Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Physics of Handball.

Physics was mad. not like time consuming at all. but i did adequately though. not good or bad.
Selective schools test was on today so leh we couldnt go down and play footy so we went down and played handball anyways.

Anyways i wanted to explain why im blogging. since i dont go on msn anymore only way to tell people stuff is through blogging. so yeah.

Bleh hard to blog while at the same time not just re-tell what i did today.

I dont know if you guys have noticed but in 20 to 1 Adults Only is exactly the same as 20 to 1... Like they actually just got the old episodes made a new layout aka changing from blue to red and make Bert Newtown say a few more lines or so. Like i actually saw the same episode in a space of a month except one was classified as adults only... But the first few episodes were genuinely new.
wow mad blog, talking about 20 to 1.

Oh yeah i also wanna mention that i read HappySmegDog and Cocopippitypop blogs every day. Theyre pretty decent. mostly Genvin and Stephen's though. Except one of genvins blogs once linked me to loltrain. that was gay.

- buxton.


Anonymous said...

well that was pretty gay ..
just joking ben

everyone! has a blog now X_X

Anonymous said...

ur shit