Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fo'da Folley

- 100th post preparation -

You know what I should be doing instead of this? My English Speech.
I opened up MS Word at about 4pm today, and this is what I got so far - 4 hours later :

Hooray! Not even 1 dot pot per hour!

Hell, I don't think those are even proper themes. In my desperation I messaged Bxtn... while he was idle. ...And it was Bxtn.

"Conversation with BuxtoN on 7/22/2009 6:59:22 PM:
(7:00:17 PM) Quoc: leh, help me with english speech when you're not idle.
(7:00:23 PM) Quoc: ...if you've started or anything."

I spent a majority of the time deciding on what MJ song to play while I waited for something to click in my head - I mean, what in gods fuck is the concept of 'power'. Even if you could put a square finger onto it, you'd end up back-tracking onto the first area of study - Authority. They're practically the same albeit the usage of.
I was thinking of just winging a philosophical banter on the media (seeing as how the core text is Truman Show) and ending it with a witty line to question the intellect of the teachers marking - and when called upon about the illogicality of the matter, I'd further question their abilities and question more-so their power.
Cyclic redundancy. Witty, no?

Apart from the horrid aspects of the English departure, I've still 4 more assignments - 2 of which are more speeches.
I chose Art for the sake of 'I'm going to draw something, send it your way, and be out of here before you pull the brown paper away', not for this apparition of a skill. The only artist who really get out and about, prophesying their OWN works are complete douche bags. If your art, be it visual, literature or music, requires a validation or even an explanation, then it is not worthy of anything.
Either you've tried taking a shortcut to being philosophical - perhaps even revolutionary, OR you just decided to be an attention whore, seeking to bask in the compliments and well-beings of others.

Aside from school work, I've managed to distract myself for 2 days straight, seeing as how I was meant to start all of that on Monday. I told myself I would, and 2 days I've awoken with "You're meant to do work today", and now 3 days I'll sleep with "You wasted another day".

I have artist-block. Again.
On a related note, I've lost my line-art ability. At least I haven't parted with my whimsical, draw-by-shade technique - it seems to do good in most cases.
I've already finished my ART-OFF #2 submission. It's been sitting in My Pictures for the last 2 weeks now. Don't know what I should do with it. Maybe actually submit it - but I might change my mind about it afterwards, so who knows. Tantalizing the masses.

I managed to finish my submissions for the Bad Video Game Fan-art, and Papercraft Contest. Yeah check that shit out. Both 1st places are $50 credit for the NG store. Even if I get 4th for one of them I'll have enough to get a Penicorn. It'll be fucking mad.

I was going to try and replicate Dan Mumfords style after seeing it on Smegdog. I failed. Hard.
For one, I had artist-block, and two, I tried to do it in an hour. If I had the time, a lacked the worries of school assignments, I might be able to recreate something of similar caliber. Seeing as how I'm guesing if you had to do it digitally, it would just be a complex - possibly simple series of pen lines and grunge effects as the backing. But if he does it by hand, THEN KUDOS TO HIM.

- the blagging experience continues -

My mother wants to get a dog. A grey hound, specifically. None of that pansy ass asian dog shit.
I thought of this joke before I read something related on Jenn's blog. So yeah, copyright shit.

- ROMANCE, in quocs perspective -

Okay, I just remembered something someone said along the lines of :
"I don't want to act like myself around this girl."
1st thing - What in gods fuck. So you're pretending to be someone else for their sake? Now I'm not a selfish bastard, but what the fuck does that have to do with proving yourself to someone? - or should I say, someone else to someone.
When I... or more like IF I get a girlfriend, fuck them if they don't like who I am, I'm not going to play on their feelings and conjure some mythical being to pleasure their every desire because I want to be a hapless, romantic CUNT. I'm not going to shower them in roses from a hot air balloon twenty thousand feet in the air printed with a giant love heart, tagged "I HEART YOU XYZ!" - For the money required to hire a hot-air balloon and buy roses, I could hire a top of the line escort.
If for some reason you decided to be a DOUCHE and create a facade for your relationship, then ARE YOU NOT LYING? Lying is possibly the worst thing you can do - and to do that to a person whose trust you're so desperately trying to GAIN?
Fuck todays society, filled with witless youths, falsing gallantry,whimsing about like rabbid creatures, cut-throat in thier fake hearted ways.

- finally lost artist block -
(Image is huge, what you see here is just a crop)


#JENNZOR said...

Okay, I just remembered something someone said along the lines of :
"I don't want to act like myself around this girl."

If you've watched "There's Something About Mary"....... Yeah.

Kuoke said...

I've watched it, I don't remember anything about that though.

BLOSIA SUN said...

I've produced 220 words in 11 hours so.......

Deevan said...


Kuoke said...

Hopefully everyone in the class will fail and make half-arsed attempts actually look good.

And what, if you're referring to the picture, it looks nothing like him. But he does look too Asian.

genvinout said...

it looks like a yugioh card

Q: How do you make your work??

A: With pencils, pens, and the wonders of photoshop. All my work is either hand rendered or created with the use of a tablet. I will not be more specific about how i create my work, or how to make things look better in photoshop..theres tutorials online for that.

thats on his site. if you didnt see it already

Kuoke said...

I saw it before but nearly everyone does it like that. It's like "I make bread using flour".

ishraq said...

Feel Good Inc > Ergo Proxy

Kuoke said...

...What? How are you going to compare music, or even the music video to an anime series...

ishraq said...

The thing is, our prescribed class text ISN'T AN ANIME SERIES (unless you know of an anime adaptation of Orwell's 1984?). And there are plenty of ways you can compare them.

Kuoke said...

...What? Our core text is The Truman Show.Ergo Proxy is my related text.

genvinout said...

ishraq, what the fuck are you talking about

ishraq said...

I was just saying my related text > Quoc's related text.

Kuoke said...

I highly doubt you've even watched.
It was only aired twice in Australia.

ishraq said...

I've watched the first two episodes online, and stop taking the comment so seriously.

Kuoke said...

How am I even. I just didn't understand what you meant the first 3 times round.