Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am Buxton.

So the other day, I was attracting the masses with my sextacular awesome, I was defending myself from the evil hoards sent by Madam Eve. Hope was almost lost when I found myself without a weapon of choice - But to a wink of chance, I remembered that I had my cock ready and hardened. I unzipped my zipper, and unleashed a 10 inch fury upon the masses of women. Also, I hate cheerios. They do no cheer me up at all. They lunged at me with their their frightful lust for me, and WHAM, cock in their faces!

I managed to scamper my way into a safe house, and used my COCK to barricade the doors. I found a radio and called fro help. Turns out, there'd be a helicopter at the helipad set to rendezvous at the shopping mall. My cum taste funny - Like, it doesn't have a taste really, just an after taste. Conveniently like in all action movies, there happened to be a ready shotgun, and a hyped up car waiting for me in the garage.

I busted open that door, and with it cocks and bullets swept the streets clean of those horrid and dastardly devilish females. They fell to the wrath of 10 inches, and trembled in my wake. There this image on the net where a guy has his dick up his arse - Yeah, go look that shit up. I arrived at the rendezvous point, only to find it was a trap all along! "Oh terror!", I though to myself, what ever could I do to defeat this fiendish fiend? Mt cock oozed at me with a sparkle in its cum, It had a plan.

Long story short :
Giant cock prevails, and Bxtn sucks at intermissions.

Go look at "Boxers and Bleh" (The blog before this one).

One epic tale of cocks at a time,

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