Friday, March 27, 2009


Being a pedophile is the worst thing ever. Who could ever be sexually attracted to someone else with a big age difference or to someone who doesnt even have pubes...ever.

Mr Payne- you are...mad...enough said.

Michael Jackson as well. hes a mad singer and dancer but gee why have sex with young boys for. i mean gross man...oh gross about the pedophilia as well.

far out. shit topic to blog about and i dont wanna keep thinking about it.

Note. i didnt get this idea to blog from tommy nguyen at all. coz he likes year 9 chicks.


Deevan said...

Let's get deep about paedophilia.
I think it's a childhood issue, about not being able to move on from a certain stage in life.
For example, as a general statement, a 15 year old is attracted to other 15 year olds, or of a similar age. When that same person turns 20, they'll be attracted to other 20 year olds, and so on.
Therefore, lelleh.

Kuoke said...

QUITE intriguing Stephen. Though I must digress, whether your reasoning beckons from bases unknown to me, I thoroughly believe that, rather, an aspect of world turmoil, coupled with an askewed lack of insignificance is to blame - unto themselves they place the title of a reaper, of innocence - whether to save them, or break them, held only by the paedophile.

Buxton said...

Pedophilia is what makes the world go round.

Anonymous said...

You make my brain hurt.