Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nox 10.

If a kid was raised to believe that [something] was a bad thing, the fact that they get offended by [this thing] is purely and entirely their fault. This applies especially to words; if a word offends someone, then it IS THEIR FAULT. If their dilapidated views are skewed into ways that even mere things such as words were to anger them and resulted them to go and 'correct' others, whose dignity are you trying to establish? The fact that you see only your own view of the world as the one of most importance, and to establish that you must tear down that of others?

The fact that their selfish requirements makes them believe the world should respect THEM and them alone entitles them to a closed and narrow minded view point where they can only understand their own views and not of others.

Either way, the world is full of selfish mothers. The world would NOT be a better place if a person changed it to their own system, nor would it be better if the collective whole were to be satisfied.

Everybody is wrong when the human condition is applied.

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