Saturday, January 9, 2010

Matt Murdock.

Daredevil is actually a really poorly made movie - and in that sense, it doesn't serve even the most minute amount of justice the Daredevil character deserves.

1. Completely unnecessary montages. 1st one was him suiting up for the first time - him swinging his rod thing to the expertise of a cheer leading baton twirler does not build up a superhero.
2. Illogical camera shots and pacing. You want a flow to depict that the story you're being told is actually in some sort of chronological sequence, as opposed to what the editing team at Daredevil did. "Let's keep the frames in the pace of 'fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow' as opposed to anything logical.
3. Scene: Matt vs Elektra. When Matt takes off his jacket and the camera turn pans to see them in some sort of awkward and really badly acted 'fighting stances', was I the only one to think that 2 HP bars would slide along the top and graphics would flash "READY?, FIGHT!"?
I'd photoshop and image for you, but I can't find the actual scene via internet.
4. Also, just saying, he's blind, not deaf. Why is it that everytime he goes into superhearing mode, everything has a tendency to be SILENCED? And I'm going to argue it's not because he can hone his hearing onto certain objects, but using the same sound effect for a deaf person makes for some sioahngagmks.

There should be another Daredevil movie that actually makes sense and does the character justice.

Sidenote; Elektra's dad - why is this guy portrayed in multiple tv shows/movies as multiple nationalities? I could understand Persian/Iranian cause he looks the part, but in others he's said to be "Greek", or "Indian". He doesn't look like either.

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