Sunday, October 11, 2009


Since everyone is blogging about their dreams im gonna do it as well, even though i was planning to since this morning after i had my dream coz its the best dream ever. not really.

The dream started out as a normal school day, to be exact the first day back to school in term 4. The year 11s, well 12 now, were all called to have a meeting at the pool lawn. As everyone gathered at the pool lawn and sat down, i sat down no other than (ive altered the name slightly to maintain anonymity) mairam. yes mar-...mairam.

BUT this time, in dreamland where dreams are made of, she started talking to me, and in actual fact we actually got along quite well, you know we joked and laughed and shit (shouldnt have ate some dodgy curry). SCENE ENDED.

Later i saw her again, it was me her and 2 other people who i have forgotten. she said, to the group, that she was sad and that she wanted a hug. I thought to myself 'AW SHIT' and advanced forward only to be reject with a 'Fuck you, fuck no'

So being rejected i walked away, only to pass aseem who asked what happened and i told him what happened. then he left me to walk towards the direction of mairam.

Then i woke up only to find that it was only a dream, but on second thought maybe i realistic representation on my life...?

So kids you might think this is a sad story, but in actual fact without this i wouldve have met your mother. true story.

*HIMYM Theme Song*