Friday, October 2, 2009

Religious Out take.

Yay for taking the piss out of religious people.

Also I just remembered that thing where Joanna said that in Japan, all the girls showered together, herself included.



genvinout said...

I do not really get this

Kuoke said...

Reference to this :

With religious connotations. Where, the Father (Is there another name for them because I can't google them properly without getting horrible father/son pictures) is bound only to the hearing of the sins of man. His mortal outlook skewed, he dons the mask of another perspective.
Disregarding reality, he looks towards the left (his left) which is the hand of deceit.
His halo, though the bearer of the crown - a representative of the lord of light has deformed it so that the world has be corrupted with the sharp and blinding light - questioning gods trust? You should think so.