Monday, July 6, 2009

Indicator Forward.

"This space is lacking. Taken apart, the society of today bears a similarity to that of a hollow of a tree. Removed from piece, then reassembled - lacking, or more there after, is reality."

I'm going to us that as my 'Artist Statement' for my Art assessment. She'll be like "HOLY SHIT I DON'T UNDERSTAND SHIT OF WHAT HE'S SAYING SO I'LL MARK IT HIGH".


So I'm having a nice chat with my bffl Buxton a couple days back, and out of the blue he goes : "Hey, do you think xyz is hot?", to which I reply, "No." and follow up with :

Well you can't really say 'hot' if what you really mean is 'attractive'.
The term 'hot' is SEVERELY overused. Its meaning, washed away after years of definition degradation, much like the term 'gay' (As per when stupid kids use it instead of the word 'stupid').
I'd personally take the term 'hot' to be 'I'd-want-to-bone' - but you'd think to yourself either :
1/ I don't have a dick. ...Maybe I should buy a strap-on.
2/ There are girls that are attractive, but I wouldn't simply want her for sex, because I'm not a societal and selfish douche bag that follows labels and blindly, the media, putting sex above everything else.

Well 'lo and behold, I have made a magical graph using my Radar Graphing skills I learnt in General Maths! (We even got decagonal radar graph paper this one time. Best present ever.)

Pretty self explanitory. It looks pretty trippy too. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows this, BUT STOP GENERALISING TERMS. YOU'VE PEEVED ME OFF SO MUCH, THAT IT'S FORCED MY HAND, AND I'VE CREATED A GRAPH AS RESULT.

Seriously, Megan Fox looks like a guy if you really look hard enough (that's right, FOCUS THOSE EYES, NGGGGH.). In my opinion, she'd (If you include those pics on Google images of her with a bath towel) get C3B4H9. In addition, you can Google an article where she even says herself that she looks like a guy.

...Then Buxton replies with


ishraq said...

"... As per when stupid kids use it instead of the word 'stupid' "

More like when gay kids use it, etc.

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Hooray for gossip blogs!

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