Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The last post was 50th.

On Friday Buxton said he would blog.

He's a fucking liar.


It's one of those days where I can't draw. I blame fluctuating lunar cycles, I should be back to maximum ability within a week.
I'm also quite annoyed because Bloodymare went down. I went on the forums, and apparently, this is the first time it's actually EVER gone down. What are the chances that that happens when I start playing. VERY.

And because you care, my brother starts arguing with my parents about money. It's funnier when you know he got 47.3 UAI, and doesn't even have a job.
So he's stupid, AND can't back up his shit.


Sometime last year I tried being nice. Didn't work. Everything 'nice' I said came out sarcastic sounding. Also, it's incredibly strenuous being all peppy and shit, so I revered to being a dickhead.

It doesn't take as much effort, and you honestly don't have to give a shit.

You tell it like it is, because others plague their minds with the lies of today, and the deceit of tomorrow. It's funny, people used to [and still maybe?] call me a liar, when all I do is tell them the bluntest possible truth. The only reason they call it a lie is because they don't want to part from their bubble of make-believe, filled with unicorns, candy cane roads, and eskimos.

And oh how I hate eskimos.


My dad is the type of person that would jump down a crevasse and only stop to think about his actions when he's impaled on several well placed spikes.

He decided to change the internet today. Without actually consulting the people in the house that ACTUALLY USE the internet. I tell him off and tells me that he did it because "you people" [his sons] didn't do anything.
So I call bullshit, because that's what I do, and tell him off even more because I haven't been complaining about the internet for... say, I don't know, since I was 7.

He already signed a contract with Telstra. Good fucking god. He tells me that the sales rep told him it was 'really fast', when in reality, it's actually worse then our current plan with Unwired.

Good going father. It would be the equivalent of me replacing all his karaoke mics with milk cartons.


Bloodymare has been down for 5 hours straight. I am very disappoint seeing as how those 5 hours were optimum for HARDCORE GRRRIIIINDING.


IT WAS A BAD DAY TODAY. Not to stir anything, but today, of all days.

Polarity - Neg.~500.

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Buxton said...

oh shit polarity reading almost broke the polarity-meter.