alone - and by that I mean I wouldn't regard my brother worthy enough to have achieved the status of a 'person'. Seriously, if you got like, a severed dick, and put it in his bed [well apart from him putting it up his arse], people wouldn't be able to tell the difference, they'd be all like 'Hey, he must just be really tired, hence why he's in his bed.' Because fact of the matter is, he does absolutely jack shit.

I'd think that a simple ant would have achieved in its minuscule 90 day life [Fun Fact!]. Really, his routine is basically get up, waste resources, go to sleep. Repeat. An ant on the other hand would have gathered and allocated these resources for the benefit of the greater ant community.

He doesn't even realise what jobs are for. He even said, verbatim, "What do I need a job for?". Well dumb shit, jobs are for making money which you use to buy food so you can live that little bit longer as to make some sort of difference in the world. But despite his stupid 'aspirationless' aspirations, he thinks that his 'doing nothing' is actually what he's supposed to be doing. He tries to back his 'claims' by relaying from stupid sources stupid facts such as 'kids are staying at home longer, it's a trend', 'a lot of people are unemployed, hence why I am'.

Well you fucking cunt, people are only setting this collective legacy because 90% of people are fucking dipshits, and obviously, you want to join them because you're a conformist anal fuck.

He's been out of high school for more than 2 years now, wandering with only wanderlust, aimless in destination or even direction - he honestly believes that he can just leech off his parents for the rest of his life. Well buddy, aren't You gonna be surprised at their funeral?

On Employment, he recently attended a Job Expo, to which he was somewhat drawn to the 'Volunteer Stand'. What. The Fuck. First, I question why there was a volunteer section in a 'job' expo, and secondly, as good as volunteering is, you shouldn't be making it your main priority to help others when you can't even help yourself. Seriously, it'd be like a hobo trying to help an African. What exactly the fuck is happening.

Main point of why I'm writing this:
Resources. He waste them.
The basics of productivity are ( output > input = good ) and vice versa is bad.
The problem is, he doesn't even HAVE output, his equation is basically ( input + input + input + input + ... = what the fuck is your reason for living? )

Personally, this affects me because when you buy a pack of 4 pies to share, logically it should be ( 4 pies / 2 people = 2 pies each ), but because he's basically a mutated monster cunt with teeth, all he does is fucking eat everything disregarding logic - oh wait, his whole life doesn't even fucking make sense.
Furthermore, internet - basically my life blood. All he does all day is go on the comp, read and watch a bunch of faggot manga / anime meant for faggots. Like, the writers and artist in cramped cubicles were thinking 'fuck this is so fucking stupid, only stupid unproductive mutated monster cunts would read this shit!'.

He does this so fucking much, that he somehow manages, with his stupid faggot powers, to whittle away at the 12gb quota our ISP provides. Even worse, he somehow is able to find a way to avoid all 'investment' type downloads, and by that I mean: When you download something which isn't instantly destroyed or lost. Examples of this would be streaming anything.
My flawless logic sees it as: When you download something, it should be valid and useful for a considerable amount of time, as to keep you occupied off the internet to allow the quota to catch back up to average.
[Doesn't count if you have mad internet. ...Or if you're not sharing with a fucking cunt.]

So in 2 days, he manages to waste almost half the quota streaming a live stream of somebody watching the first season of Pokemon.
Streaming live cast [or just streaming in general] is basically a constant download. Seeing as how he basically does this for pretty much 7 hours a day, he's basically downloading a near 2.5 gig file every fucking day he does it. If he actually had a job, he'd be able to buy the entire Pokemon series without wasting something that too belongs to others. Even more logical would be that after buying the entire series, he would actually have a physical copy, but rather, having a brain the shape of a penis, he streamed it, FROM A LIVE CAST. ARE YOU RETARDED? Having done this, he basically watched it on a television... that was on fire. Because you are NEVER getting it back.

Here, have a graph:

Seriously, GUESS the days he did this.
For contrast sake, I downloaded 600mb worth of porn and some albums on the first day - to which I responded "Hey, now that I've spent a considerable amount, I'll hold back, as to allow the usage to normalise." Hence, the 14th of March, I decided to use barely anything. Note that he decided to sleep this entire day. Meaning that the 14th is genuinely all mine. It also concludes that he's fucking useless.

Now on the 15th my brother decides to watch SO MUCH manga that he manages to surpass 800mb with IMAGES. The after that everything comes crashing down, like dicks to the slaughter.

You want to know the worst part of this?
I'm capped now. And it's going to be like this until the next 13th, leaving me with only 6 days of actual internet in the holidays. This doesn't affect him AT ALL, BECAUSE EVERYDAY IS A HOLIDAY FOR HIM BECAUSE HE'S USELESS AND DOESN'T DESERVE TO BREATHE.

This is going to be a long 3 weeks.


genvinout said...

"He tries to back his 'claims' by relaying from stupid sources stupid facts such as 'kids are staying at home longer, it's a trend', 'a lot of people are unemployed, hence why I am'."

this is probably the first time i've actually felt anger towards your brother

word veri: myoness

Kuoke said...

Are you still the new Anon, or are you that other one?

...Sense making.

Deevan said...

That is Genvin In

Kuoke said...

...Wait, what? I saw that as an anonymous account before.


genvinout said...

I am Genvin In

word veri: mamatea

Anna Vo said...

Show him this blog post.

Kuoke said...

I tell this shit to his face. LIKE A MAN.

dannwas said...

My sister eats all the food in the house too.
Her room stinks too.