Friday, May 29, 2009


A brown parcel appeared on the table of the Nguyen Household today. HEY LETS MAKE JOKES ABOUT THE ABUNDANCE OF SURNAMES.

Following from my previous blogs, I got Telstra Bigpond ADSL.
Because my dad is smart.

I was install the modem etc, and hit a road bump. I decide to call those bitchez up to see what's going down. My dad hung around for a while while I was hurling abuse at him. He left after taking his shit with him, and told me to 'pretend to be him'.

The first time I call, I get two females [one of which was Indian, incase you were thinking] which have dodgy connections, so we had to use fucking cop code for every letter we said - then she says she'll transfer me, and I get white noise for 2 minutes, which is when I decide to hang up.
I call again and get a guy who, I think was Indian, but was pretty good at English.

I was pretending to be my dad, when the guy says "Birthday?", to which I reply "25th of April?". I thought I was in the clear until he said ...:

"...and the year?"


"The year."



"Ok, Thanks."


"Nee qua."


"Oh, I'm just trying to say 'hello' in Vietnamese"


"If you could hold on for a minute... So, any plans for the weekend?"

"Getting my internet set up, actually..."


Turns out servers were down.

Just before I decide to hang up, the guy tries to sell me an anti-virus by scaring me with things like 'As soon as you connect to the internet, ... viruses are going to attack your vulnerable computer.'

Lol wut.

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