Friday, May 29, 2009

Here comes the hate.

Right you bitch nitches, I blagged an hour ago so read that shit too. Cause, it's pretty much 50% of why I'm fucking pissed like Maria Ozawa's first step to fetish porn.

Also, follow the fuck up. I don't mean to be a complete faggot [even though I can't actually help it] but Buxton and his magical stalking skills know you read this pile of shit - stop making us look like homoeroticans.

Internet problems? Yesity yes. Apart from the fact that, I don't know, I basically live my life off the internet, having it problematic would be the equivalent of you getting raped by 10 black guys like in Maria Ozawa's first interacial gangbang.

Requiem: Bloodymare down? Down like your face when I force you to bend over.
It's not actually down. My patcher became a racist git and decided to stab my eye out with it's gigantic monster cock. The one that has spikes behind the head. Cat's have those types of dicks. I would know.

Oh Lol. I commented on one of Jenn's blog post, and the entire post just happens to disappear.
Here's a run-down :
"Topic - Guys should act like *so-so* to girls"
To which I wittily reply...
"If you're havin' girl problems I feel bad for you son -"
I was actually hoping someone would finish me off. ...with...

I also enjoy getting wasted, high, or any other state of mindlessness.
Why? Because I'm a pansy fuck that can't handle the pain. I'm a flamming cunt who has to 'mask' the pain. I'm a dickheaded git who can't handle life because I'm a fucking wanker.
Hey kids, here's a lesson for you:
Harden the fuck up pussies.

The media it's lodged up your ass like a butt-plug. What you need to do is ease it out with a thorough application of REASON. I dream of a future where we only watch the news for the weather report. (Roses and Bluejays - Buck 65)

Bigpond took so long to install (which I ended up not even doing anyway...) that I managed to wank twice in the time I was waiting. I wanked this morning too, so that makes 3 times today. The more you know.

I gained 6kg since I started doing weights at the start of the term.
I don't know whether that's because I'm a fucking sexual beast, or whether it's accounted from the amount of COCKS jammed up my ASS.

Everything is a lie. The ones before us created names for things that don't exist. Some cunt from a couple of centuries was thinking to himself as he beat himself off, "Gee, I wonder what happens after you die... Oh I know!, I'll just tie a whole bunch of dicks together, and make something called RELIGION".

Humans are only at the top of one chain, and that's the faggotry chain. Wrapped up in their nonsensical nonsense, traversing in their aimless wander, and fear of exasperation from the death and decay forced upon them by their ravaging ancestors - delinquents, like the rest of us.

Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to be normal. Then I realise it'd fucking suck.



Buxton said...

best blog.

#JENNZOR said...

I only deleted that blog because we all just realised how stupid it really was.


Kuoke said...

Yeah, I was thinking why you posted that.

My reply was witty, no?

#JENNZOR said...

It was, actually. I laughed.