Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Shadows

Scientist have proven that some people are chemically composed to become miserably when lacking contact with the sun...
Senior Science :
Facts we really needed to know.

The SnrSci class [excl. me] decided that it would be in everyones best interest if we sat outside room 37 so we could be in sunlight.


...although, some people are different.

I would very much rather be sitting in the cold, dank, stainless floors of room 37 - but who am I to oppose the 'normal' people. The ones that complain about the temperature on a regular basis.

Oh! it's so cold!, Oh! it's so hot!

Humans are becoming much too reliant on intellect, despite most of the population not having any. If you can't handle such a simple aspect of living, such as temperature, then either you're a pompous fuck, living in a world of technological protection from 'the harsh and wild ways of nature', or you're just a plain fuck.
Being able to defy nature is illogical. Your fucking living on a planet, OF NATURE.
I hope that shit in The Day After Tomorrow happens in reality. The Earth would've just served shit en masse.

Peter Garret is sacrificing thousands of Australian jobs for the sake of a bird [Superb Parrot].
- Malcolm Turnbull (or some one else equally as stupid)


A race six billion weak wants to kill an entire species of bird because they won't be able to pay for their blood stained diesel powered vehicles, or their energy whore of a plasma screen television.

The human race [primarily, the western part of it] are full of under-appreciative characters, beyond repair. At a normal state of being, the population should be at an equal split of misery and happiness. For the last decade or so, the masses have been leeching and leaving dry the well of fortune.

In the past few centuries, these have been solved through a magical thing called War.

Currently, the 'economic crisis' is the universes way to tell everyone to 'back the fuck up'. Couple that with the current increase of natural disasters and deaths in the world, and you realise you have one pissed off mother fucker holding up your strings.
[ On a related note, Obama, in this state of time and space, has a very high chance of fucking everyone, and everything over, despite his 'HOPE' campaign. People who swim against the tide die the fastest. ]

People who swim against the tide die the fastest.

Now you have all these hardened up individuals and organisations, trying to make the world a better place, despite the obvious turn of events yet to come. Trying to save the dying countries is not going to help anyone.
If anything, try blowing up all the hospitals. The amount of human beings on the planet equals the amount of problems that ensue. There will be a point in time where a choice has to be made, and obviously, America will overrun the rest of the dying world, and after that, the world will ultimately go to shit.

I entirely blame the government for encouraging people to have more children. You know what? Maybe we should consider fixing the current problems of today, so the children of the future won't create more, or be born in this shithole you're making for them.

Kevin Rudd is a fucking dick. I also hate Malcolm Turnbull.

Voting should not be made compulsory. At least, when you have horrible candidates like these ones.
Rudd, an over optimistic twit who believes he can make better Australia just by believing like That Little Engine That Could. Oh, and he tries to make friends with everyone because everyone knows it's something to do with his psychologically depressing childhood.
Turnbull, ...I don't know much on this bastard, but he looks like a douche. He also hates the environment, so he can fuck the fuck off.

The shadows, they comfort me.

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