Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm concerned about the HSC.

The title is sarcastic.

Contemplated style:

Final style:

Trippy no?
By the way, god's supposed to be somewhere on that sword.
Refer to prior post.

Muir pointed my into this direction:
James Jean.

Been looking for a printer for 2-3 weeks straight. Even emailed that company a second time asking them why they didn't reply. I felt like a reluctantly needy fuck posting that - BUT THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BUSINESS DOESN'T REPLY WITHIN A WEEK.

Vincent just happens to have a huge printer in his house. Didn't tell me until today. GOD FUCK.

That is all.


genvinout said...

wait, what kind of printer does vincent have?

Kuoke said...

Um. Google images "Large Printer".

I'm guessing one of those.

I thought you would've known his dad works in in a photo shop thing? I actually knew before, but I forgot seeing as how he told me like, literally years ago.

Bob said...

why did she point you at those artist when they are nowhere near your 'style'.

Also i think the TV MAN's lower body looks weird, and also the sword handle/hilt/gold thing. Rest is fine though.

Good Job QUARK

Deevan said...

sweet, time for a wallpaper change