Saturday, January 30, 2010

Decent Exposure.

When is this election.
Abbott seems really fucking awesome right now.
I mean, come on, he looks like that Elrond guy from LotR.


Anonymous said...

Is that really how you make your electoral decisions? Whether or not candidates look like Elrond? Even if WAS Elrond I wouldn't vote for him. He's against premarital sex for fucks sake; are you really saying that he wouldn't steamroll right along with the titty-filter?

I mean, why don't you write a humerously abusive letter to Darth Conroy? It actually works better than you would think.

Kuoke said...

Did you miss the link at the top. I don't care if it's Conroy, Rudd's going to approve it so we might as well kill the source while we're here.

genvinout said...

BB, i don't want to see or hear you talking shit about Elrond again.
also he doesn't really look that much like Elrond

Kuoke said...

Well a TINY bit then. Still, who does Rudd look like? A giant penis face with glasses, that's who.

Buxton said...
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