Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sweet Sixteen.

16 years of age is a mad age to turn into. but then youre getting older. you also get to get your drivers license and its legal to have sex.
so then you can have sex in the back of the car. YEAH?

So my self esteem was boosted today when this decent looking chick decided to sit next to me in tutor. well it was either me or this fat kid and i also sat next to her last week but leh. i also didnt wanna sit next to lisa even though she had a spare seat next to her. but i better back off.

After tutor i went to watch womens cricket. it was mad. but i noticed a lot of the crowd are butch women, lesbians.

bleh atm its 17 minutes until im 16.



Deevan said...

Yay happy birthday

Kuoke said...

It was your birthday today?
...The fuck, since when?