Friday, January 1, 2010

Common Raven.

Let the hate train roll.

I don't even know who these kids are. They send them upstairs so they can neglect their children are be fucking retard parents that only want to KARAOOOOKE like a bunch of fucking Idol wannabes. Hey fuckers, did you ever notice that the volume nob can't actually go any higher? THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING DOING IT AT MAX VOLUME. But lo' and behold!, the children can actually rival the travesty of your voices with their own. I don't get it, are your ears not fully developed enough as to being the equivalent of an old man who has to speak louder to hear his own voice? But this time around, you don't just get a grumpy old man who has the potential to be funny, you get a bunch of whiny fucks blabbering of non-intellectual bullshit and laughing and screaming in a vocal string on such a level it actually physically hurts my ears.
This is where you're wrong, at my age, I was tempered to sit and wait, speak when spoken to and respect the surroundings as if I was insignificant as I really was and am. Back in the day when you could actually discipline children in a logical sense. Even an animal would understand that if the following implications of its actions was a jolt of pain, then that action is undesirable and should not be re-enacted.

Now-a-days you have a bunch of misfit children being brought up in a world of make believe, parent leashes, sugar coated reality and foam covered play sets. A world where the actual effect of wrong doing has been removed completely. If you miscalculate a jump you are more than likely to get hurt, and this is the sign that you did something wrong. Now with the 'government intervention', the soft padded slides and swings at the park immediately inform the user that "No matter what you do, you're not going to be affected by the resulting implication!" - literally the worst message you could ever teach anyone or anything. This leads to the belief of self-trust and trust in the world; too much confidence, that they strive themselves on this feeling of invincibility in their surroundings that they employ unto themselves a pursuit of 'righteous action' in finding ways they can exploit their invulnerability.

I only hope I live long enough to see the day that the generation after us will crumble under their own lack of causality teachings.


Deevan said...

What's your favourite word?

Kuoke said...

Um. I think I used 'but rather', 'as opposed to', 'as if that', 'righteous' too many times.

Unless you mean trust or causality.