Thursday, January 21, 2010


I want to blog because I can to want, so here's a bunch of things I could've blogged but I decided not to:

1. I brought up my mum calling me fat to which she rephrased 'fat' to 'broad shouldered' - for one, is false, two, I thought that was supposed to be a good thing.

2. Anyone see that infomercial with the teeth-whiterner? The people giving the testimonies are generally stupid looking - like, you can tell they're probably suffering some sort of IQ deficiency just by looking at them - but the LAST WOMAN, my god, her eyes are like blank voids of the beyond; I wouldn't be surprised if she was some sort of havoc causing android designed to destroy all life forms, but went horribly wrong and was reprogrammed to give the worst informerical testimonials ever.

3. My brother ordered, or rather, my mother ordered Proactive for my brother - because when you don't have wits, go with looks. I walked into the bathroom and saw 5 bottles of Proactive substances which you're supposed to put on your face in consecutive order which I think it's just too much effort to get a blemish free face. Fuck THAT.
Also, the company that made it is called Rodan & Fields, which at first I thought was from LotR, but that's RoHAN - RoDAN is that dragon thing from Godzilla.

4. I finished that NG ad. I went with 2 because ... . The guy hosting the contest said "the legs look awkward - but that's just my 2 cents". When you're the host and judge of a contest, your 2 cents are fundamentally the entire intergalactic economy.

5. Japanese porn, you've disappointed me for the last time. AGAIN. From looking around for about 2 hours yesterday, I've concluded that all the girls in Japan are the same as those novelty 3D collectables you get from chip packets - they look different from every angle. JUST, WHY.
Sidenote: The Japanese government is becoming more lenient on porn censorship. I assume it'll be completely abolished by the time K.Rudd introduces the internet filter. ...OH WAIT. FUUUUCK.

Not that it matters because no one in Japan shaves. This also goes for all those slightly obese hairy men that get to fuck Jap models - god damn fuckers.


Anonymous said...

I thought that the Conroy filter only affected illegal stuff/Abby Winters (for some reason).


P.S. The word verification is parenso. Iiironyyy.

Kuoke said...

There's alot of things that the japanese do that they would consider illegal.