Sunday, January 17, 2010

Graphite Novel.

I was looking around for digital printing sites [because I'm too retarded to check out local printing businesses] and remembered If I were to actually use their services, I'd be able to print [and sell/buy] my major work for $7.70 US ($8.84 AUS) a pop. Which I thought was insane. Only con was that for some reason, they have the inability to print on the inside covers, which would completly destroy the double black pages I have set [if you checked out the summary a couple of post prior].
So I'm getting a quote from some place in Korgarah - wherever the hell THAT is.


I was in the shower and I was thinking about Japanese people [what else] and thought,
"How could you possibly have the inability to pronounce the letter 'L'?",
like, it just doesn't make sense to me.

FURTHER: Would that mean if you were to raise a child in absolute silence, would he just not learn how to create noise? It would be assumed that he obviously wouldn't know how to specifically speak, but would he just be completely inept in terms of creating noise, despite it being part of human instinct?


So You Think You Can Make Unnecessarily Epic Television Advertisements.
Everyone knows that Dance and Idol is a generic fold of 'styles' fashioned to suit the 'mainstream' ideals of the masses, namely, contemporary and pop.
What we need is some fucking rappers on Idol.

At least Biggest Loser ads handed us the dignity of knowing that the actual intention behind the show is good - losing weight - yeah, it's a good thing to do. Unlike previously mentioned shows, whose purpose underlies what they say they're trying to do - gain profits as opposed to create a 'star' who usually dies off within a week or two.


This Is For You, You're The Reason I Wrote This
You're The Reason I Stand In The Rain And Get My Clothes Wet
Oh It's Just Another Taste From The Bottle
And I Hope This Feeling Stays Till Tomorrow
I Hope This Feeling Stays Till Tomorrow


genvinout said...

i don't think theyd be UNABLE to create noise, like, there's heaps of shit that makes noise that you can't really completely control, like sneezing and coughing and shit

Kuoke said...

But they wouldn't learn how to, I'd think - it'd be something like "Everyone CAN dislocate their shoulders, it's just that either they don't want to, or they don't know how".

wolf said...

....people born deaf.

Anonymous said...

They can pronounce the letter - biologically that is - its just that they're unfamiliar to it, as its not in their language's list of sounds. When they do pronounce L's, it usually comes out as a very quick D. When babies babble, they're making all the sounds that a human mouth can make, but when we teach them language, we teach them to favour certain sounds and not use others. So if you raised a child in silence, they would babble like babies and be able to use all sounds equally well.

In the 1700's, some dude thought that if you raised children in a group without teaching or exposing them to any outside language, they'd speak the language spoken by people before the Tower of Babel, which he assumed to be a language still around today. The children grew up speaking an entirely new language that they had collectively INVENTED, with complex grammar and nouns for whatever you could think of. I only wish that ethics and morals didn't exist so you could repeat that experiment today.

Yes, I wish I could destroy someone's life for science. Sue me.


Kuoke said...

Yeah exactly? They can't pronouce letters/sounds/words correctly because they haven't ever heard them.

I'm assuming if there were another culture that didn't, for instance, use the letter 'x/z', they'd be hard pressed to be able to pronounce it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much, yeah. All I'm saying is that if you shot a family of this culture, kidnapped their baby and taught it English, assuming the baby was young enough, it would be able to learn he language well enough to be mistaken for a native speaker. Because babies have linguistic plasticity. (This linguistic plasticity goes on until early puberty, in a lessened form, which is why they try to teach us languages until then.)


P.S. the word verification thing is 'babler.' lol.

Kuoke said...

* Oh, I commented when you hadn't, so I was responding to Robert with the last comment.

Yeah, but 'l's come out as 'r's. They could pronounce it, like with the dislocation analogy, but they just don't because they seem to have lost the linguistic plasticity.