Friday, January 1, 2010

Boardroom Fellas.

Hey kids, I just argued with my mother and brother (who I didn't REALLY argue with, seeing as how his 48.3 UAI arguments didn't really make sense) about me swearing at my relatives. I'm not going to go into details here because I'm missing quality Fraiser time, but in short:

I'm am most probably going to be that one weird kid who moves away from all of his relations as soon as he can to pursue his own internal happiness with help of the new a refreshing atmosphere with people that don't know anything about his past. They will question it, but his jocular and cheery mood will negate their questioning and lead them into just having some jolly good fun with the guy. If by chance that kid becomes rich, famous or anything in between, he'll get on the television box and make claims to his discarded relatives and thank them sarcastically, and telling them that they'll never share his fortune.

Then he'll die alone. HIP HIP HOORAY!.


Old yes, but remastered.

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